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Reasons for Spain Student Visa Rejection: What is Spain Student Visa Rejection Rate?

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Studying in the land of the University of Barcelona and the University of Madrid is a dream come true for thousands of study abroad aspirants around the globe. Yet only a very small percentage of these students end up making it to their dream universities. A  common reason for this failure is the Spain student visa rejection. Student visa acceptance becomes one of the key parameters when applying to universities in Spain.  And to help you play safe we have brought to you this blog on Spain student visa rejection, along with information on Spain student visa success rate and rejection rate! 

Table of Contents  

  1. Spain Student Visa Rejection and Success Rate
  2. Spain Student Visa Rejection Reasons
  3. Chances of Getting a Spanish Student Visa after Refusal
  4. How to Reapply for a Spanish Student Visa

Spain Student Visa Rejection and Success Rate

Being an Indian student you can easily grab a student visa to study in Spain. Yet there continues to be a Spain student visa rejection rate of about 3%. On the other side, this implies that approximately 97% of applications for a Spanish student visa are accepted. This might look like a pretty assuring ratio but we strongly suggest you read through the article thoroughly to avoid the common mistakes that might drag you in the unlucky 3% of students.  

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Spain Student Visa Rejection Reasons

Getting your student visa approved is a tedious process. While applying for a Spanish student visa for the first time, you should be aware of all the common mistakes pertaining to Spain student visa rejection. In case your student visa has already been rejected one or more times, you ought to be way more careful. 

Here is a list of the top reasons why the Spanish embassy rejects so many student visas: 

  • No Intention of Returning Back

Showing that you intend to come back to your home country is of the utmost importance. You can choose to put forth your binding to your family in India or your future career plans based in India to convince the visa officer that you will return to your country. In case you fail to do so, your visa is most likely to be rejected.

  • Financial Inadequacy

A weak financial background and foreign education barely go hand in hand. You would need authentic documents of your assets, savings, mutual funds, and other investments that guarantee your financial ability to afford the university fees. If you plan to take an education loan make sure you have a great CIBIL score to allow an easy sanction of your loan.

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  • Lousy Conduct and Meek Body Language

The personality and character of an applicant makes for a strong candidature. It is the students that Spain’s universities would invest in. It is important that the student has a convincing personality that assures the visa officer that the student would use the knowledge and skills imparted to him to the fullest of his ability. 

  • Incorrect Information

Any incorrect or false information provided by you can be a definite reason for your visa rejection. When applying to Spain for a student visa, it is of utmost importance to provide accurate data about yourself. We strictly warn against providing any lie to the Visa officer.

  • Lack of Knowledge and Unimpressive Academic Credentials

Your academic credentials are a mirror to you as a student. A good academic record not only of your recent degree courses but of all your student life gives a great impression about your student profile. Your academic record is capable of convincing the visa officer of your capabilities.

  • Criminal Records

No country would welcome a criminal. Criminal records are an obvious reason for your Spain student visa rejection. We advise you to maintain a respectable distance from any such records.

  • Unacceptable Medical Problems

Spain has specific health criteria that you need to satisfy to be eligible for a Spain student visa. Make sure you have your doctor attest to your medical fitness.  You will also be required to submit immunisation reports and other documents pertaining to your medical records. 

  • Selecting the Wrong Visa Type

Selecting the wrong visa type is a very common reason for Spain Student visa rejection. The type of visa you should apply for depends on the length of your degree:

  • C-type study visa: for any study program/course that lasts less than 3 months (90 days)
  • D-type study visa: for any study program that lasts longer than 3 months.


Chances of Getting a Spanish Student Visa After Refusal

You can appeal against the Spanish visa refusal. Fill out the application form at the agency or at the Embassy and state your passport number, name, and email address. Explain the reasons why you think the visa should have been granted. Once the Embassy examines the appeal, the visa application will be granted or rejected again.


How to Reapply for a Spanish Student Visa

Reapplying for a Spanish student visa can be a tiresome process, but can definitely open up doors to a successful visa application. Here are the steps you need to follow to apply for a Spanish student visa: 

  • Secure a seat in a recognized educational institution in Spain and receive a letter of acceptance.
  • Depending on the duration of the course, select a long-term or short-term visa. 
  • Depending on the type of visa, download the form for the long term or the short term visa and fill it out completely. Please ensure that there aren’t any mistakes in the form. 
  • Fill out the form completely, valid passport, passport size colour photos, documents needed for verification, and book an appointment at the embassy or consulate from the table below. 
  • After paying the visa fee, and processing the visa application, the embassy will revert back within 15-20 days. 

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Now that you know the common reasons for the millions of student visas being rejected every year, you clearly have an upper hand to avoid making these mistakes. With the Spain student visa success rate being 97%, we suggest you to be optimistic. There are definitely more chances of you getting hold of a successful visa application rather than being rejected! 


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