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Spain Student Visa Interview Questions: Tips to Crack Spain Student Visa Interview

Rohan Deshmukh

After applying for the Spanish visa, it is most likely that you will be invited to an interview after submitting all documents, as the last step of your visa application process. The interview is nothing but to judge you on a deeper level outside of the submitted official documents. Spain student visa interview questions are very basic, and help get a holistic understanding of a study abroad aspirant willing to study in Spain! Keep reading, as we have curated this blog with the highly asked Spain student visa interview questions, and tips to ace them! 

Table of Contents 

  1. Most Asked Questions in Spain Student Visa Interview
  2. Tips to Crack the Spain Student Visa Interview 


Most Asked Questions in Spain Student Visa Interview

The Spain student visa interview questions are quite easy to crack, and help interviewers get students’ vision towards studying in Spain. Not only are the questions easy to answer, they also evaluate one’s entire personality and behaviour. 

Given below are some of the most common questions asked in Spanish student visa interviews: 


  • Why did you choose Spain?

This is one of the most popular questions that the diplomatic offices ask the visa candidates before asking them personal questions. It is important for them to know the reason why you decided on this particular country and how it will affect your future career/plans. Another reason behind this question is to make sure that your plans for travelling to Spain are legitimate and reliable. 

How to answer: You must match your answers to those in the application sent beforehand and make sure that you sound truthful when answering. You should convince them that you chose to study in Spain for opportunities that are not available in your home country.


  • Why have you decided on this course?

The visa officer wants to get to know you better in terms of personality, therefore they will ask you more detailed questions. The course you have chosen should describe your likes and interests the best, and you should be able to answer the question adequately. The research you have done before applying to this course interests the officer the most. 

How to answer: You should be precise when answering this question and explain the reason behind your choice. You can include your previous academic experience and your goals for the future to give them a better understanding.


  • Why did you choose this particular university?

The university you were accepted to is the main reason why you are applying for this type of visa, therefore they want to understand the thought process that led to this decision. Among many universities in Spain and neighbouring countries, the visa officer needs to know what made this university stand out and how its characteristics match your needs.

How to answer: You should name the specific academic advantages that this university will provide, hence you need to do a lot of research about the university before the interview. Certain research was done by alumni or currently enrolled students, and/or certain lecturers at the university might attract you to apply.

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  • How are you planning to finance your studies?

Your interviewer will want to know your financial situation and make sure you have enough monetary funds to afford your full stay in Spain. They are certainly aware of the country’s basic living costs, especially for a student; consequently, they need to ensure you are fully informed about the living and other unexpected expenses along the way.

How to answer: Depending on how you are going to pay for your living and educational costs, you must provide proof in the form of documents. E.g. If you have received a loan or financial aid you must submit the supporting documents. In other cases, such as having your parents cover your expenses, you must provide the interviewer with further detailed information on how your parents will support you.


  • What Are Your Plans After Finishing Your Studies?

Since you are applying for a student visa, the interviewers need to know whether you are planning to extend your stay after graduation or immediately after completion of your chosen program. This question can be asked in different ways, and the interviewer is going to make sure that you are answering truthfully and accurately. They also want to know if you are going to return to your home country, according to the visa policy.

How to answer: Plan your answers carefully beforehand and make sure you can firmly talk about your plans. You must reflect confidence when answering. If they ask you what your plans after university are, your answer should be related directly to your studies. 

Spain student visa interview questions are intended to understand whether you are a good candidate for a visa, which can be determined by proving that you:

  • Have no criminal risk to Spain or the Schengen area.
  • Intend to leave Spain and the Schengen area within the visa limitation period, and
  • Have sufficient funds to finance your full stay

You might also be asked questions on your study plans, university choice, academic capability, financial status, post-graduation plans, and job prospects might be asked as well. 

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Tips for Cracking the Spain Student Visa Interview 

Let us now help you with some tips to ace all of your Spain student visa interview questions: 

  • Be calm and poised: While seated for the interview, be calm and avoid any nervousness. Think of it as a normal conversation with a colleague where you have to answer a few basic questions.
  • Dress accordingly: Make sure to dress properly and smartly. Your appearance will considerably impact the interviewer's decision to grant the visa.
  • Be punctual: Reach the venue a little early to ensure that the interview starts on time. In addition, reaching early would help you relax and adjust to the environment there.
  • Answer precisely: Avoid going into unnecessary details while answering a question. Instead, stick to the question and answer accordingly.
  • Be honest: Make sure you answer all the questions honestly. Do not attempt to hide or lie about anything. This will prompt the interviewer to think that you might have bad intentions.
  • Carry necessary documents: There might be questions where you can support your answers with relevant documents. Hence, carry documents that you might need.
  • Avoid any argument with the interviewer: There might be questions that would seem inappropriate or demeaning to you. However, understand that they do not intend to demean you.

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On an average, the Spain student visa takes 30 to 60 days to process. You are, therefore, advised to apply for the visa as soon as you are notified by the university about your acceptance into the institution. Applying early and preparing for the interview with above-given information, would certainly help your ease cracking your Spain student visa interview process!

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