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Top 9 Common Reasons For Netherlands Student Visa Rejections

Sumeet Jain

International students find universities in the Netherlands to be one of the most appealing options in the world. When compared to the United States, Australia, or the United Kingdom, the Holland education system is not only competent and advanced but also less expensive. Every student aspires to attend one of the best institutions in the Netherlands, yet many are fearful of being rejected. No student wants their visa to be rejected after their arduous efforts to apply to a Dutch university. In this article, you'll learn about common mistakes to avoid to get a student visa.

Table of Contents:

  1. Chances of Netherlands Student Visa Rejection
  2. Top 9 Reasons for Rejection of Student Visa in Netherlands
  3. How to reapply for Netherlands Student Visa?

Chances of Netherlands Student Visa Rejection

Netherlands student visa has a better success rate. In fact, the Netherlands has a 99% acceptance rate for student visas. In 2017, the New Delhi Consulate had the highest visa rejection rate in the country, at 11.80%, for a total of 26,972 applications received, while the Bangalore Consulate had the lowest, at 3.60%, for a total of 11,333 applications received. Clearly, the application is only rejected if the requirements are not met, or the student is involved in some form of malpractice. 

Top 9 Reasons for Rejection of Student Visa In Netherlands

Netherlands student visa success rate is relatively higher than in other European countries. However, a student visa can be rejected due to erroneous steps during the visa process. Below is a list of common mistakes to look out for a while applying for a Netherlands student visa: 

  1. Acceptance Letter

One of the reasons for the rejection of the Netherlands student visa application is the lack of acceptance letter from a university in the Netherlands. A consulate officer will verify the letterhead and details mentioned in the acceptance letter of the university. A missing signature or stamp can cause your application to be rejected.

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  1. Document Related Errors

Netherlands student visa requires a set of documents during the application process. Any error in the document can lead to direct rejection. No document should be counterfeited or missing. Some of the important documents include a passport, application form, and academic transcripts. 

  1. Lack of Finances

Most of the Schengen countries requires a certain amount of bank balance which ensures that the student will be able to meet their expenses during their stay in the country. Hence, for the Netherlands visa success rate, sufficient proof of finances is a prerequisite.

  1. Threat to the Country

Student visa applications are frequently rejected due to security concerns. Past criminal records, drug abuse, addiction, or any other serious offenses could result in the visa being denied. The visa is denied if the visa officer believes the applicant poses a threat to the country.

  1. Unsatisfactory Education Record

Students applying to Netherlands universities must demonstrate their academic achievements in order to meet the academic criteria of higher education in the Netherlands. The candidate must have a minimum credit score in accordance with the course and university regulations, as well as have completed the course's minimal educational requisites.

  1. Damaged Passport 

A passport is the foremost document for international travel. Any damage to the passport will not be accepted by the Netherlands embassy. The passport should have validity for at least three months beyond the duration of the intended stay. Also, keep in mind that the passport should have two blank visa pages.

  1. Poor Language Proficiency Scores

Dutch is the official language of the Netherlands. However, English is also widely spoken in this Schengen country. As a result, in order to follow the course, a candidate must achieve the minimum language qualifications. An applicant must have a minimum IELTS or TOEFL score to demonstrate language competency.

  1. Lack of Interview Skills

An officer from the Netherlands embassy will conduct an interview before issuing a student visa. If the student fails to answer the questions or lacks language proficiency, a Netherlands student visa can be rejected. The visa officer can deny the visa even if s(he) has any suspicions regarding the information provided.

  1. Return to Home Country

Netherlands student visa is valid only until the duration of the course. A visa officer expects the student to convince them that they will return back to their home country after the completion of the course. If you sound like a possible immigrant, your student visa application will be immediately rejected. 

How to reapply for Netherlands Student Visa?

The rejection rate for student visas in the Netherlands is extremely low. Nevertheless, if your student visa is rejected, you can reapply for the same. When a student visa application is repudiated, the applicant receives an official letter from the embassy explaining the decision. After that, the applicant will have four weeks to file a written objection to the decision. The rejection letter includes information on how to file an objection, as well as the address to which the objection must be sent.

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We hope that the preceding information alleviates your fears about being denied a student visa in the Netherlands. As previously mentioned, if you meet all of the requirements, your student visa application in the Netherlands will be swiftly authorized. If you have any concerns about your student visa application, you can contact Yocket's experienced consultants.


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