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MBA in Finland: Top Colleges, Fees & Eligibility Criteria for 2024-25

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Finland is an excellent destination for international students planning to pursue an MBA abroad because of its high-quality education, innovative teaching methods, and practical experiences. MBA in Finland is known for its Innovation and start-up culture making it an ideal destination for students interested in Entrepreneurship. In this blog, we have covered Top colleges, Tuition Fees, Scholarships, and Salaries which will help you to plan your MBA journey in Finland effectively.

Key Highlights of the Blog:

  • Top Colleges for MBA in Finland: Aalto University School of Business, University of Helsinki Business School, Turku School of Economics
  • Average Cost (monthly): Tuition Fees = EUR 2,230 (INR 1,99,600), Average Living Expenses = EUR 1,210 (INR 1,08,300)
  • Average Salaries offered: EUR 60,000 (INR 53,70,530)

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Why Study an MBA in Finland?

Studying for an MBA in Finland offers numerous benefits that can significantly enhance your career. Finnish universities are renowned for their high-quality education and innovative teaching methods. Doing an MBA here, you get a world-class curriculum that blends theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

  • High-Quality Education: Highly rated institutions like Aalto University School of Business and University of Helsinki Business School with world-class education, teaching methodology, and modern student learning approaches.
  • Strong Economy and Business Environment: Enrich your practical knowledge and experience by observing corporate leaders at work and seek advice from successful entrepreneurs while soaking in the dynamic business environment.
  • Career Opportunities: Increasing your chances of getting employed by top recruiters like Valmet, TietoEVRY, and EY (Ernst & Young) with a degree known for quality and relevance.

Top Colleges for MBA in Finland with their Fees

Institutions in Finland are prestigious, with great academic excellence and worldwide recognition. Here are some of the top colleges in Finland offering MBA programs, along with an approximate idea of the fees:


Tuition Fees (EUR)

Tuition Fees (INR)

Aalto University School of Business



University of Helsinki Business School



Turku School of Economics



University of Oulu Business School



Tampere University



Cost of Studying an MBA in Finland

The cost of an MBA in Finland depends on factors like rent, food charges, and internet. The average cost for an MBA in Finland is EUR 3,440 (INR 3,08,460). Here is a general breakdown:


Cost (EUR)

Cost (INR)




Tuition Fees (Monthly)












Eligibility Criteria & Admission Requirements for MBA in Finland

An MBA in Finland provides a high-quality education, innovative business ideology, and a lively international atmosphere. To enroll in these prestigious programs, you have to fulfill the eligibility criteria for admission. Below are some general requirements that you must fulfill:

  • You must have finished a bachelor's degree from an accredited university or institution.
  • Work experience of at least 2-3 years is required for MBA in Finland.
  • Proof of English skills is required if your mother tongue is not English.
  • Accepted Exams: IELTS (6.5), TOEFL (90), and PTE (62).
  • Some universities require GMAT (625) or GRE (310) scores when applying.
  • Two letters of recommendation are required. These should be professional and academic references.
  • A good SOP or personal statement that clearly explains the reason behind your urge to pursue an MBA, including your career goals and why you chose a certain program.
  • An updated resume, or CV, comprising educational background, work experiences, skills, and achievements.

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Scholarships Available for Studying MBA in Finland

Doing an MBA in Finland may be expensive, but many scholarships can lighten your burden. Several scholarships are meant to attract talented international students by helping them financially in their studies. Here are some of the top scholarships available for MBA students in Finland.



Available for International Students

How to Apply?


Government Scholarship, Finland

Students whose research aligns with the goals of the scholarship can avail


Through the Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI)


Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

Offered to high-quality master programs which are delivered by Consortia of European universities


Online application on EMJMD program’s website

Tuition fees, travel costs, and monthly stipend EUR 1000 (INR 89,860)

Finnish Cultural Foundation Grants

Can be availed by MBA students having projects that have a cultural and social impact


Submit an application on the Finnish Cultural Foundation’s website

Varies from EUR 1,000 (INR 89,860) TO EUR 20,000 (INR 17,97,340)

EDUFI Fellowships

MBA students doing research or projects can avail it


Through EDUFI online website

Monthly allowance of EUR 1,500 (INR 1,34,800)

How to Apply for an MBA in Finland?

An MBA in Finland exposes you to a peculiar mixture of academic rigor, cultural diversity, and innovative business settings. It is also important to realize how to apply. The following points will help you through the steps for effective application:

  • Research the different types of MBA programs offered by various universities in Finland for such parameters as the curriculum, specializations, faculty, and location.
  • Check that you meet the eligibility criteria set by institutions: undergraduate degree, some work experience, and occasionally some sort of standardized test score, either GMAT or GRE.
  • Documents required: academic transcripts, work experience proof, resume/CV, letter of recommendation, and statement of purpose.
  • Show fluency in English or Finnish according to the language of instruction, usually by scores from TOEFL, IELTS, or equivalent tests.
  • Use the online application forms provided by the university of your choice. Do respect deadlines and other explicit requirements are taken in by each program individually.

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Average Salaries & Jobs After MBA in Finland

Prospects for an MBA graduate are generally good in Finland, with sectors like technology, consulting, and finance being the most well-represented. Some of the top job roles and the salaries offered are mentioned below:

Job Role

Average Annual Salary (EUR)

Average Annual Salary (INR)

Project Manager



Financial Analyst



Marketing Manager






Sales Manager



Top Recruiters for MBA Graduates in Finland

Some top recruiters for MBA graduates in Finland include leading organizations from every sector, be it technology, consulting, finance, or manufacturing. A few notable ones are mentioned below:

  • KONE
  • Fortum
  • Nordea
  • OP Financial Group
  • ABB
  • Wärtsilä
  • Valmet
  • TietoEVRY
  • EY (Ernst & Young)

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From the Desk of Yocket

An MBA in Finland opens up world-class education and rich cultural experiences. The country boasts prestigious universities with modern and innovative programs, and numerous scholarship opportunities are available for students to ease financial burdens; pursuing your MBA here guarantees personal growth and professional success.

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