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Have you ever observed yourself suffering to finish the IELTS Listening phase in the allotted time? We apprehend that this is a commonplace assignment for many test-takers. The key to success in this segment is the capacity to recognize and reply to unique accents and tones of voice inside a restricted time body.

Job Enquiry IELTS Listening Answers: What is the Recording About?

The process of inquiry IELTS Listening solutions involves attentiveness to a recording or a communique related to job inquiry or employment. It is a communique among a job seeker, a business enterprise, or a recruitment organization consultant.

The recording consists of crucial information about the requirements, the pay, painting timings, and different details about the process. The recording aims to assess your ability to understand spoken English professionally, particularly in the context of job inquiry or employment.

Job Enquiry IELTS Listening Answers: Audio

Before diving into the specifics of the Job Enquiry IELTS Listening answers, it's crucial to apprehend this phase's demanding situations. With 4 recordings, 40 questions, and simply 10 minutes to transfer your solutions to the answer sheet, it could be a frightening challenge. The everyday exercise below exam situations is essential to build self-assurance and triumph over these demanding situations.

In this blog post, we offer you the opportunity to explore a practice test called 'Job Enquiry.' Listen to the job inquiry recording and respond to the sample questions.

We will offer you the Job Enquiry IELTS Listening solutions and causes to help you examine your performance. By the end of this weblog submission, you may have more information on the way to method the in-all likelihood questions, identify keywords, and use context clues to locate an appropriate answer.

So, permit's dive in and prepare to excel on your IELTS Listening examination!

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Job Enquiry IELTS Listening Answers 2024: Solve with Expert Guidance

As you embark on your journey to overcome the IELTS Listening section, it's critical to understand the nuances of the Job Enquiry IELTS Listening solutions. Listening to a recording or communique related to activity inquiry calls for a selected set of talents that can be honed via expert steerage.

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Job Enquiry IELTS Listening Answers: What are the Question Types?

Understanding the question sorts in the IELTS Listening phase is crucial for effective practice. One prominent question type in the Job Enquiry IELTS Listening answers is Sentence Completion.

Sentence Completion:

The IELTS Listening sentence completion questions aim to test your potential to identify and understand critical information in the recording, including details, main ideas, and how you comprehend spoken English in various contexts.

The job inquiry IELTS listening answers will help you understand the easy methods to solve various question types in a limited time.

How to Answer?

Read the questions carefully before listening to the recording and arriving at the job inquiry IELTS listening answers. While reading, identify the keywords in the questions and paraphrase them. This will allow you to be familiar with the topic.

Next, pay attention to the sentences that need to be completed and the words right before the gap. This will help you specify the type of word you should be listening for and then write it out.

Listen to the recording and make a note of all essential details. Identify the job inquiry listening answers with the help of the keywords and notes you made. Finally, write down your answers in the answer sheet without spelling or grammar errors.

Job Enquiry IELTS Listening Answers: List of Questions

The Job Enquiry, IELTS Listening answers, involve responding to specific questions related to a job inquiry. Here is a list of questions that you might encounter:

Work at: ………………. a restaurant

Type of work: 1.………………..

Number of hours per week: 12 hours

I would need a work permit.

Work In the: 2…………….…branch

Nearest bus stop: next to 3…………………………

Pay: 4 £………………. an hour

Extra benefits

  • a free dinner
  • Extra pay when you work on 5……………………
  • Transport home when you work 6………………….

Qualities required:

  • 7……………………..
  • ability to 8 ……………………..

Interview arranged for Thursday 9……………….. at 6 pm.

Bring the names of two referees.

Ask for: Samira 10…………………….

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Job Enquiry IELTS Listening Answers: Explanations

Understanding the rationale behind the answers is crucial for improving your performance. Here are explanations for the Job Enquiry Listening answers:

Answer: Answering phone

Explanation: The job applicant (Peter Chin) enquired about the job role in the recording. And the helper at the front desk tells him that his work would be mainly to answer phone calls in the restaurant.

Answer: Hills Dunne Road

Explanation: As the job applicant is new to the city, he asks for the restaurant's location. The helper replies to him by mentioning the location as Hills Dunne Road.

Answer: Library

Explanation: The job applicant asked for the nearest bus stop. The helper says that the nearest bus stop is beside the library.

Answer: £4.45 per hour

Explanation: Peter Chin asks about the pay, to which the helper replied, £4.45 per hour.

Answer: national holidays

Explanation: In the given question, the front desk helper talks about the job's main perks, including free dinners and extra payment for working on national holidays.

Answer: after 11 (o clock)

Explanation: The front desk helper talks about another advantage. She mentions that food, extra payment, and a drive home will be provided after 11 pm.

Answer: a clear voice

Explanation: The front desk helper specifies the qualities required for this job as a clear voice.

Answer: think quickly

Explanation: The candidates must also have the quality to think quickly for this specific job.

Answer: 22 Oct

Explanation: The interview date was fixed by both the helper and the applicant on 22 Oct after 6 pm.

Answer: Manuja

Explanation: When Peter asked whom to look for, the front desk helper told them her name was Sameera Manuja for his reference.

Solving a Variety of Recordings

Understanding the Job Enquiry Listening answers is one step toward mastering this section. To ensure comprehensive preparation, it is essential to solve a variety of recordings. Registering for tailored IELTS courses gives you access to authentic listening materials.

The courses are designed and taught by India's top IELTS trainers through live online classes. On booking your seat, you can attempt unlimited practice tests and get your answers evaluated by the trainers. You also receive the class recordings and a course completion certificate.

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Tips to Solve Job Enquiry IELTS Listening Answers Successfully

Solving the Job Enquiry IELTS Listening answers successfully requires a strategic approach. Here are some tips to enhance your skills and improve your performance:

Manage Your Time Effectively:

While answering, commit more time to problems or segments that take longer to solve or understand and practice more for conceptual clarity. You must track how long it generally takes to answer each question type and devise effective time management tactics to address the difficult questions within the time.

Pay Extra Attention to the Recording:

One way to improve your active listening skills is to listen to lectures or talks often and take notes. Remember, you will get to hear the audio once. Be sure to give the recording your complete attention. Listen actively, mentally make a note of key points, and predict the answer at the same time. The motive is to train your focus and multitasking skills.

Always Look for Keywords:

Before listening to the recording, look for keywords to help you spot the answers. Sometimes, you might need more time to read through every word in the question, so these keywords will give you a better idea of the topic and provide clues for the answers.

Transfer Your Answers Accurately:

You'll only have 10 minutes to transfer your answers into the answer sheet at the end of the listening test. As you write down your answers, check that they fit into the correct blank or space provided. Ensure that the solutions you write are grammatically aligned with the overall context. Be careful of the spelling, too.

Practice Till You Are Confident:

It would help if you solved various IELTS listening tests under exam conditions. After every practice session, identify which question types you have difficulty with and if there's any pattern in your mistakes. Work towards improving your skills in these areas. Keep practicing until you consistently get your desired score in the practice tests.


Knowledge of the IELTS Listening phase calls for a strategic method and thorough education. Understanding question types, practicing below-examination situations, and leveraging professional guidance is critical for fulfillment. The Job Enquiry IELTS Listening solutions, coupled with powerful tips, provide a comprehensive guide to navigate the demanding situations of the take a look at. Utilize the advocated strategies, manage them slowly, and always exercise to boost your confidence. The key lies in non-stop improvement, whether through tailor-made courses or a devoted app. You can confidently technique the IELTS Listening exam with commitment and strategic preparation and gain your desired rating."

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