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Sending ACT Scores to Colleges: Know How To Send Act Scores To Colleges?

Sumeet Jain

ACT is a standardised test used in the US as a single data point to evaluate applicants for college readiness. This number, along with your high school GPA, the courses you took, your personal essays and letters of recommendation, will all be considered by the admissions team of the colleges you apply to.

By taking and sending act scores to colleges, you boost your chances of getting into the college of your choosing in the United States and other countries that accept the ACT and winning scholarships. There’s lots on the internet on what the ACT is but nearly not enough on how to submit act scores to colleges. This blog covers everything you need to know to help you through the process of sending act scores to colleges and other information.

Table Of Contents:

  1. Do You Need to Send Your ACT Scores?
  2. How To Send Your ACT Scores To Colleges?
  3. Types of ACT Score Reports and Prices to Send Them to Colleges

Do You Need to Send Your ACT Scores?

ACT gives test takers the option of sending only particular scores to universities, and these scores are determined by how well they performed on each test date. This option is known as the Score Choice policy. You are not required to send an ACT score to most schools if you are not happy with it. There are some schools, however, that insist that you send all of your scores; but most allow you to single out which test dates you want to send in.

Check out the range of possible scores offered by the colleges and universities you're interested in attending so you can decide which scores to submit and whether or not you need to retake the exam. A decent rule of thumb to follow would be to aim for a score that is higher than the scores of 75% of the admitted students at the school of your choice in order to increase your chances of being accepted there.

You should also think about the possibility of using superscoring as a factor. Before appraising how to send ACT scores to colleges, consider universities that use the superscore system which constructs your best possible composite score by taking the top scores from each component of the ACT that were obtained from multiple tests and averaging them together.

 Know more about ACT Superscore

How To Send Your ACT Scores To Colleges?

When evaluating the various options available when considering how to send ACT scores to colleges, you will find that you have quite a few choices. You decision depends on how well you did in your test, what ACT scores you want your college of choice to see and when would you like them to see it. Take some time to reflect on which of these methods works best for act score send:

  1. Using your ACT online account to place an order for test score reports to be sent to your college of choice:
  • On the dashboard for your account, look for an option that says "Send Your Scores." Click on that link.
  • Select the date that you want to submit in your report (even if you are submitting it to the same college, each testing date requires a different score report).
  • Enter the college's identification number (code) that you want your scores sent to (You can opt for up to 8 test dates and college combinations per score report order).
  • After that, select whether you want to send a standard report or a priority report depending on your preferences (keep reading to find out about the types of score reports)
  • Proceed with the payment by entering your credit card information.
  • Click the "Submit" button, and your scores will be sent to the universities that you have selected. That’s everything on how to submit act scores to colleges via online account on the ACT portal.
  1. Downloading the score report request form from the website and mailing it to the respective universities.
  2. Calling up the ACT is a more convenient way when considering how do you send act scores to colleges. (you will be charged an additional fifteen dollars by the ACT for the call, and this service is ONLY accessible for priority reports). Reach ACT at 319-337-1270 from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday with the relevant details like ACTID, college names and codes.

Types of ACT Score Reports

Score reports can be broken down into one of these three categories based on their price points. Each one has a unique set of advantages and disadvantages. Examine each of these options before deciding which type you want to go with.

●  Free reports

While registering for the ACT and considering how to send your act scores to colleges, you ought to know that you have the option to receive up to four free score reports. Although this looks appealing, doing so can hinder your chances of getting into the college of your choice if your scores aren’t up to par. Besides, you might not even know where you are applying yet.

It is recommended that you skip the free test reports and hold off on making any decisions until you have received your scores. The majority of colleges will permit you to use Score Choice; therefore, you should simply submit your highest score to save any additional fees.

●  Standard/ Regular reports

You might be wondering, how to submit ACT scores to colleges after the free score report period has passed. Well, regular reports are the scores that are sent out after the free score report period. For each test date and each school, you will be charged $12 for this report. It is to your advantage to make use of score choice because it enables you to send fewer score reports, which in turn reduces the amount of strain placed on your finances.

It will take the ACT close to a week to process and deliver your regular score report to the school of your choice. Reports are sent out on a school-determined schedule, usually within two weeks following application submission.

●  Priority/ Rush Reports

A priority report costs $16.50 per exam date and college. Unlike regular score reports, which take a week to process once requested, rush score reports are processed within two days. Priority reports should reach your institution within three to four business days of submission. These reports can only be sent to colleges accepting ACT score in US.

When it comes to rush reporting, it is advisable to be cautious because some institutions that only receive the score reports electronically may not be able to analyse the reports any faster than they do with regular reports. As a result, contemplate this before opting for this score report.

What is good ACT score?

That wraps it up! You should now be able to ensure that your ACT results are successfully submitted using the information provided. Now pull up those cotton socks and get to work on sending act scores to colleges. We at Yocket are rooting for you.


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