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How to Get into MIT from India: Admission Requirements for Indian Students

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The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is a renowned private university located in Cambridge, USA. With excellent programs in engineering, physics, and other sciences, MIT is the most prestigious university in the world. According to the QS World Rankings 2024, MIT holds the position of #1 in the global landscape.  If you're an Indian student wondering, "How do I get into MIT?" this guide will provide all the information you need to turn your dream into reality!

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Read on for more information on how to ace your MIT application!

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Why Study at MIT?

Before we talk about the meat of the topic, you must be clear on why you should study at MIT. As the world's highest ranked university, MIT is known for its cutting edge research in advanced fields such as AI, computer science, engineering, physics, and others.

As an international master’s student, here are the top reasons why you must study at MIT:

  • You get the opportunity to work on path-breaking projects on campus and network with some of the sharpest minds in technology, science, and engineering.
  • You get access to state-of-the-art facilities, resources, and programs that enable you to harness skills and get the know-how that would help you positively contribute to society. 

Every year, MIT accepts only 120 international students among thousands of applicants. You would be elated to know that in the 2023–24 admission cycle, Indian students were just next to Chinese students in number, occupying the second position in the international student community at MIT. If you want to be the next Indian student at MIT, schedule a free profile consultation call with a Yocket expert right away.

Top Reasons for Choosing Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Unmatched Opportunities: MIT offers students state-of-the-art opportunities in research, top-drawer faculty, and superb resources.
  • Global Network of Alumni: The MIT alums are pioneers and leaders in their domain who can give great advice on careers and networking.
  • Rich Culture & Diversity: The world-leading campus for innovation and technology-intensive education, the MIT campus thrives on the vibrancy that epitomises the rich cultural ethos of diversity from students across the globe.
  • An Excellent Reputation: An MIT degree is highly regarded and will create excellent career opportunities.

How to Get Into MIT from India?

MIT is a top-ranked university known for its competitive admissions process. With an acceptance rate of just 4%, it's essential to meet certain requirements to enhance your chances of getting admitted. If you aspire to study at one of the best universities in the United States, here's what you need to do:

Indian students applying to the MIT must meet the following criteria:

Voila! You're done!

Note: MIT interviews are not required, but they are highly recommended for international applicants. You can request an interview through your MIT Admissions account.

Eligibility Criteria at MIT for Indian Students in Detail

MIT has a highly selective admissions process, with an acceptance rate of only 4.1%. The institution seeks students who are exceptionally qualified and poised to excel in their respective fields. Notably, in the 2023–24 admission cycle, Indian students comprised the second-largest international student community at MIT. Here are the eligibility criteria you must meet:

  • Students should have a course in calculus and/or calculus-based physics; one semester of biology and chemistry; social sciences, humanities, and arts; and a strong foundation in mathematics.
  • The minimum TOEFL score to gain admission to MIT is 100, while for IELTS it is 7.0.
  • GRE score may or may not be required, depending on the program. For example, engineering, physics, aeronautics and others require a GRE score. Make sure to check out the specific requirements on the official website.
  • The graduate programs provided by the MIT Sloan School of Management and the Center for Real Estate accept the GMAT.
  • Beyond good grades, a well-crafted personal statement and a statement of purpose are required, which offer a reflection of your identity, academic passion, and potential contributions to the community.
  • MIT suggests that you submit 3-5 strong recommendation letters at the time of application. The best recommendations come from professors and tenured faculty who are well-acquainted with your academic accomplishments.
  • With more than 450 student organisations and clubs, MIT encourages applicants to discuss four impactful activities, such as clubs, sports teams, volunteer work, internships, and research projects. 

Tips to Get into MIT

Getting into MIT is certainly a difficult process, but it is not impossible. With the right strategy, you can make it to this top-most university in the world. Read below to acquaint yourself with some tips to get into the Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

  • Alignment with MIT’s Mission

Make sure to write your essays expressing yourself and how you align with MIT’s mission of collaborative teamwork and interdisciplinary engagement.

  • Be clear about your aspirations

When determining the field you wish to pursue for a graduate or doctoral degree, articulate your aspirations clearly. MIT encourages applicants to specify their fields of interest in the application essay, allowing for a concise response of under 100 words.

  • Maintain an excellent academic record

To maximise your chances of getting into MIT, prioritise your academic grades. According to MIT Admissions, you must have a GPA of at least 3.5 out of 5.0. This acts as an indication of your commitment to academic rigour.

  • Contribution to the MIT Community 

Emphasize your commitment to actively contribute to the MIT community in your application. Express your willingness to engage with and shape the MIT environment positively. 

MIT values individuals who not only excel academically but also actively participate in supportive communities. Illustrate your eagerness to be a part of the MIT community. Showcase your potential to contribute meaningfully and uphold the institution's ethos of positive impact.

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Challenges of Getting into MIT

As an Indian student, you may face some challenges while applying to MIT. Read below to learn more about the challenges:

  • The tuition fees can be a significant issue for Indian students, as pursuing a graduate course at MIT may cost anywhere around $80,000 (INR 6,640,000) per year.
  • MIT maintains a highly selective admissions process, with an acceptance rate of 4.8%. This makes it challenging for students to gain admission to the university.
  • International students might face limited access to research opportunities comparable to those available to U.S. students. This can impact their competitiveness in the application process.

Understanding and addressing these challenges proactively can enhance the preparedness of Indian students applying to MIT. By developing strategies to overcome these hurdles, applicants can increase their chances of success in the competitive admissions process. To know more about how you can make it to MIT, make sure to schedule a free profile consultation call with a study-abroad advisor.

Cost of Studying at MIT

The application fee for a graduate program at MIT is $75 (INR 6,225), whereas that for an MBA program is $250 (INR 20,750). As an Indian student, studying at MIT may cost you around $80,000 (INR 6,640,000) in tuition fees. The Sloan School of Management has different tuition fees, which can be found on its official website. The following table shows an approximate cost structure for pursuing a Master’s degree at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology:

Expense Category 

Yearly cost


$80,390 (INR 6,672,370)

Health Insurance 

$3,240 (INR 268,920)


$23,820 (INR 1,997,060)


$9,460 (INR 785,180)

Books, course materials

$1,400 (INR 116,200)

Personal expenses

$9,500 (INR 7885,500)


$3,500 (INR 290,500)


$131,310 (INR 10,898,730)

What Scholarships Are Available for Indian Students at MIT?

Pursuing a degree at MIT can be expensive for Indian students. To alleviate the financial burdens of the excellent students at MIT, the university offers various kinds of assistance, such as tuition waivers, fellowships, scholarships and others. MIT offers stipends amounting to $4,000 per month to support the living expenses of graduate students.

The following are some of the scholarships that international students at MIT can apply for:

  • Guaranteed Transitional Support ($2,000, or INR 1,66,000)
  • Graduate Student Short-Term Emergency Fund
  • Doctoral Long-term Financial Hardship Funding
  • Graduate Student Council Individual Fellowships
  • Graduate Student Experience Grants (GSEG).

Besides the in-house MIT scholarships, Indian students are also eligible to apply for other international scholarships. For example, the Aga Khan Foundation's International Scholarship Program provides funding for Indian students to pursue postgraduate programs at top universities.

The Fulbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowship grant helps international students with at least three years of work experience pursue education in the US.

The TS Ambedkar Abroad Nisha Vidya scholarship program helps deserving SC and ST students pursue their studies in the US.

Admission Deadlines at MIT

There are 46 departmental programs across 5 academic schools at MIT, and each has a different set of deadlines. Make sure to check the official page for more information. You can find a general timeframe for the application timeline below:

  • September: Online applications become available.
  • December/January: Deadlines to submit applications.
  • January/February/March: Departments review applications, conduct interviews as needed, and make application decisions.
  • April 15: Reply deadline utilized by all departments offering financial support, in coordination with the Council of Graduate Schools (CGS).

For more information on course-related deadlines at MIT, make sure to check out Yocket’s page for University Deadlines

From the Desk of Yocket

Securing admission to MIT is a goal for many Indian students. MIT values strong academics, extracurricular achievements, compelling personal essays, and letters of recommendation. Prospective students must maintain academic excellence, showcase seriousness in their chosen programs, and actively engage in extracurricular activities. MIT offers a diverse range of courses, empowering Indian students to leverage their potential for a better future.

Yocket, India's premier study abroad community, offers essential support for students aspiring to pursue higher education in the US. As a member of Yocket Premium, you get access to valuable resources, can connect with a dynamic community and more. For personalised guidance on MIT admission, schedule a 1-on-1 session with a study abroad expert.

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