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How to Download the IELTS Scorecard?

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One of the most important English language exams for immigration and higher education is the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). You will get an official IELTS score sheet displaying your results after taking the exam. It's simple and rapid to spot and download the IELTS scorecard online. Here's the step-by-step method to get your IELTS outcomes.

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When are IELTS Results Available?

IELTS scorecards may often be obtained 13 days after the exam date. Working days and weekends are included in this. For example, outcomes from the IELTS test taken on a Saturday might be available thirteen days later on a Friday. In some instances, delays cause results to be processed a piece extra slowly. 

The IELTS Test Partners will send you an email note when your scorecard is ready, letting you know your results are prepared. You get an email with commands and a link to peer your online IELTS scoring.

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How to Save or Download Your IELTS Scorecard?

Follow these steps to download your IELTS scorecard:

  • Step 1 - In the email containing the IELTS result notice, click the link. You may get IELTS results online by clicking there.
  • Step 2 - Enter your password and IELTS ID number to log in. You fill out your IELTS Test Report Form with this information on test day.
  • Step 3 - This will bring up your scorecard on the screen. Examine your Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening exam results.
  • Step 4 - Your IELTS scorecard may be downloaded by clicking the "Download PDF" option. An authentic PDF copy of your findings will be saved to your device.
  • Step 5 - Your scores, candidate information, a picture, and an approved stamp are all included in the PDF scorecard. Your test findings may be officially documented using this.
  • Step 6 - If necessary, you may download the IELTS scorecard in PDF format.

Sample IELTS Scorecard

Details on the IELTS Scorecard

Important information regarding your exam and results may be found on your IELTS scorecard:

Candidate information

Your name, date of birth, nationality, and passport/ID number. Make sure these are accurate information.

Date of test

The day you appeared for the IELTS test.

Test site

You took the IELTS exam at an accredited testing facility.


Your total band score and your individual reading, writing, speaking, and listening ability scores. Band 1 (non-user) to Band 9 (experienced user) are the possible score ranges.

CEFR level

This indicates where you stand on the CEFR scale, which runs from A1 to C2.

Candidate photograph

The picture was taken at the exam facility for identification reasons.

Authorised stamp

The official stamp of the examiner attesting to the legitimacy of your findings. Organisations may scan your QR code to confirm the accuracy of your findings.

Reference number

A unique number may be used to locate and confirm your IELTS score.

Understanding Your IELTS Band Score

The IELTS exam result is scored on a nine-band scale:

IELTS Band Score

Skill Level

9 - Expert User

Very high proficiency

8 - Very Good User

High proficiency

7 - Good User

Competent proficiency

6 - Competent User

Satisfactory proficiency

5 - Modest User

Partial proficiency

4 - Limited User

Limited proficiency

3 - Extremely Limited User

Minimal proficiency

2 - Intermittent User

Sporadic proficiency

1 - Non User

No real proficiency

Your average band rating is the common of your four section rankings—talking, analysing, writing, and listening. 

Understanding the band rating criteria of the establishments or immigration offices you must use will give you a critical IELTS score.

Share Your IELTS Scores

Institutions that require IELTS scores can access your results after receiving your official score sheet: 

Higher Education: Include a copy of your scorecard when applying to another college or university. IELTS band six or above is a prerequisite in most organisations.

Immigration: You must provide a copy of your IELTS score when applying for a visa, immigration or citizenship in Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand. Score requirements vary by country and type of visa, ranging from Band 5 to 7.5.

Professional Registration: Provide a true copy of your scorecard if a business unit requests their license or registration. This includes nurses, doctors, accountants, engineers and more.

Employers: If your IELTS group score is essential for internal work, hiring, or research purposes, give a copy to potential employers. IELTS can measure how well you communicate in English.

Your official IELTS PDF scorecard with the permitted stamp and QR code should always be shared, whether it is in paper or digital format. Refrain from disclosing your test results.

Retaking the IELTS Exam

You can retake the IELTS if your IELTS exam result is below the minimum. There is a 14-day waiting time before retaking the IELTS. The IELTS test can be taken as commonly as you want. 

Examine your score record to determine which parts you need to work on before retaking the IELTS. Then, to get your preferred IELTS band score, prepare appreciably for the portions that want improvement.

Validity of IELTS Scores

IELTS exam results are valid for two years from the date of the exam. Companies receive scores that are at most two years.

Certain nations, such as Australia and New Zealand, recognise to get IELTS results as early as three years old for immigration reasons.

You may need to repeat the IELTS test to get a legitimate score if your objectives or prerequisites change. For details on the validity of scores, see the official IELTS website.

Get Previous/Older IELTS Scores

You may ask for an IELTS result verification service if you need to get an older IELTS scorecard that was issued more than two years ago:

  • Using your IELTS ID, log in to get the IELTS Results Verification Service.
  • Complete the online form using the information from your previous exam.
  • Remit the appropriate service cost for each copy. The current cost per scorecard copy is GBP £60.
  • In around 7–10 working days, a reissued copy of your IELTS scorecard will arrive in the mail.

This service confirms your past IELTS scores in case any organisation requests them.

Final Thoughts

Once results are available, checking and getting your IELTS scorecard online is simple and fast. Be sure to thoroughly examine your test results and provide them to any relevant entities who need to see verification of your IELTS score. Don't give up if you don't get good marks. Take some time to work on your English before the next exam. You can acquire the IELTS band score you want with effort and perseverance.

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