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GREAT Scholarship UK: Know About the GREAT Scholarship Program UK 2024 - 2025

Kashyap Matani

If you dream of studying in the UK and wish to complete your undergraduate or graduate work at one of the esteemed and distinguished institutions, the GREAT scholarship UK can be of immense importance.

The GREAT Scholarship Program UK was introduced by the British Council in partnership with UK universities to assist and attract international students to seek higher education in the UK. The recipients of this program may pursue their postgraduate program at any of the UK institutions partaking in it.

In this blog, we will talk about the different facets of the GREAT scholarship UK program and how this GREAT British scholarship enables Indian students to fulfill their aspirations to study in the UK.

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What is GREAT Scholarship UK?

The Great Britain Campaign of the British Government, the British Council, and the affiliated British higher education institutions together sponsor GREAT Scholarships. For students from India, GREAT Scholarships provides 20 postgraduate scholarships from UK institutions in a range of subject areas. Each scholarship will cover at least £10,000, or INR 9,59,727, in tuition costs for a postgraduate program lasting one year at a collaborating university.

For the academic year 2023-2024, more than 100 scholarships will be given out as part of the GREAT Scholarship initiative. The participating UK universities' roster differs from nation to nation. Only in September shall the chosen postgraduate program—to be studied in the UK—begin.

The following are some of the elements of the GREAT scholarship, which pays the entire tuition for one-year postgraduate programs or the tuition for the first year of two-year master's degree programs:

  • Merit-based scholarships that waive tuition fees specified by colleges
  • Offered by the British Council of India
  • of Scholarships - More than 100
  • It is a one-time payment.
  • Only International Students Eligible

Now let us look at the countries participating in this program:

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Countries Participating in GREAT Scholarship UK

Students from the following nations are eligible to apply for this Scholarship and the number of scholarships they are eligible for, according to the British Council:


Number of Scholarships































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For students from eligible nations, the GREAT Scholarship offers a fantastic chance to attend university in the UK with monetary support. Each nation has a different number of scholarships available.

Universities Participating in GREAT Scholarship India

The university will notify the beneficiaries of the GREAT Scholarship and will disburse the money upon registration. For the GREAT Scholarships India 2023, the following universities are listed, along with the last dates for applications:


Application Deadline

Bishop Grosseteste University

31st March 2023

University of Edinburgh

31st March 2023

University of Kent

30th April 2023

Cranfield University

1st May 2023

Goldsmith, University of London

16th May 2023

Edinburgh Napier University

27th May 2023

University of St. Andrews

28th May 2023

Queen’s University Belfast

31st May 2023

University of East Anglia

31st May 2023

University of Plymouth

31st May 2023

University of Southampton

31st May 2023

Falmouth University

1st June 2023

Royal Agricultural University

12th June 2023

UK Universities for Justice and Law Scholarships


Application Deadline

Glasgow Caledonian University

1st May 2023

University of Reading

6th May 2023

Newcastle University

25th May 2023

Keele University

31st May 2023

Sheffield Hallam University

31st May 2023

University of Manchester

1st June 2023

University of Sussex


The British Council's selection committee will have the final say on whether to award the scholarship. Candidates who are chosen will need to establish their financial plans for living, traveling, and attending school in the UK.

Eligibility Criteria to Receive GREAT Britain Scholarship

The following requirements must be met by applicants for the GREAT Scholarship Program UK 2023:

  • Must be citizens of the above-mentioned countries and current residents.
  • Completed a UG program in your country of origin.
  • Devoted and academically superior to pursue a postgraduate or master's degree in the UK.
  • Either demonstrable interest in the topic of study chosen or relevant job experience.
  • IELTS or a score from an equivalent test must be used to satisfy the English language requirement of the prospective UK university.
  • September must be the start of the postgraduate program of choice.

Now that we are aware of our eligibility, let us look at the application process  for the GREAT Scholarship in India:

How to Apply for a GREAT Indian Scholarship

Now that you are aware of the eligibility criterion to attain the GREAT Scholarship UK next step is to apply for it. Here are the steps you need to follow to apply for the opportunity to study UK GREAT scholarships:

  • Make sure you are eligible.
    • You are a citizen of India.
    • You intend to enroll in a postgraduate program in the UK full-time.
    • Program officially starts in September.
  • Fill out the online application.
  • Give the necessary student documentation
  • Make sure to fill out and submit the application form. Applications that are not comprehensive will not be considered.

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Documentation Required

  1. Legal passport and a UK student visa.
  2. Certificate and grade report from graduation.
  3. ELP certificate (IELTS, TOEFL, or CAE test results may be submitted.
  4. All essential specifications outlined by the chosen university.

Tips for when Applying for a GREAT Scholarship

  • Choose the institutions from the list above that you want to attend for your postgraduate studies.
  • Learn about the specifics of the scholarships offered by these universities.
  • Follow the directions on each university's scholarship webpage to apply for a specific scholarship.
  • Each university has a different scholarship submission date so it is important to be aware of the application deadline of the university to which you want to apply to.
  • Each university will inform the chosen and qualified candidate of the outcomes.
  • Scholars who are chosen by universities will receive scholarships after registering.

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So that was all about the GREAT Scholarship Program UK 2023. The Great Scholarship UK is a favorable option to fund your higher studies in UK. Therefore, analyze the above mention information and apply for the best scholarships in UK that best suit your needs. If you have any further queries, sign up for Yocket Premium, and connect with our experts!


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