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Guide to GRE Arithmetic: GRE Arithmetic Practice Questions, Syllabus, Tips and Tricks

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Scoring good marks in GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is one of the most important steps in getting into your chosen graduate school. The GRE arithmetic is a part of the Quantitative Reasoning section.

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The GRE Quantitative section is divided into four sections: Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, and Data Analysis. The GRE Arithmetic covers all integer properties, divisibility factorizations, roots, percents, exponents, ratios, and rates. Like the rest of GRE Quant, GRE Arithmetic is divided into two halves of 20 problems each. In GRE quant, candidates have 35 minutes for each part. The GRE quantitative reasoning score ranges from 130 to 170. If you wish to know in detail about the GRE Arithmetic section, keep reading! We will cover the minute's details, including GRE Arithmetic practice questions, syllabus, tips and whatnot!

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Importance of GRE Arithmetic

While the GRE is not a knowledge-based exam, you will need to have some key information memorised on test day. This means you'll need to remember a dozen numbers, some of which you must have already learned while in school. The arithmetic portion of the section tests your skills in formulas and numbers, which are vital in the future engineering and management field. Unlike other standardised tests, this one does not provide a "cheat sheet" of mathematical formulas.

The GRE arithmetic portion can work to your advantage if you are brilliant in research records or if your GPA and the tough courses you completed are insufficient. Furthermore, a high score in the quant section of the GRE through arithmetic will be advantageous when applying to graduate programs such as physics and computer science, among others.

Importance of Knowing Formulas for GRE Quantitative Section

How to Prepare for GRE Arithmetic?

To prepare for the arithmetic GRE, aspirants need to have good maths skills. Covering GRE arithmetic practice questions can be fruitful in understanding the questions asked in the exam. Some of the tips to follow are: 

  • Take your time when tackling word problems, and study each instruction attentively.
  • Create a GRE study plan to be well-prepared to take the exam.
  • Do not use more than 2 minutes for each question to guarantee thorough concentration and avoid rushing.
  • Always back-solve the questions in order to discover the proper answers.
  • Use the GRE arithmetic practice questions as part of their practice.
  • Keep to your GRE quantitative reasoning methods and avoid deviating from their formulas.

How to Score more than 160 in the quantitative section?

GRE Arithmetic Syllabus 

Arithmetic topics include divisibility, remainders, factorization, odd and even integers, arithmetic operations, prime numbers, etc. The syllabus also provides estimation, percent, absolute value, ratio, rate, decimal representation, and number sequences.

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GRE Arithmetic Question Types

  • Quantitative Comparison: Candidates will need to solve word problems that require a solution in mathematical terms. This comprises situations where quantity A is bigger than quantity B, both quantities are equal, and one cannot identify their connection. It has questions with four possible answers.
  • Multiple Choice Questions: The arithmetic GRE questions will carry multiple choices with options. Candidates must choose an option for some questions, while others require numerous choices depending on the instructions.
  • Numeric Entry: Candidates must enter numerical entries such as integers and decimals in the mentioned box. It also includes GRE arithmetic and fractions questions, with two boxes for filling in fraction responses.

All about the GRE Quantitative Syllabus 2022!

GRE Arithmetic Practice Test and Preparation Books

GRE Arithmetic preparation books cover all aspects of the quant section. These preparation books carry GRE arithmetic practice questions and answers that will help you practice in advance. Some of the GRE preparation books are:

  • McGraw-Hill Education Conquering GRE Maths: The GRE quant practice book for the arithmetic section carries three full-length GRE Maths section tests. There are 100s of GRE arithmetic questions with answers. GRE maths topics covered in detail, including number properties, arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and word problems. It covers tactics for solving every GRE maths question, including quantitative comparison, numeric entry, multiple-choice, and data analysis.
  • Maths Workout for the GRE by Princeton Review: The Princeton Review's GRE maths Workout includes over 275 practice questions with thorough explanations for each question of arithmetic. It is not the most comprehensive GRE prep book available, but it does an excellent job teaching fundamental arithmetic concepts and providing plenty of practice questions. Moreover, it has an easy glossary for easy understanding.
  • GRE Math Strategies by Manhattan Prep: Manhattan Prep's GRE Math Strategies is an excellent resource for mastering GRE maths topics. It includes in-depth arithmetic courses as well as strategies for each question type. Aspirants can use drill sets as well as extensive answer explanations.

You can also use the practice test for GRE arithmetic as part of your preparation to understand if you can solve sometimes twisted questions. Around 8 different practice tests are available online covering the GRE arithmetic syllabus.

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GRE Arithmetic Scores

There is no specific arithmetic score, but aspirants need to perform well in this category of the Quant section, which will result in a good section. The ideal score for the Quant section is 150-170.

How to Score High in GRE?

As part of the GRE Quant preparation, arithmetic plays an important role that can help in scoring a good percentile. A good quant score can also lead to admission to the respective college or university for the specific program. Thus just studying for this section is not enough. You need to be able to understand and answer the questions better. The best way to do this is by seeking assistance from Yocket GRE Prep. This free tool lets you enhance the way you pursue GRE arithmetic studies. From conducting multiple mock tests to scoring each criteria, this process helps you to improve your GRE scores in this section each time. It also offers a unique approach to pursuing GRE studies.

But it is always better to have a more enhanced version of this study session. The premium version of this tool, Yocket GRE Prep+, provides just that. The top features include an adaptive algorithm based on your performance on previous sections/questions, 40+ topic-wise practice tests tailored to your performance, 4 Mini and 3 Full-length GRE® Mock Tests with timed/untimed modes and more.

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