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GRE Algebra: GRE Algebra Practice Questions, Word Problems, Syllabus, Strategy Guide


All underlying concepts of GRE Algebra are simply fundamental. So you will not require concocting any proofs, nor will you require any algebra vocabulary. In other words, there is nothing which you need to learn all over again from scratch. Instead, your primary work for this section will be remembering and practising GRE word problems.

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Before we provide valuable insights on the Algebra section, let us clarify something. There will be nothing in the GRE maths section that you haven’t learnt in high school. Initially, the GRE Algebra questions might look a bit tough, but that’s just the tastemakers tricking you.

You will be tested on linear algebra, elementary algebra, number theory, and abstract algebra in GRE Algebra. The quantitative reasoning section will have only 25% Algebra. Wish to know more? Keep reading!

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Importance of GRE Algebra

Through traditional coursework, the GRE Algebra significantly determines how efficient their maths background is. Believe it or not, a good GRE Maths score can offset any terrible grades in undergraduate courses.

However, solving GRE Algebra questions requires strong mathematical acumen, which has been built up over the years. Remember that taking subject tests will not work as a substitute for actual courses. However, choose GRE Maths Subject Test only if you lack significant time and finances.

Importance of Knowing Formulas for GRE Quantitative Section

GRE Algebra Exam Pattern

GRE Algebra tests every candidate's basic skills and concepts from high school to middle school. Almost 25% of GRE questions are about linear algebra, elementary algebra, number theory and abstract algebra. Out of all the 20 questions in the GRE Algebra test, only six have weightage.

The GRE Algebra might appear under four different names: quantitative comparison, problem-solving, numeric entry or more than one correct answer.

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GRE Algebra Syllabus

The GRE Algebra syllabus is enormously broad, thereby covering numerous fields. Most GRE algebra questions are related to data interpretation, reasoning, problem-solving, and more. Unlike GRE quant questions, GRE algebra is essentially based on fundamental formulas.

Here, the numbers are generally represented with alphabets in GRE word problems. The questions might seem complicated, but if your fundamental concepts are clear, you can quickly solve them. The GRE Algebra syllabus comprises the following topics:

  • Three types of factoring
  • Simplifying algebraic expressions
  • Basic equations
  • Expanding equations
  • Quadratic equations
  • Systems of equations
  • Equations with fractions
  • Equations with exponents
  • Equations with absolute values
  • Equations with square roots
  • Equations of lines
  • The coordinate plane
  • Graphs of quadratics, etc.

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GRE Algebra Question Types

Some of the possible questions asked in GRE Algebra include:

  • GRE Algebraic Expressions: It comprises one or more variables, written as a single or a sum of terms.
  • GRE Algebra Basic Equations: You must formulate tables by deriving information from the given equation and solving the question.
  • GRE Algebra Rules of Exponents and Radicals: Exponents have three basic rules, and all other properties, including radicals, are derived from these rules.
  • GRE Algebra Solving Equations in One Variable: You are required to solve an unknown equation with multiple variables.
  • GRE Algebra Linear/Quadratic Inequalities: Here, the concepts of relationship comparison are stated.
  • GRE Algebra Simultaneous Equations in Two Variables: There are sums with multiple variables incorporating substitution and elimination methods.
  • GRE Algebra GRE Word Problems: Each word problem has different solving methods with a unique Algebra GRE strategy guide.
  • GRE Algebra Coordinate Geometry: Here, two actual number lines perpendicular to each other intersect at zero points.
  • To solve equations, GRE Algebra Functions and Their Graphs: Numbers are stated here.
  • GRE Algebra Symbolism: Numerous symbols here require simple substitution for easy solving.
  • GRE Algebra Sequences: A list of values and numbers is given in a sequence, thus recognized by its position.

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GRE Algebra Preparation And Preparation Books

Listed here are a few books that will help you prepare with the best Algebra GRE strategy guide. All of them contain numerous GRE algebra practice problems.

Kaplan’s GRE Maths Workbook

This book offers a significantly customised study program with expert reviews on maths skills. There are also some brief introductions to algebra, probability, and data interpretation.

Princeton Maths Workout for the GRE

This book is exclusively meant for GRE quants, which will help you ace quantitative reasoning in one go. It offers certain critical features like reviews on test topics, toppers’ strategies and practice questions.

Nova’s GRE Maths Bible

The book covers all topics and questions that efficiently help identify your strengths and weaknesses. It also offers the requisite tips and strategies for making you even more competitive. You can also practise questions ranging from easy to challenging levels.

GRE Prep by Magoosh

This book offers you the best set of practice questions along with adequate explanations. You can opt for a smooth and gentle ride with this book.

Your journey will commence with brief introductions, explanations, test questions, and expert reviews. The definitions will help you gain a more profound concept of all things and the ability to solve them quickly.

How to Prepare for GRE Quantitative 2022?

GRE Algebra Scores

The section of GRE quant is granted scores on the scale of 130-170 with 1-point increments. On this scale, 170 is the highest score, whereas 130 is the lowest possible score. Since there are very few test takers of GRE Algebra, the scores are either high or low. Nevertheless, the majority of the ones land somewhere in the middle. Currently, 152.57 is the average GRE score for the Quants section.

How to Score High in GRE?

Solving GRE Algebra practice questions regularly will help you boost your confidence in mathematics. Also, you will become essentially familiar with the possible types of GRE algebra questions, algebraic terminology and other instructions. The best way to perform better in this GRE section is by having the right assistance. One such helpful assistance that can help you score well in this category is Yocket GRE Prep

This free tool helps you undertake mock tests in order to understand your knowledge. Upon completing, you get a detailed scorecard for each activity, such as the number of incorrect or correct questions answered, etc. However, for a more enhanced experience, it is better to opt for the premium version Yocket GRE Prep+. The top features include access to more practice tests, a personalised dashboard, and more. 

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