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All You Need to Know About the Duolingo Test for Canada Study Visa

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One of the most popular study abroad destinataions, among not just the Indian population, but the whole world; Canada observes international admissions each year from more than 150 countries. And if you are someone willing to study in Canada, you must also know that one of the major prerequisites to get hold of the Canadian student visa is scoring well in English proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, Duolingo and others. 

Gaining a lot of popularity among the international population, in this blog you will find answers to questions such as - is Duolingo accepted in Canada for study visa, and how to get hold of a Canada study visa with Duolingo. 

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Is Duolingo Accepted in Canada for Study Visa?

Let us start by addressing the most important question here - Is Duolingo accepted in Canada for study visa? Well, yes, it is! More than 150 Canadian universities and institutions are currently known for offering Canada study visa with Duolingo English Test.

Some of the distinguishing features that have increased the popularity of the exam in Canada and other countries include: 

  • The Duolingo test is considered an easy test as compared to its counterparts, and is not more than 60 minutes long. 
  • The test has a user interface which is smooth, and can be taken entirely online. With the emergence of COVID-19, prominent English proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL were not able to be conducted in the physical mode, and so Duolingo, known for its convenient “home” feature gained popularity among the international population. 

The Duolingo exam tests an applicant in two major segments: Graded portion- Adaptive test  and Non graded portion- video interview 

Given below is the classification for each of these segments on the basis of duration of test, and pattern involved: 



Assessment Pattern

Adaptive test 

(Assesses Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking)

45 minutes  

Fill ups, listening and typing texts, illustrating images etc. 

Video Interview 

15 minutes

Speaking on a topic, writing test 

Duolingo vs IELTS vs TOEFL: How are they Different?

The Duolingo English Test accepted in Canada embassy will definitely help you get a Duolingo Canada student visa and hence  the college or university of your dreams. 

Duolingo Test Acceptance in Canada 

Duolingo for Canada has been a hot topic since the past 5 years when the test came into prevalence. You can get hold of a Canadian study permit from two ways: 

  • Applying through Student Direct Stream (SDS)
  • Traditional way through a Designated Learning Institute (DLI)

If you're applying through SDS, the Duolingo English Test in Canada is not termed as a valid English proficiency test. Infact SDS only accepts IELTS and CELPIP as the only tests valid for English proficiency. 

You can, on the other hand, use your Canada immigration duolingo test if the institution/university you are applying to, accepts it. 

The most preferable score pertaining to Duolingo for Canada lies in the range of 100-125, for most universities. While the Duolingo score is counted as an English language proficiency test score to get hold of the Canadian student visa, the minimum Duolingo score for Canada student visa usually lies in the hands of the Canadian university you are applying to. 

Here is a quick look at the top universities in Canada that accept Duolingo Test scores for admission which can be further used to procure a Canada Student Visa:


Minimum Duolingo Score 

Concordia University


University of Calgary


University of Alberta


University of Windsor


Brock University


Note: Some of the universities have temporarily included DET or Duolingo English Test as a proof of English Proficiency given the COVID pandemic. Therefore, make sure that you check the requirements and validity from the official website for the specific program before taking the exam.

Duolingo recently gained popularity in the COVID time, because of its convenient offerings to international students like a comprehensive learning platform, along with an English proficiency test widely accepted around the globe which can be taken at the comfort of your homes. Though not the most used English proficiency test, prominent universities worldwide are accepting DET or Duolingo scores in the last few years. 


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