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ACT Science Book: Find Best ACT Science Prep Books in 2023

Yocket Editorial Team

American College Testing (ACT) is a standardised test used in the US to determine a student’s college readiness. Going to a great college and winning scholarships to ease the financial strain are just an ACT score away. The ACT tests students’ knowledge in four core academic areas: English, Reading, Science, and Math.

The science section assesses the ability to comprehend, analyse, evaluate, reason, and solve problems in the natural sciences. This portion includes various real-life scientific scenarios, each with a set of multiple-choice questions. The science section is notoriously tricky, but don’t fret. In this blog, we’re going to help you crack the Science section with our comprehensive list of the best ACT science book for you to refer to.

Table of Contents:

  1. Overview of  ACT Science Section About?
  2. Why Should You Use An ACT Science Practice Book?
  3. Top 3 ACT Science Practice Books To Prep With
  4. Frequently Asked Questions About Best ACT Science Books in The Market

Overview of ACT Science Section

The science portion tests your ability to obtain and analyse data to answer questions related to biology, chemistry, Earth sciences, and physics. Although advanced knowledge isn't required, certain questions may need scientific background. The questions require you to recognise and understand the information's basic features and concepts, critically examine the relationship between the information and conclusions drawn or hypotheses developed, and generalise from given information to gain new information, draw conclusions, or make predictions.

ACT science component has four scores: one for the section as a whole and three category scores based on scientific knowledge, skills, and practice.

The percentage of the section assigned to each reporting category is approximate as follows:



Interpretation of Data


Scientific Investigation


Evaluation of Models, Inferences, and Experimental Results


The ACT science section consists of 40 questions with a time limit of 35 minutes. You can use the best ACT math and science prep book to prepare for these sections.

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Why Should You Use An ACT Science Practice Book?

Many students choose to prepare for the ACT by consulting the best ACT science prep book because they believe that doing so would increase their chances of being accepted to more prestigious schools. Although any score above the national average is typically considered a respectable score, certain schools maintain more restrictive score standards.

To avoid any issues, boost your grades, and obtain admission to your desired institution, it's advisable that you study with the help of a preparation guide. When choosing an act science practice book, students should analyse their shortcomings and find an option that focuses on those areas.

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Top 3 ACT Science Practice Books for Preparation

There is such a wide variety of possibilities to choose from, and it can be tedious to determine which resources you should take advantage of, which is why we at Yocket felt it necessary to put together a list of the best ACT science books. This list contains some of the ACT science practice book in 2023:

1. Barron's "ACT Math and Science Workbook, 3rd Edition"

With the help of Barron's "ACT Math and Science Workbook," you will be able to get a comprehensive understanding of the math and science prerequisites for the ACT. In addition to providing sample questions, passages, and practice examinations, this resourceful ACT science book supplies excellent test-taking strategies that are proven to be effective, such as an approach to scientific problems that comprises a four-step drill for both math and science.


INR 1,002

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2. For the Love of ACT Science

This popular study guide revised for 2019-20 provides strategies for solving ACT Science problems. Using several scientific method components, this strategy helps students comprehend the difficulties so they can deliver extensive responses and ace this section.

This is the best ACT science prep book since it has authentic practice questions. Many reviews say this book helped them or their children do better on the ACT Science test.


INR 3,867

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3. The Official ACT Science Guide, 2nd Edition

"The Official ACT Science Guide" is a publication that was produced by ACT Inc. that provides a detailed overview of the Science section of the ACT. You will be acquainted with the numerous categories of scientific questions, as well as the essential vocabulary and problem-solving strategies that are required for each question.

You will also have access to a question bank online through the guide, providing you with the ability to tailor your preparation to your specific needs.


INR 1,500

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Yocket's recommendations of the three prep books listed above includes some of the most comprehensive ACT Science study resources accessible. If a student consistently revises their portions in the sciences, it may be a valuable study tool. With the right ACT Science study book and enough practice, you'll do wonders in the ACT. Also check free resources for ACT preparation to ease the process of learning.



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