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Average Living Expenses

The Heratsi Mkhitar In Yerevan, Armenia, there is a medical school for Armenians called Yerevan State Medical University. The 12th-century Armenian physician Mkhitar Heratsi was honoured with a name change to Yerevan State Medical University on May 25, 1989. In general medicine and military medical faculties, the continuous and integrated educational programme for a bachelor's degree lasts six years; in dentistry faculties, it lasts five years. The Bachelor's Qualification Education Program at the Faculty of Pharmacy lasts four years. The State Medical University has over 8,000 students in six faculties after Heratsi. There are roughly 1184 international students. It has been approved by the WHO, MCI, FAIMER, and NMC.

Top Reasons to Study in the Yerevan State Medical University

The oldest medical institution in Armenia is Yerevan State Medical University, which was founded in 1920.

  • Students at YSMU have the wonderful chance to win different little scholarships. The following criteria are taken into consideration while selecting candidates for the aforementioned scholarships: absolute excellence in the classroom scientific journals, knowledge of a foreign language, involvement in Republican events, international contests, the Olympics, student scientific sessions, involvement in academic faculty social and scientific activities
  • One of Armenia's top medical schools is Yerevan State Medical University. Being 100 years old, it has educated hundreds of medical students. The highly skilled and knowledgeable professors at this university serve as excellent mentors for the students. It is a fantastic environment for MBBS to live out their ambition as parents.
  • When it comes to medical careers, YSMU is among the top universities. The employees are extremely passionate and cooperative. The locals are warm and highly interesting.


Cost of Studying at Yerevan State Medical University

Average tuition fee


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Living expenses

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Average on-campus living expenses


Admissions at The Yerevan State Medical University

How to Apply at Yerevan State Medical University

  • On the website of Yerevan State Medical University, there is an online application form that must be completed. Fill out the MBBS application form that the university provides.
  • Print the application. The form must be signed and scanned before being sent to the university with the necessary paperwork stated below.
  • Emails containing scanned copies of the required documentation should have the subject line "Application for Admission" to indicate the sender's intention.
  • Only documents submitted prior to the Yerevan State Medical University application deadline will be approved.
  • Once the documents have been confirmed by university representatives, the student will get a letter of acceptance or rejection.
  • Once the candidate has been accepted, the initial fees must be paid. Once the candidate has been accepted, the initial fees must be paid. The Fee Acknowledgement Letter will then be sent to them.
  • If the application is approved, the candidate must apply right away for an Armenian student visa. Students will receive their invitation letter by mail from Yerevan State Medical University.


Documents Required to Apply to Yerevan State Medical University

  • Application to the Minister of Science and Education of the RA (duly completed)
  • The curriculum vitae of the candidate
  • Application Form
  • The applicant's health history.
  • Mark sheets and completion certificates for applicants in grades 10 and 12
  • copies of the applicant's certified and notarized academic records
  • a duplicate of your birth certificate or a copy of your passport with your date of birth
  • your high school diploma on paper
  • photos the size of a passport

Exams Accepted By Yerevan State Medical University

For Yerevan State Medical University eligibility requirements, students need to meet the following scores: 


Minimum Requirements 



English Proficiency Requirements 

The Yerevan State Medical University international students should know Basic English

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Students Yerevan State Medical University

International Students

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Total International Students in the university


Alumni at Yerevan State Medical University

All the alumni are good doctors or dentists. Some foe in the pharmaceutical world as well. Few names are Karlen Grigori Adamyan, Vahan Artsruni, Armen Ashotyan, Zhora Harutyunyan, Bharath Reddy (actor),etc.

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Reviews for Yerevan State Medical University

Campus life

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Transportation in the city

There is a local transportation monthly pass available. It will cost you about 900 rupees. Fee to be sent via electronic bank transfer to the university's bank account. The typical annual personal expense for meals and local transportation is around 616,560 AMD(118,935.75 INR). Students can use the regular bus service or the metro for transit.

Services offered by the university

  • His institute also has sports, canteen, medical, library, auditorium, hostel, hostel, computer lab, and hospital facilities.
  • The institution has cutting-edge, contemporary infrastructure.
  • Except for the tuition price, the institute does not request donations or other fees.
  • You can easily get lodging at a fair price.
  • After completing the MBBS programme, students were qualified to serve at government hospitals.

Student life at Yerevan State Medical University

The campus of the medical university is situated in the heart of Koryun Street.  It is situated in an attractive yet safe environment and offers modern amenities.

  • The Armenian Medical Students' Parliament (AMSP) was established at Yerevan State Medical University in 1992. It is an autonomous, student-run organisation with the mission to uphold students' rights and advance their interests. 80 percent of the students at YSMU take part in AMSP events.
  • The Council of Young Scientists at the University was established with the main objective of facilitating, fostering, and enhancing the effective scientific, artistic, and educational processes of undergraduates, postgraduates, residents, and interns. Within the Council of Young Scientists, young faculty and residents who show interest in and participate in scientific activities are gathered.
  • The Career Center at Yerevan State Medical University just opened, giving students the tools they need to choose a career path after graduation.

On campus accomodation at Yerevan State Medical University

The two hospitals are run under the authority of the Yerevan State Medical University. The university complex is close to the renowned Heratsi Hospital Complex No. 1. The hospital facility and murals are in Yerevan's Erebuni neighbourhood.

  • The housing at this university is excellent. The university hostel has everything. Numerous languages, cultures, etc. are learned. The accommodations are cosy and well-equipped.
  • A nice and well-maintained hostel system is available at Yerevan State Medical University within 4 kilometres of the campus.
  • The accommodations are segregated for males and girls.
  • For both boys and girls, there is a hostel with single and double rooms.
  • The hostel also has a free Wi-Fi system.
  • Indian cuisine, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, is also offered in the canteen, making it simple for students to stay there and build bright futures.

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1. Is Yerevan State Medical University safe?
Yes, Yerevan State Medical University is a safe place to study for international students.

2. What is the average Yerevan State Medical University tuition fee? 
The average Yerevan State Medical University tuition fee is 22,60,720 AMD (436,097.75INR). 

3. What is the Yerevan State Medical University acceptance rate?
Yerevan State Medical University acceptance rate is 70 to 80%.

4. What is the Yerevan State Medical University GPA requirement? 
The minimum Yerevan State Medical University GPA requirement is more than 50 percent in PCB. 

5. What are some popular Yerevan State Medical University? 
The popular Yerevan State Medical University includes Nursing Work, General Medicine, Pharmaceutical, Dentistry.