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The University of Zurich (UZH) stands as a beacon of academic excellence and innovation in the heart of vibrant Zurich, Switzerland. Founded in 1833, it's not just the largest university in Switzerland, but also boasts a rich history and a forward-thinking vision. With seven faculties encompassing over 100 subject areas, UZH offers the most comprehensive academic program in Switzerland. 

Whether you're passionate about philosophy, medicine, economics, law, natural sciences, theology, or veterinary medicine, you'll find a thriving community of scholars and a rigorous curriculum to challenge and inspire you.

What is the University of Zurich QS Ranking 2025?

In QS World University Rankings 2025, the University of Zurich is ranked 109th. Times Higher Education placed UZH 80th in 2024, a two-point increase from 2023.

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Highlights About the University of Zurich

The University of Zurich is a reputable institute in Switzerland and the world. Curious to know what makes it so popular? Peruse through the pointers below!

  • Historical Significance: Founded in 1833, the University of Zurich (UZH) is the largest in Switzerland and was Europe's first university established by a democratic government. This makes it a pioneer in both education and political systems. 
  • Academic Excellence: UZH consistently ranks among the top universities in the world, boasting 12 Nobel Prize laureates among its alumni and faculty. It offers a vast range of programs across seven faculties: Philosophy, Human Medicine, Economic Sciences, Law, Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Theology, and Veterinary Medicine.
  • Internationality: With over 27,000 students, the University of Zurich fosters a dynamic and international atmosphere. The university offers multiple English-taught programs and study-abroad opportunities. UZH also has a strong emphasis on research collaboration with international partners.
  • Research and Innovation: The University of Zurich has several research centers and institutes, including the Neuroscience Center Zurich and the Zurich Center for Advanced Studies. UZH is committed to translating research into practical applications and contributing to solving global challenges.
  • Financial Aid: UZH offers several scholarships and financial aid programs for international students. The university also has a relatively low cost of living compared to other major European cities.

Impressive rankings, no? The University of Zurich is a prestigious academic institution with a rich history, a commitment to excellence, and a vibrant community. Its dedication to sustainability and location in one of the world's most beautiful cities make it an attractive choice for students seeking a world-class education in a stimulating environment. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on University of Zurich Ranking

1. What is the QS rank for the University of Zurich?

Ans. According to QS, the University of Zurich is placed 91st in the World University Ranking category for 2024, a decline from the previous year. Outcomes, faculty resources, professional opinion, financial excellence, financial resources, etc. are among the metrics taken into account when determining the QS World University Ranking.

2. What is the University of Zurich known for?

Ans. As one of the most prominent research universities in Europe, the University of Zurich is a member of the League of European Research Universities. In the areas of medicine, immunology, biology, genetics, neurology, and economics, UZH enjoys a particularly solid reputation.

3. What are the national rankings of the University of Zurich?

Ans. The University of Zurich is renowned for its vibrant campus life, selectiveness, and multiple degrees in numerous fields. No wonder, it is among the finest institutions of higher education and research. UZH is ranked 67th by US News & World Report - Best Global University Rankings 2024.