BS in Computer Science at the prestigious University of Texas at Austin is the first step towards acquiring valuable insights in the field of Computer Science.

Being a renowned university, University of Texas at Austin receives enough funds to ensure the best education facilities for its students across all programs. This undergraduate program offered a full-time basis emphasising on building the foundation of knowledge in the concerned subject matter for students to prosper in their professional careers.

BS in Computer Science at UT Austin is ranked globally by estimated organisations. Such recognition speaks volumes about the course’s importance and effectiveness in the present scenario.

The top-notch faculty, modern facilities, and the aura of creativity and innovation in the UT Austin campus is a life-changing experience for the students looking forward to kickstart their careers. Overall, a BS in Computer Science at University of Texas at Austin is an excellent opportunity to grow into a learned professional and bring new developments in the world.


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Course Highlights

Program duration

48 Months

Degree type

Computer Science

Course credits




Delivery type

Full time

Delivery medium

On Campus

Tuition fees

Fees mentioned may differ from the actual amount.

Annual tuition fees


Full course fees (48 months)


Application Fee


Application date

Fall - August 1 , Spring - March 1


Application Deadline Fall (Final Deadline)

Dec 01, 2022


Application pre-requisites

  • Online Application
  • Application Fee
  • English Language Requirements
  • Essay
  • Official Transcripts
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Two Letter of Recommendation (Optional)

Test score requirements

Course Details

Core subject areas

  • English Composition
  • Humanities 
  • American & Texas Government 
  • American History 
  • Social & Behavioral Science 
  • Mathematics



  • UT's Office of Student Financial Services offers work/study opportunities on campus.
  • Undergraduate Research Assistants
  • CS Proctors: are undergraduate assistants who provide classroom support to faculty with such duties as grading, holding lab hours, and preparing course materials.
  • Orientation Advisors: Students can work as an Orientation Advisor for freshman orientation during summer.


  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • HomeAway
  • Goldman Sachs
  • GrubHub
  • IBM
  • InterSystems
  • Commure
  • Fidelity Investments

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