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Clinical Exercise Science ,

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MSc in Clinical Exercise Science at the prestigious University of Potsdam is an opportunity for students to enhance their knowledge, skills, and career through innovation and research. Being a renowned university, University of Potsdam receives enough funds to ensure the best education facilities for its students across all programs.

This post-graduate program offered on a full time basis has a well-designed curriculum that perfectly blends theory and practical learning. It prepares the students for their professional life to reach new heights of success.

MSc in Clinical Exercise Science at Uni Potsdam is ranked globally by estimated organisations. Such recognition speaks volumes about the course’s importance and effectiveness in the present scenario.

The top-notch faculty, modern facilities, and the aura of creativity and innovation in the Uni Potsdam campus is a life-changing experience for the students looking forward to kickstarting or upgrading their careers. Overall, a MSc in Clinical Exercise Science at University of Potsdam is an excellent opportunity to grow into a learned professional and bring new developments in the world.

Course Highlights

Program duration

24 Months

Degree type

Exercise Science

Course credits


Delivery medium

On Campus

Application Fee



Application Deadline



Application pre-requisites

1. Completed and signed application for approval . The application for admission is the application form that is created as a result of the online application at uni-asst., , 2. Simple copy (ie not authenticated ) of the German or English-language final certificate of the first degree (e.g. Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Diplom, Magister). , , If you do not yet have a professional qualification, you can still apply for admission. The prerequisite for an application without a formal degree is that at least the following credit points with a transcript of records (also not certified) and the average grade achieved up to that point are proven at the time of application: , , at least 140 CP for bachelor's degree programs with a scope of 180 CP, at least 170 LP for bachelor's degree programs with a scope of 210 LP, at least 200 CP for bachelor's degree programs with a scope of 240 CP , If the certificate or the provisional evidence is in a language other than German or English , in addition to a simple copy of the foreign language certificate or provisional evidence, a German or English translation, the accuracy of which is certified by a sworn interpreter or translator, must be submitted., , 3. Diploma Supplement : a simple copy (ie not notarized) of the Diploma Supplement or other suitable proof from the university of all achievements that you have achieved up to your first professional qualification. The module handbook or the study and examination regulations of your degree program are suitable as another proof . If you have completed your work at a university other than the University of Potsdam, this proof must contain information on credit point information as well as information on form, content and examination modalities., , 4. If applicable, notification of classification for the 1st semester. Please note the information on the page 'Questions and answers on applying for a master's degree via uni-assist eV' - application documents and changing universities and study programs, , 5. Please refer to the overview below to find out which additional documents you need to upload to the uni-assist eV application portal and which application deadlines you have to adhere to depending on the master’s degree .

Test score requirements

Minimum English Scores





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