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BS in Computer Engineering
University of California, Los Angeles


The undergraduate computer engineering program prepares students to understand fundamental computing concepts and make valuable contributions to the practice of computer engineering; Design, analyze, and implement complex computer systems for a variety of application areas and cyber physical domains and demonstrate the ability to work effectively in a team and communicate their ideas

Core Courses -

  • Computer Science
  • Introduction to Computer Science I and II
  • Introduction to Computer Organization
  • Software Construction Laboratory
  • Logic Design of Digital Systems
  • Introduction to Electrical Engineering
  • Introduction to Engineering Design: Internet of Things
  • Differential and Integral Calculus
  • Integration and Infinite Series
  • Calculus of Several Variables
  • Linear Algebra and Applications
  • Differential Equations
  • Introduction to Discrete Structures
  • Mechanics
  • Oscillations, Waves, Electric and Magnetic Fields
  • Electrodynamics, Optics, and Special Relativity
  • Mechanics Laboratory



Annual Tuition Fee*

48 Months

Course Duration


Course Credits

On Campus

Delivery Medium

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Academic Pre-Requisites

High School Subject -

Secondary School Certificate with superior average.

Standardized Test -

  • SAT Evidenced-Based Reading and Writing: 680 or better score
  • SAT Reasoning Test, Writing: 680 or better
    SAT recommended subject tests: Math Level 2 and a science test (Biology E/M, Chemistry, or Physics)
  • ACT English Language Arts test: 30 or better score
  • ACT Combined English/Writing test: 30 or better
  • TOEFL: Minimum 100 score with sub-scores above 22.
    IELTS: 7 or higher score.


Companies -

  • Google
  • IBM
  • Amazon
  • Sony
  • AT&T
  • Intel
  • Aerospace
  • Amazon
  • Broadcom and many more.

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