Polytechnic Institute Of New York University

Polytechnic Institute Of New York University

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The Polytechnic Institute of New York University, now known as New York University Tandon School of Engineering and Technology, is a part of, as the name suggests, NYU, which is a private research university. Started in 1854 in Brooklyn, which is now part of New York City, NYU Poly is one of the oldest technical institutes in the country, and arguably one of the best. The twin strengths of an excellent reputation and an even better location ensure that it gets a massive number of applications from all over the world, including India, of course.



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Although NYU Poly has five campuses (including one in Israel!), the pertinent campuses for us would be the Brooklyn campus called MetroTech, the Westchester campus and the Manhattan site. Fortunately, all of them have fantastic locations, right in the middle of the New York life, and are very easily accessible from all parts of NYC.


Now, since the institute is located in the middle of NYC, you really can’t expect a massive, sprawling campus. Yet, NYU Poly manages to stretch across about 20 acres, which isn’t too bad, really. It also has all sorts of ultramodern facilities, and a brand new library which has over a million volumes of just about anything you may need. There aren’t really bars and pubs on campus, but that shouldn’t really be an issue, considering you have the whole of NYC right outside waiting for you to come and spoil yourself.

Residing Options

As for living, well, you ought to prepare yourself for shelling out a bomb on just about everything before you land at JFK. Nothing comes cheap in New York, and certainly not accommodation. Grad students, who normally live off campus, find it pretty hard to pay their rents unless they’re employed somewhere part-time. That being said, once you have your finances in place, NYC is full of some amazing places to live in, and the brightest thing to do would probably be looking for apartments a few blocks from campus. Oh, and find yourself some roommates – splitting the rent wouldn’t hurt.


Either the faculty really is fantastic, or students have been hypnotized into thinking so. Of course, no one can argue with the fact that the professors are highly qualified and knowledgeable – some are Nobel laureates, for crying out loud – but very often excellent professors come with equally excellent egos. However, everyone is somehow full of praise for the professors, with not a single complaint escaping their lips. From what we gather – and we think it’s probably true – professors are very friendly and are willing to go out of their way to guide students, provided some initiative comes from the right end, of course.

Jobs and placements

In a nutshell, all the effort and hard work involved in first getting into, and then getting through two ‘grueling’ years at NYU Poly, seems completely worthwhile once you land yourself a job. The options are fantastic and the packages you get are pretty hair-raising too. Recruiters like Microsoft, IBM, Google are regulars at NYU Poly, and the salaries they offer more than do justice to your job.

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