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New York Medical College (NYMC) stands as a distinguished institution renowned for its contributions to healthcare and medical education. Located in Valhalla, New York, NYMC offers a comprehensive range of programs, including medicine, public health, and biomedical sciences. The college's commitment to research, patient care, and community service is evident in its multifaceted initiatives. With a focus on producing skilled healthcare professionals, NYMC provides students with cutting-edge resources and clinical experiences. As an integral part of the Touro College and University System, NYMC continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of medicine and healthcare.


Nestled in Valhalla, New York, New York Medical College (NYMC) boasts a main campus spanning 50 acres in a tranquil suburban setting. Complemented by an extensive network of affiliated hospitals and clinics across the state, NYMC provides diverse clinical training opportunities. The campus features cutting-edge facilities, including advanced simulation labs, research centres, and libraries, fostering an environment conducive to medical education and innovation. With a commitment to excellence, NYMC's state-of-the-art resources contribute to the comprehensive education and training of future healthcare professionals, ensuring they are well-equipped for the dynamic challenges of the medical field.

Popular Programs:

Renowned for its distinguished programs, New York Medical College (NYMC) offers a flagship MD program through the School of Medicine, representing the pinnacle of medical education. The Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences enhances scientific expertise with MS and PhD programs across diverse biomedical fields. The School of Health Sciences delivers excellence through programs like Physician Assistant, Occupational Therapy, and Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences. NYMC's commitment to public health is evident in the School of Public Health, offering an MPH program with various concentrations. These programs collectively underscore NYMC's dedication to producing highly skilled professionals across the spectrum of healthcare and biomedical sciences.


Nestled in Valhalla, New York, the sprawling 50-acre main campus of New York Medical College (NYMC) provides a serene suburban backdrop. With clinical training sites spanning hospitals and clinics throughout New York, students benefit from real-world experiences. NYMC boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including cutting-edge simulation labs, research centres, and libraries. Offering a range of prestigious programs, the MD program from the School of Medicine is the institution's flagship, complemented by the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, School of Health Sciences, and School of Public Health. With a highly competitive acceptance rate of 6.8%, NYMC embraces diversity, fostering an inclusive environment with global representation and vibrant Indian student organisations like SAMSA.


New York Medical College (NYMC) stands out in the realm of career advancement with robust career services. A dedicated team supports students in navigating residency matches and exploring diverse career paths. The School of Medicine achieved an impressive 94% match rate in 2021, showcasing NYMC's commitment to preparing graduates for successful medical careers. The institution has established partnerships with renowned hospitals such as Mount Sinai, NYU Langone, and Memorial Sloan Kettering, providing students unparalleled opportunities. NYMC's influential alumni network, comprising over 16,000 accomplished physicians and healthcare professionals, further enhances the prospects for successful placements and career progression.

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Frequently asked questions on New York Medical College Ranking

1. Is New York Medical College a good fit for students from underrepresented backgrounds?

Ans. NYMC is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive learning environment. Here's how they support you:

  • Summer Pre-Matriculation Program (PMP): This free program equips incoming students from underrepresented backgrounds with academic and social support to thrive in medical school.
  • Student organisations: Join groups like SAMSA or the Black Men in White Coats to connect with peers, share experiences, and find mentorship.
  • Financial aid resources: NYMC offers scholarships and financial aid programs to help make medical education accessible.

2. What are the career prospects after graduating from New York Medical College?

Ans. NYMC graduates excel in their careers:

  • High residency match rates: You'll have strong chances of matching into your desired residency program at top hospitals nationwide.
  • Career services support: Get personalised guidance on career exploration, application preparation, and networking opportunities.
  • Alumni network: Leverage the extensive alumni network for mentorship, job search assistance, and professional connections.