Professional Master in Machine Learning


Master of Machine Learning is one of the best courses to choose from that offers in-depth learning in a Machine Shop Technology. An MS Degree in Machine Shop Technology from the MILA - Quebec AI Institute has consistently made its place among the top global universities. International students prefer this course at the MILA - Quebec AI Institute due to its high graduate employability rate.

MILA - Quebec AI Institute offers exceptional education quality, high-end practical learning and ample work opportunities to its international students. After receiving their MS Degree in Machine Shop Technology from the MILA - Quebec AI Institute, students will be competent to carry out extensive research work in the field.

The interactive curriculum, vast research opportunities and exceptional teaching faculty at MILA - Quebec AI Institute offer students a life-altering learning experience. A Master of Science Degree helps students become creative and independent researchers. Overall, an MS Degree in Machine Shop Technology from the MILA - Quebec AI Institute is a great choice for students who want to analyse the field in great depth.

Why Study Machine Learning at MILA - Quebec AI Institute

  • A popular choice for international students with a diverse community
  • Learn from the best faculty members and become their research assistants
  • High-end labs to facilitate research work
  • Excellent placement programs after course completion

Course Highlights

Official website

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Annual tuition fees annual tution fees info

CA$37,323 / year

Total tuition fees total tution fees info

CA$74,646 / 24 months

interest rates
Interest rates as low as 7.99%
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