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Kanazawa University

Ishikawa, Japan | Public


Kanazawa University is one of the public university located in Kanazawa, Ishikawa. Founded in 1949, now Kanazawa University stands in the top 20 of the best university in Japan, and has become the leading university on the Sea of Japan coast by uniting several higher education. The university offers 7 faculties and 5 schools. Several of their programs include Art & Humanities, Business & Social Science, Language & Cultural, Medicine & Health, Engineering, and Science & Technology. The university also offers graduates program of Human and Socio-Environmental Studies and Medical Sciences.

Because of the strict admission policy, and only 10% acceptance rate range, this school become one of the selective institutions. International students may apply to this university.



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Kanazawa University located in Kanazawa, Ishikawa. The city is the synergy of modern and traditional culture. There are 500.000 people that live here. Kanazawa is the capital city of Ishikawa prefecture. You can find hundreds of hotels and attractions such as Ishikawa Prefecture Museum of Art, and the famous tourist attraction is the Kenroku-en park, beside Kanazawa castle. The foods are great, besides local culinary like sushi and ramen, there is also an American restaurant like The GodBurger, an Italian restaurant like Pizzeria e Trattoria Da TAKE.


Kanazawa University has many buildings but divided into two campuses, Kakuma, and Takara-machi Tsuruma. Most of the faculties, such as an administrative work reside in Kakuma, the iconic large orange building with the green park surrounding. Takara-machi Tsuruma is for the Faculty of Medicine, along with Kanazawa University Hospital affiliated with the Cancer Research Institute. There are also Institute of Nature and Environmental Technology and Research Center for Child Mental Development. Many laboratories build to support student academic activity.

Residing Options

Kanazawa University Student Co-operative Union can provide students from Japan and International student to choose variety option such as apartments, condominiums, dormitory such as; Kokuryu Kaikan, Hokumei, Sakigake, and student housing called Morinosato Kaikan for International student. The university can also offer support to find a place to live while study at Kanazawa University.


Kanazawa University has an undergraduate faculty for 11.000 students with 500-1000 administration staff. The academic staff includes professor, senior lecturer, other lecturers that high skilled in their field.

Jobs and placements

Kanazawa University graduates mostly work on hospitals as a specialist, as an artist or manager around the world. Kanazawa University provides Career Support Office for graduates to pursue their career goals. It shows that Kanazawa University’s graduates can compete in international level and offer help for the graduates get a job.

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