MS in Environmental Engineering, Mining and Energy

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Program Duration

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Earth Science

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Course Credits

in Environmental Engineering, Mining and Energy at the prestigious Gdańsk University of Technology is a prestigious degree that offers in-depth learning in Earth Science. Being a renowned university, Gdańsk University of Technology receives enough funds to ensure the best education facilities for its students across all programs. This doctorate program offered full-time primarily focuses on the practical implementation of fresh ideas through rigorous study and research. The students are encouraged to add new aspects and findings to the existing area of knowledge.

in Environmental Engineering, Mining and Energy at GUT is ranked globally by estimated organisations. Such recognition speaks volumes about the course’s importance and effectiveness in the present scenario.

The top-notch faculty, modern facilities, and the aura of creativity and innovation in the GUT campus is a life-changing experience for the students looking forward to kickstarting or upgrading their careers. Overall, a in Environmental Engineering, Mining and Energy at Gdańsk University of Technology is an excellent opportunity to grow into a learned professional and bring new developments in the world.


Test Score Requirements test score requirement

Minimum english score required







Application Pre-requisites application pre requisite

holding a master’s degree, approval of a prospective supervisor, selected from the list of supervisors - you will be asked to contact him/her before applying to the school, proficiency in English at least at B2 level - to be confirmed with a certificate, taking part in the enrolment - electronic registration and application for a chosen PhD programme using our application system eRekrutacja, paying an application fee, submitting the complete set of application documents, and taking part in the interview with the admissions committe coming to Gdańsk before the beginning of the academic year 2021/2022 (October 1, 2021) - some delay may be accepted

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