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FH Campus Wien

Vienna, Austria


Public University


Established in 2001


FH campus is known for higher education and the undergraduate study services provided by the University in the fields of applied science, nursing, health, science, public sector, engineering and building designs. University aims to provide students with a professional environment for their overall development. It follows a student-centered teaching and learning process where it particularly prioritizes the enhancement of the teaching quality.

Top Reasons to Study in the FH Campus Wien

  • FH Campus Wein encourages students to work autonomously and practices an innovative teaching approach that shifts from theory base to practice-oriented teaching practices along with cultural and responsible teaching perspectives.
  • The University of a research-oriented teaching and training process for the overall development of the students.
  • With a wide variety of departments at the intersection of disciplines, expanded on the position of multidisciplinary research teams where quality of every research and student is ensured.

Cost of Studying at FH Campus Wien

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Living expenses

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Rankings for The FH Campus Wien

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FH campus Wien is a well known University of applied science which holds the country rank of 32 and world rank of 4159. 

According to the scientific index, University holds 72 positions in the country and 1864 rank in Europe.

Admissions at The FH Campus Wien

How to Apply at FH Campus Wien

Some of the simple guidelines to apply for admission at FH campus Wein are as follow:

  • Students need to choose the educational program through the official website.
  • Fill the details with authentic information.
  • Submit the transcripts that might be required during the application procedure.
  • Once the application is approved, students will get the notification from the university itself.

Documents Required to Apply to FH Campus Wien

The admission requirement for the campus admission process consists of a long list of documents based on educational qualification and other government proofs 

  • Higher education entrance qualification certificate 
  • School leaving certificate
  • Equivalent certification from abroad
  • Secondary school vocational certificate 
  • University entrance qualification examination results and score
  • Relevant professional qualification with additional examinations
  • Fluent knowledge of the basic German language on level B2 is supposed to be the minimum and respectively C1 according to(CEFR)Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Other documents required at the time of online application 

  • Proof of residence
  • School leaving certificates
  • university entrance examination score
  • verification of professional qualifications
  • Letter of motivation for reference
  • CV in table form

Exams Accepted By the University

Some of the exam accepted by the FH Campus Wien are:

Exams Accepted



Reading and Writing


Standardized Test Scores


Standardized Test Scores


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FH Campus Wein has an alumni group that has the main concern to connecting all the alumni together. Moreover, the alumni also share their success story that motivates the newly admitted students to a great extent. Nancy Pelaez, Mario Trutzenberger, and Sonja Koban are some of the notable alumni of FH Campus Wein.


Number of campuses the university has

Campus locations

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Transportation in the city

The most widely used means of transportation in the city is either bus or subway. Therefore, the student can use bus number 15A, 7A and N67, and subway U1 for reaching the FH Campus Wein.  Some of the stations that come up through the route are Branntweiner, Trafik, Brigittenau, and Hernals. Moreover, the students can always use the Moovit app to travel through.

Services offered by the university

A self-supporting student is provided with a grand authority for an additional grant for a scholarship where the application is obligatory for beneficiaries under the program. The University has several grants and scholarships available for students studying at FH campus Wien including student grants, family allowances, merit scholarships, and housing benefits. 

The student grants are provided to the student that meets the criteria of being legally entitled by the Austrian study grant authority. Some of the groups that are entitled to the student grants are 

  • Underprivileged students with sufficient work experience
  • Students whose parents are deceased
  • Students with children

There are several sets of pre-conditions that are to be followed by every individual who is eligible or entitled for the grant. 

The pre-condition includes social eligibility for funding, satisfactory progress in the academic year, additional earnings, and several others.

Student life

The center is a home for academic education and research in Austria, which also offers students a high quality of life.  Along with basic education and research facilities the university provides every student with accommodation facilities in a friendly city and an environment meant to promote education and cultural wellness. The campus offers other housing services where among the options available for accommodation students can choose from privately rented apartments, shared apartments, dormitories etc. 

The University has a vibrant campus full of opportunities that can be explored with its basic inclination towards discipline and a responsibly professional future.


University Faculty Stats

The University has a well-designed and responsible set of faculty that is responsible for the academic aspects of the campus. In this University the services and facilities under the board of management are divided into several sections. Still, academic and international affairs is handled by University professor Dr. Arthur Mettinger. The university's academic development is maintained by a set of teaching support representing the council and the faculty. The faculty is responsible for the implementation and organization of lectures and examinations that are basically controlled by the University council. Still, the degree programs and other research staff collectively work as a unit for the establishment modification and any discontinuation of program or advanced training courses. The faculty-to-student ratio of FH Campus Wein is 18:1.


Research opportunities at university

Students from all around the world are said to choose from more than 60 bachelor's and masters degrees available along with several other programs and master courses in the departments of applied life science, building and designs, health science etc and several other research-based teaching programs.

Internship opportunities (Part time job opportunities)

The FH Campus Wein provides several internship opportunities for the students. These internship opportunities help them to grow and enhance their confidence and knowledge and experience in the field of job in real-world challenges. Moreover, there are certain clubs and organisation that helps these students prepare their resume and practice the interview session.

Placement - Companies and average salaries offered

The campus is Austria's largest University for applied science where the university allows you  to create a set of professional skills and gain some exciting opportunities and experience.  The university brings in deep knowledge about culture and countries, broadening the horizons of possibilities for graduate internships and other placement opportunities abroad.





Favoritenstraße 226, 1100 Wien, Austria

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1. Are online courses or distance learning opportunities available ? 
The University offers several kinds of distance learning courses for students in business management, engineering and technology, and even environmental studies and Earth science. It isn't to provide a professional environment for students to continue to enhance the lecture process and take responsibility for committing to the process of teaching and learning, by shifting from theory-based to practice-oriented teaching.

2. Research opportunities for on and off-campus students ? 
The university is known as one of the largest universities for applied science in Austria which provides a wide variety of departments offering research oriented teaching and development. 

Campus focuses at the intersection of discipline to the further expansion of position ensuring the quality of research oriented teaching and establishing a multi disciplinary research team in partnership with the industry and public sector. 

3. What are the major parts of the question in the written selection test ? 
The precise content for the written selection test always depends on the program being chosen but in general it includes 

  • general knowledge 
  • logical reasoning
  • scientific and technical knowledge
  • Subject specific knowledge
  • And questions on professional fields

In the case of a bachelor's degree in occupational therapy logopedics, audiology orthopedics and physiotherapy after a written test selected students are invited to proceed with the other process of practical selection tests and interviews.

4. Where to find other information related to college? 
On the college website under the online info session section the university provides a recorded information session in English about the admission procedure and the present status of the degree programs or courses along with the 360° virtual tour of the campus.

5. What is the faculty-to-faculty ratio of FH Campus Wein?
The faculty-to-student ratio of FH Campus Wein is 18:1.