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Prepare the students for research and professional practice in an era of rapidly advancing interdisciplinary technology. The program combines individual depth of experience and competence in a particular chosen major specialty, and a strong background in the basic and engineering sciences, with laboratory and design experience. It strives to develop
professional independence, creativity, leadership, and the capacity for continuing professional and intellectual growth, and provide for students a depth of competence and experience in their major field, sufficient strength in the basic sciences to allow them to continue self-education after their formal training has been completed, and the motivation and training to keep them in the forefront of their field through a long and productive career. Students are encouraged to explore work in interdisciplinary areas both within and outside the division, and to gain experience in teaching.


  • Graduate mechanical engineering core (54 units).
  • Mathematics, engineering, and research electives (54 units).
  • Students who have not taken the equivalent of ACM 1 00 abc are required to take ACM 100 abc for 36 units.
  • Courses may be taken in Ae, AM, ACM, ME, MS, EE, ESE, APh, CDS, CS, ChE, and CNS.
  • Students are encouraged to take research units, ME 300, up to a maximum of 27.
  • Free electives (27 units). These units may be selected from any course with a number of 100 or greater, except that research units may not be included.
  • Graduate Engineering Seminar, AM/CE/ME 1 50 abc (3 units).

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24 Months

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Academic Pre-Requisites

  • outstanding four-year undergraduate program in mathematics and sciences
  • GRE scores (optional)
  • letters of recommendation
  • qualifications of each applicant will be considered individually, and, after being enrolled, the student will arrange his or her program in consultation with a member of the faculty. Each student's program must be approved by the advisor and option representative in mechanical engineering before registering for the course


A minimum of 138 units of courses numbered 1 00 or above, that meet the required master's program must be passed with a grade of at least C for completion of the master's degree in mechanical engineering. All units must be taken for grades, except for courses offered only on a pass/fail basis. The degree of Master of Science in mechanical engineering is only awarded to students who do not already have an M.S. degree in mechanical engineering. The degree will be awarded upon request by students who have fulfilled the requirements. Only in exceptional cases is there admission to the M.S. program as the final degree objective.

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