Neeraj Murali

a month ago

Texas A&M, College Station vs University of Southern California for MS in Data Science

I have received admits from both TAMU and USC for MS in Data Science and MS in Applied Data Science respectively. Which university should I choose?


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Neeraj Murali Author

a month ago

Thanks for the info

Ketan Patil Mentor_tag

a month ago

Hi, The coursework should be your top priority. Check which one aligns more with your interests and goals. Both schools are pretty similar in terms of academics and professor quality. If budget is your concern and you want a solid return on investment then I would suggest you to go with TAMU MS DS. TAMU MS DS is a new program but with a lot of potential. Living expenses cheap compared to USC. ... See more

Himani Varshney

a month ago

What is the i20 amount for TAMU MS DS?

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Siva Kesava Reddy

a month ago

Both are very good Universities & among world's top 100 universities USC is ahead Final decision is yours Best of luck 😉 See more