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Study abroad with low GPA

If you want to study abroad with a low GPA, you may not have your pick of the crop when it comes to program selection.
Most study abroad programs require a minimum of a 3.0 GPA, and programs accepting students with a GPA under 2.5 are rare.
GPA is indeed one of the key screening factors that universities look for, but, there are other ways to compensate for it.

So, what’s a GPA?

The GPA (Grade Point Average) is one of the most crucial factors used by universities to assess your academic performance in your previous institution. GPA is sought mostly by US universities and is graded on 4 points. Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) on the other hand is required by universities around the world and is graded on 10 points

So how LOW is low?

This is something that differs from university to university and country to country. However, on a general note, US universities require a GPA of 3 on 4 (below 2.8 considered really low) and other countries require a CGPA of 6.5-7 on 10 (below 4.5 considered very low).

How do you make up for a low GPA?

- Your GPA isn’t the ONLY deciding factor when it comes to university admissions. You need to give utmost importance to the other components too.
- There are many students with low GPA who have found their ways into universities abroad.

Here are a few options you could give a shot at :

- Ace your GRE/GMAT
- Hands-on work experience
- Highlight your core module
- Write a compelling personal statement
- Improve your resume

Here’s a list of popular universities that accept students with low GPA and assess their overall profile.
You may stand 60-80% chance in these top universities :

- Adelphi University
- University of Bridgeport (if your work experience is good, they will take you)
- Merrimack College
- Texas A & M University Corpus Christi
- Albany State University

UK :
- Cardiff Metropolitan University
- Leeds Beckett University
- University of Sunderland
- Liverpool John Moores University
- London Metropolitan University

Canada :
- University of Regina (UREGINA)
- King's University College.
- Camosun College.
- Vancouver Community College.
- Conestoga College.

Europe :
- Technische Universiteit Delft
- Trinity College Dublin (University of Dublin)
- Politecnico di Milano
- Université de Genève
- Université de Lille

Australia :
- Monash University
- University of Canberra

Hope this helps! :)

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Amaan Ahmad

2 months ago

Akriti Mam....I am a bca second year bachelor student (4th semester) ccsu meerut affiliated current cgpa is 61.17 percent with 4 backlogs can i do ms (cs) in usa with Full scholarship...?🤔 See more


Sara Pal

2 months ago

What is the exact formula behind converting a CGPA out of 10 to a 4.0 scale?


Kunal Singh

2 months ago

Low GPA also creates issue in visa interview


Lahari Sri

2 months ago

How to calculate GPA ?


Suneel Shetty

2 months ago

Hi Akriti, I too have a low percentage of 59 in my bachelor's. About my profile :- I have total 5 year of work exp in Development currently working as senior software engineer well known product based company previous to this i worked for 2MNCS. So now i m planning to do master's as i have good experience in dev thinking to move to managerial positions. So can you please suggest which course (... See more