Kaushal Kumar Agarwal

Kaushal Kumar Agarwal

3 months ago

Need Help In Selecting University Offer

Hey folks! Degree opted for - M.S. in Computer Science 2 years Currently I have 2 offers with me. 1. University Of Melbourne 2. Rice University I am confused between choosing the correct offer for me, since one is in Australia and other is in US. Moreover Rice University is costly with respect to Melbourne University. Goal - To get the highest salary IT job after completing masters and return to India after few years of work experience and money. I am still waiting for the offers from few Universities listed below: 1. Michigan Ann Arbor which is my top priority. 2. Texas A&M College Station, if it's US vs Aus, then Texas is same cost as compared to Melbourne. Only ranking matters here. 3. CU Boulder University, which I think is mow not a good offer for me as per my current offers. Can someone please arrange for me the order in which I should give preference to Universities offers. Please mention a short reason as well. Thanks & Regards, Kaushal #ms #computer #computerScience #universityselection #USA #Australia #melbourne #riceuni #rice #texas #gradschool #jobs #universityshortlisting

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