Varun Gawande

15 days ago

MSCS Fall 23 Uni Suggestions for 8.5+ CGPA

Hi My profile is the following: CGPA 8.56 Work Experience 1 year(2 by the time Fall 23 rolls around) Gre 323 Toefl around 100 I’m expecting Research Papers 2(One international journal, one IEEE) Projects 3-4 I’m curious about what other things I can leverage in my profile. Any uni recommendations/tips are appreciated.

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Vijaya Lakshmi K Mentor_tag

15 days ago

Hello Varun, Here is a list of US universities that you can look into for CS - 1) Pennsylvania State University 2) University of Washington 3) Arizona State University 4) University of California, Riverside 5) University of Missouri, Kansas City 6) University of Illinois at Chicago Further, you can use the Yocket College finder tool - to get a persona... See more