Achyuth Arien

15 days ago

F1 VISA rejected

My F1 VISA got rejected today. Can I reapply after few days may be a week or so? If yes, What are the chances that my visa would be approved ? Can someone please suggest on this?


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A D Mentor_tag

13 days ago

Hi, According to the US embassy's official statement - “Later in the summer from August 15 to September 1, around 15,000 appointments will be available for people who have either been refused this summer or last year,” You can check the "india . com" website for the interview deatils. See more

Smoky Zz Mentor_tag

14 days ago

Hi Achyuth according To latest News From Embassy there's still chances for the F-1 Rejects to get a slot but the slots for rejects will only be released for dates in month of august and you have to wait till maybe mid of July. The Probability of approval only lies in Your approach and Confidence and Changes you make in Ds-160. You Can Book a free consultation with a yocket Representative ht See more