Arshita Kaur

8 days ago

am a computer science undergraduate and my CGPA is 8.4 (till 5th sem)+ One researcher paper and IELTS score 7.5. Which Canadian universities can I get for a master’s program?


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Rajat Nidoni

8 days ago

Try University of Toronto. University of Waterloo, McGill University, McMaster. Gmtry to get you CGPA above 8.5 and write an SOP so amazing that it negates the effect of low CGPA. If you SOP is amazing then you will have a chance. I have personally seen people getting into University of Toronto with 8.5 CGPA, but with 1st class SOP. So understand your profile and your scores. And prepare according... See more

Sanika Udhoji Mentor_tag

8 days ago

Hi Arshita, You can check out these universities for CS in Canada: 1) Carleton University: 2) Dalhousie University: 3) University of Victoria: 4) Unive... See more