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How to Calculate SGPA for International Students: How to Convert SGPA to Percentage?

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Every country uses different scoring methods to calculate student grades like CGPA, GPA, percentage, etc. One such method is SGPA. But what is SGPA? Semester Grade Point Average or SGPA is a score bestowed to the students based on their course work or subject performance at the end of each semester. This 10-point scale system is calculated as the weighted average of all the grade points students have achieved throughout their semester. 

Besides, a good SGPA is crucial for getting a high CGPA and securing a seat in a reputed university for further education. But how can one calculate an SGPA, a CGPA from SGPA, or a percentage from SGPA? Let’s explore this article to understand these calculations and conversions in-depth. 

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How to Calculate SGPA?

Now you know that SGPA directly impacts the calculation of final scores. So if you are planning to pursue higher education abroad, you must know how to calculate SGPA. Let’s learn how to calculate SGPA from marks with these basic steps and an example. 

  • Calculate the credit point for each subject. Credit points signify a student’s study load. Every subject is assigned a number of credit points, depending on the hours a student spends studying it. Besides, every course requires a student to complete a certain number of credit points as part of their final examination process. 

Assumption of Credit points in the subjects:

Subject A: 2

Subject B: 3

Subject C: 3

  • Next, the students need to determine the grade points in each subject. Grade points depict students' performance assessment in a given course, demonstrating their knowledge. 

Assumption of Grade Points in each subject: 

Subject A: 9

Subject B: 7.8

Subject C: 8

  • Now, multiply the credit point of each subject by the grade points of that particular subject. 

Multiplication of Credit Points with Grade Points:

Subject A: 2*9 = 18

Subject B: 3*7.8 = 23.4

Subject C: 3*8 = 24

  • Next, you have to add the products calculated for each subject and divide this sum by the aggregate of all the credit points to get your SGPA. 

Sum of all the products: 18 + 23.4 + 24 = 65.4

Aggregate of all the credit points: 2 + 3 + 3 = 8

SGPA calculation formula= Sum of all the products/ Aggregate of credit points = 65.4/8 = 8.175

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Now you know how to calculate SGPA. Next, let’s explore the difference between CGPA and SGPA. 

What is the Difference Between CGPA and SGPA

Cumulative Grade Point Average or CGPA, is a prominent method of score calculation in colleges and schools used at the end of the academic year. Following is the difference between CGPA and SGPA. 

  1. The main difference between the two is that CGPA is calculated at the end of the academic year/ or the end of the complete course, whereas SGPA is calculated at the end of each semester/session. 
  2. CGPA is used as the major grading system by universities/ schools, whereas SGPA is part of that grading system. 
  3. Performance in SGPA can directly impact the calculation of CGPA. 

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This information must have clarified the difference between CGPA and SGPA. Next, let’s explore how to convert SGPA to CGPA. 

How to Convert SGPA to CGPA?

CGPA can be termed as the collective SGPA scores in each semester calculated at the end of the academic year. To determine the CGPA, first, a student needs to average all the subjects each semester to find SGPA. Once calculated, add all the averages of each semester and divide the sum by the number of semesters or sessions. Let’s understand this conversion with the help of an example: 

Formula on how to calculate CGPA from SGPA: Sum of the SGPAs of all semesters in an academic year/ Number of semesters

Say a student scores 8 and 9 SGPA in two semesters, respectively. His/her CGPA would be: 8 + 9/ 2 = 8.5. 

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This calculation clearly states how to convert SGPA to CGPA. Next, let’s check out how to calculate percentage from SGPA. 

How to Convert SGPA to Percentage?

Many colleges globally ask for a certain percentage cutoff to take admission to a particular course. However, if your results are in CGPA or SGPA, you must know how to convert them to percentages. This will help you avoid miscalculations and apply for a particular program without delay. The simple formula to convert SGPA into percentage is

SGPA into Percentage Formula = (SGPA*10) - 7.5

Example: If you have to calculate the SGPA of a single semester into a percentage, say the SGPA is 8: (8*10) - 7.5 = 82.5%

However, if you wish to convert two semester’s SGPA to percentage, say the SGPAs are 8 and 7.5, first calculate the average: 8 + 7.5/ 2 = 7.25

Next, apply the SGPA to percentage conversion formula: (7.25*10) - 7.5 = 65%

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Now you can easily convert your scores in SGPA, CGPA, and percentage. So do correct calculations, check for the university cutoff requirements, and apply to the courses accordingly. Note that international universities also have other criteria for admissions, like submitting a statement of purpose, letter of recommendation, resume/CV, aptitude test scores, English proficiency, and more. This process can seem a bit intimidating for first-time study abroad applicants. 

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