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What Happens in a Yocket Meetup

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Yocket conducts a number of events all round the year for such as webinars, pre-departure orientations, counselling weeks and Meetups on various topics ranging from GRE/TOEFL preparation seminars to pre-departure orientations.

Yocket meetups are mega yocket events conducted twice a year in various cities across India so that you can meetup with founders of Yocket, industry experts, counsellors and past students. The motive behind these meetups is to keep you updated with the recent trends and changes in finer details of study abroad process. Similarly the recent Yocket meetup, which took place in Mumbai and Pune during the first week of July, for Fall/Spring 2018 students was aimed at bringing the Yocket community closer.




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Yocket meetup in Mumbai and Pune:

The main agenda for this meetup was to address the Trump factor which has created quite a buzz. Since the USA elections in November 2016, there have been many questions regarding education for Indian students in USA. Under such circumstances it was important to have a meetup for Fall/Spring 2018 students to make the current situation crystal clear and inform them about the numerous job and educational opportunities that still exist for them in USA. This meetup was aimed at addressing both, students and parents. Yocket had collaborated with Imperial Overseas education consultants for organising this meetup.


The agenda for this meetup was: 


  • Job opportunities for Indians in USA after Trump’s election.
  • Changes in CPT-OPT period after Trump’s election.
  • Changes in H1B Visa guidelines after Trump’s election.
  • Discussion about USA education vis-a-vis Canada, Australia, Germany, Sweden Etc.
  • Guidance on finance, scholarship and university shortlisting for USA  


The two hour meetup was divided into two halves. A speaker session took place during the first one hour where industry experts and counsellors addressed the students. An interactive question and answer session took place during the second half where students as well as parents could get their queries answered by our experts. 


Our panel of industry experts and counsellors included Hiren Rathod who completed his Bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from Sardar Patel College of Engineering, Mumbai in 2010. He then pursued his masters in Industrial Engineering from Clemson University, USA in 2010. Since then he has been counselling students for studying abroad and is one of the best counsellors in Mumbai and Pune.


The other expert counsellors who addressed the students were Banit Singh Sawhney, Ankur Rupani, Shardul Chirmule, Rajiv Bose, Anagha Bailur and Sonali Palkar.


The meetups in both, Mumbai and Pune got a tremendous response. More than 250 students and parents attended these meetups.



Audience questions and answers:


The interactive Question and Answer session proved to be very useful for students as well as parents. Here are some of the questions that were asked: 


  1. What are the current job prospects for Indians in US?
  2. Does work experience help in getting university admits?
  3. What is the scope for MBA in finance in top US universities?
  4. What is the procedure to get an educational loan and repay it?
  5. What are the job prospects for courses other than Computer science/ Information Technology
  6. What is the ROI for business analytics / finance / management
  7. Which University Rankings to trust?
  8. What’s the difference between CPT and OPT?
  9. What is the ideal time to take GRE and TOEFL?
  10. Do backlogs matter while applying to top US universities?
  11. How should our equation with the boss / superior in the company be for getting a LOR? 


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