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Is the TOEFL Essentials Test the avant-garde of TOEFL iBT?

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Bringing in the future of modern testing, ETS recently launched the TOEFL Essentials Test. Calling it the ‘World’s New Cutting-edge English-language Assessment’, it is informed that ETS intends to facilitate a balanced academic and non-academic, General English testing. Thus, TOEFL Essentials will examine students' literary knowledge as well as test their English communication skills which is an integral part of student internships and interviews. 

As announced by ETS, registrations for TOEFL Essentials commence from June 17, 2021. The first batch of test-takers will be able to give the test on August 21, 2021.

What to expect from TOEFL Essentials?


The TOEFL Essentials test mainly focuses on the four important English skills of - 

  1. Listening

  2. Reading

  3. Speaking

  4. Writing

In order to achieve an overall testing, the key factors in place for the paper are:


Content of the paper: 50% academic and 50% general English.

Format: Multistage adaptive format with short, fast-paced tasks that adjust based on skill level.

Length: 90 mins

Location: Can be taken at home with the best-in-class human proctored security provided by ProctorU®. 

Features: Instant Reading and Listening scores upon test completion by MyBest ® scores and free, unlimited score reports.

Test fees: Expected to be between USD100–120.

Scoring: TOEFL Essentials scores are reported as bands.

  • Each Section Score: 1–12, reported in full bands

  • Overall Score: 1–12, reported in half bands (average of section scores)

  • Venturing into the future of testing, TOEFL Essentials test will require students to submit a short video recording along with their tests. In the video, applicants’ will be expressing themselves and showcasing their individuality. However, the video is Unscored. 

  • With the video feature added to the test, Universities can now know candidates personally.  

  • The test will also provide detailed insights of candidates to Universities by providing them with the samples of the applicant’s Writing and Speaking test answers.

Since the exam is new, not all the Universities have signed up to accept TOEFL Essentials as an entry exam. So, if you’re excited to attend this 90 minute English test, please confirm with the University you’re interested in applying regarding the status of TOEFL Essentials.


REMEMBER: TOEFL Essentials is NOT an alternative to TOEFL iBT. Ensure to check with the Universities you wish to apply for the accepted eligibility Exam.


Can I take the TOEFL Essentials any time I want at home?

No. TOEFL Essentials will only be offered 1 day a week when it launches in August. Eventually, ETS will incorporate opening up more days of the week with a goal of offering the test at least 3 days a week.

For more information regarding TOEFL Essentials check out their official website on ETS.

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