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The young Indian’s vision

Vineel Chandra

NOTE: The below views/statistics are indicative. Perceptions may vary from person-to-person.

I used to think that only the geniuses go abroad for pursuing further studies, when I was in 10th grade. Also till recent times, I’ve had a notion that only rich people can go there for graduation or jobs. At both the stages, I was proven wrong, partly. I say partly because, being a gem is not a compulsion, but definitely an advantage as scholarships embrace whiz kids. And most importantly, there are bunches of examples of middle-class aspirants who go, study abroad, land in their dream job with flying colors.

There are 1.5 million engineering pass outs in India every year. Some plan for further studies (like MBA, M.Tech and MS) while others try for jobs. If we look at the job-side, a recent survey says that over 80% engineering graduates in India are not getting into jobs of their field and interest. I don’t want to go much into that, as my article is something different and desiring. Coming to ours, every MS aspirant like me dreams to study abroad to lead an easier life further, an enhanced lifestyle and make money in dollars.

I asked many of my seniors who are presently doing their master’s and who have done with it. Almost all said one thing in common- Go for Master’s only if you are interested in it and have pure love for the subject. This line may sound simple, but it matters, seriously. A wish to patent something that really contributes to the world is the main drive that should be present in mind and heart of an MS aspirant. Otherwise, Master’s degree will go as a waste, in my view. My question-Why are you going for it? I got some replies like:-

“ Arre yaar, lifetime earning and wahan ka lifestyle. Parties non-stop! Isliye karna h bas!”

“ Aur padhna h, research karna h, bahut interesting subject h , aur US mei scope h…isliye chodna nahi!”

“ My boyfriend/girlfriend is going there. I can’t live without him/her.”

Believe me, the last one is true and happens! And the first one is common and likely to be there in some irresponsible and immature young minds. Keeping these aimless motives aside, second reply was somewhat right and aspiring. So, choose your line of career after 12th as it is first chance. Do not let this decision screw everything!

The main quality of a master’s pursuing learner is that he should be really passionate towards work, so that one could understand why a Master’s degree would help, just by looking at him!

After all…life is nothing but running after cash, status and above all…SELF-ACTUALISATION!


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