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Australian Government’s New Career Matcher Tool For Foreign Students

Rohan Deshmukh

In yet another step towards attracting more international students, including Indians, the Australian government is now offering a new student engagement tool that will help aspirants zero in on the right course and career for them.

The Study Australia Career Matcher will help students find the most suitable courses in Australia.

What The Tool Is About

Aspirants interested to study in Australian universities can get help in selecting courses and careers as per their personality, potential, strengths and interests.

Students will also get a customised report based on the assessment after using the tool, recommending possible careers and jobs that match their strengths.

The assessment will be in the form of a quiz with a personalised 14-page Study Australia career personality report, and custom engineering, technology and study guide reports. 

“It is aimed at instilling confidence among the students about their career choices as it creates a positive self-image and awareness of their capabilities and employability skills,” says an official from the Australian government.

The new and unique algorithm is delivered in association with My Career Match, which was launched in 2007 and has been used by more than 1,200 institutions within Australia and other countries. This has also benefited around a million students with their career paths and decisions. About 4,750 combinations are used along with responses from students to arrive at the suitable career and course matches based on 16 personality types.

The recent initiative is under the current Digital Education Hub and Employability Hub programs by the Australian government to encourage more international students to study in Australia

Key Highlights

  • Indian students had a 17% share with 99,523 students in Australia in a total of 568,746 students for the January-November 2021 period, as per official data
  • Management and commerce, information technology, health, engineering, society and culture, natural and physical sciences are the popular courses taken by international students in Australia
  • The new and unique algorithm is delivered in association with My Career Match, which was launched in 2007  

How Tech-Driven Tools Can Make A Difference

Technology can help students make more informed decisions about courses and careers. With several reputed universities offering thousands of course choices, it becomes extremely difficult for aspirants to be aware of all options and to explore them in detail. “Simple tools that allow students to filter courses as per their personality and interests can be very helpful in such cases,” says Kashyap Matani, co-founder, Yocket. 

Elaborating on how the findings or assessment from these tech-driven tools can facilitate the decision-making for students and also help institutions, Matani says the findings help clueless students get started with exploring some of the career options which they were, perhaps, unaware of earlier. “They make it easier for students to make the right choice by narrowing down the options to those most suitable to their preference and interest. When students make a better decision to apply to a certain course, institutions receive more suitable profiles to evaluate,” he adds. 

And when the right students get into the right careers and courses, it’s a win-win for both - students studying something of their interest are more likely to succeed at their institution and career.

How to Use the Australia Career Matcher Tool 

Step 1: Visit the official Australia Career Matcher Tool website at

Step 2: Enter details such as first name, last name, email and location. 

Step 3: Now, you will have to participate in a quiz on the website to find the careers and courses best suited for you. 

Step 4: You will receive the complete report on your e-mail id from

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