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Study Abroad Guide For Parents: Let’s Address All Your Concerns About Studying Abroad

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Are you concerned about your child’s study abroad aspiration? Are you worried about their dreams? we get you! You definitely are not alone in your journey. This is a common concern among many parents. Addressing the same, we’ve put together a short-smart guide to walk you through your child’s study abroad journey. Read this blog to get answers to the most sought after concerns parents have about their child studying abroad.

There is no doubt in saying that studying abroad provides excellent opportunities for your child to learn. However, to arrive at the first step of decision-making, many youngsters need their parents’ support. So, as parents, if you are thinking about your child’s aspirations. An open dialogue discussing the possibilities will help.

We often underestimate the power of positive re-enforcement, as parents if you stand with them in this phase, they will grow stronger and remain grateful for your affection. But, the main concern of actually letting your child go might arise a very important question - ‘Why study abroad?’


Why Should You Let Your Child Study Abroad?

Studying abroad will have a long-term impact on your child’s life. Studying abroad is more than just academics and a career, he/she is exposed to new cultures, experiences, lifestyles, skills, global friendships and much more.

Even on days, your child might have to write a challenging test abroad, they will still be responsible to work part-time or bringing in groceries for dinner. This will automatically teach them lessons of punctuality, time management and responsibility. While life lessons are a valid reason for sending your child abroad, here are five life-altering benefits of studying abroad that are hard to ignore:

5 Life-Altering Benefits Of Studying Abroad

The best things come when you step out of your comfort zone, you must have heard this line very often. But, this time you are dealing with a situation where your child is out of his/her comfort zone. But, you’re the one who’s facing discomfort. To deal with this, look at the 5 rewarding benefits of studying abroad that will ensure your child’s success:

1. Global Connections

Global friendships are one of the most rewarding aspects of studying abroad. Many of these bonds last long even after students have returned home. Your child will build connections, develop networks across the globe. This is a very interesting and exciting journey to embark on. Meeting new people from other countries facilitates the exchange of cultures and personal growth. Therefore, your child will establish a global career.

2. Second Language

Intercultural competence and second language ability are two qualities that businesses today increasingly require. Studying overseas will help them learn new languages, putting them at the top of their game in today's competitive job market.

Along with this, your children will also experience a mix of cultures, make memories and gather exciting stories for life.

3. Confidence And Independence

Meeting different kinds of people, experiencing strange meals or learning to board a new metro system are all part of the adventure! Students frequently return home with a well-deserved sense of self-assurance in their abilities to solve problems and adapt to life's obstacles. This ability of confidence helps them in developing Entrepreneurial leadership skills.

So, let your child spread their wings as wide as they can and conquer all heights!

4. Money Management

If life lessons, experiences and friends weren’t enough reasons for you. This reason will certainly justify the decision. When your child takes on his/her own life they are responsible for their own expenditure, making them mindful about where they spend and how much they spend.  A sense of money management is sought and might I say, even financial advisors might be astonished by the exactness of spending of an international student.

5. Pool Of Opportunities

An added advantage of studying abroad is that your child has a pool of opportunities to choose from. Be it in their home country or abroad, they are choose to work anywhere they wish to. This makes achieving a successful career easy and rewarding with options.


Parental Duties: 6 Things Parents Must Do To Support Their Child’s Study Abroad Plans

We believe you are truly determined to be the backbone of your child during this wonderful time of their life, as every parent out there should be. But, how can you make this a better experience for your child? Let’s talk about that:

1. Discuss Goals

Sit with your child and brainstorm on the whole idea of going overseas to study. Seek answers to important questions to make sure your child is serious about studying abroad. Some of the important questions you can address are:

  • Why does your child want to fly abroad?
  • Which degree or program are they interested in?
  • Which country has the best courses for that particular subject?
  • Is your child’s desired country within the budget?

To be able to counsel and encourage your child, you must first understand what they are looking for in their career and ultimately in their life. If you are finding it difficult to find answers to these questions, consult an expert to help your child conquer their dreams.

2. Present A Realistic Picture

Studying abroad isn’t just about fancy architecture and picnics. It is about cleaning up and making your own meal. It is about taking part-time jobs for extra pocket money. These are realistic situations you should make your child aware of. Address the difficulties your child might face and encourage them to overcome them. The general idea is to "be as specific as possible". Prepare them in advance.

3. Health Is A Priority

Make sure your child is taking all sorts of medical precautions before flying abroad. This might mean taking a general physical examination, a dental examination or seeking a mental health professional. Make sure they have all of the necessary vaccinations and boosters too.

4. Stay On Top Of All Information

Invest time in researching about the courses they're interested in, the universities they've mentioned and the type of lifestyle they'd prefer. Also, check out the course material your child is interested in, the university culture and international housing choices. Starting from accommodation to lifestyle make sure you check every aspect of their life abroad.

5. Estimate The Expenses

Having an estimation of the costs of sending your child overseas would help in making a more informed decision. However, you need to include more than just the tuition amount in your budget. Don't forget to include other costs like accommodation, food, health insurance, communication, and travel!

6. Keep in touch

It is important to maintain contact with your child while they are away from home, as transitioning into a new country can be difficult.Video call them, ask them how their day was, and of course the classic ‘’Did you eat?’’ question.Before they're properly settled, they'll need both your emotional support and your guidance.


Use Yocket Services To Help Your Child

Yocket focuses on your child’s study abroad experience as you would have. Be it talking to experts or students abroad, Here are 3 best Yocket features to help your child’s study abroad journey:

1. Yocket Community:

Yocket has a vast study abroad student community. Most study abroad aspirants are on the Yocket forum to help each other during and after their application process. This means that you will be able to get in touch with students abroad using the forum. 

2. Course Finder:

If you aren’t sure about which course will best suit your child, you can use Yocket’s course finder. The course finder helps you learn about all the options you have in the particular field.

3. Discussion Forum:

Another forum that students find to be very helpful on Yocket is the discussion forum. This forum allows anyone to pose queries they might have about studying abroad. Students or experts answer these questions and help you out.

In case you aren’t comfortable posing out your questions on the forum, you can have a FREE 15 min call with a Yocket professional.

After going through this trouble, your child will be eternally thankful that you have supported them throughout their study abroad experience.

Furthermore, you might be startled by the level of maturity displayed by the individual standing in front of you at the airport. But, then they'll ask if you cooked their favourite chicken curry that they had so eagerly waited to devour, and they'll fall asleep in their childhood bed beside their childhood soft toy. When you look in on them, you'll see that it was all worth it and that they're still your baby, no matter how well-travelled they grow.

This is the sense of relief and achievement that your child needs to champion. So, as parents support their dream but talking to a counsellor today!

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