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Student Life in Germany : 8 Attributes That Affect International Student Life in Germany

Sumeet Jain

Germany is a paradise for study abroad aspirants.  Germany’s excellent education system offering degrees in numerous fields from top ranked universities at extremely affordable rates with innumerable job opportunities is something that attracts students from all over the world. Apart from a brilliant education system, Germany has a lot to offer when it comes to quality of life for international students. The picturesque landscapes, beautiful architecture, advanced technology and a rich cultural heritage ensure that the students who visit the country have a magnificent overall experience! Keep reading the blog till the end to find out more about life in Germany for Indian students and other international students!

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How is International Student Life in Germany?

Living in a different country teaches you to make new connections, handle your own finances and carry out daily chores effectively. This makes you an extremely capable and independent individual. Your student life in Germany will also be something like this. It will be full of learnings, experiences, fun and adventure.

Take a look at some of the common factors that influence life in Germany for Indian students and other international students.

1.  The German Culture

Germany has a rich cultural heritage. It’s culture is highly influenced by its  history and the culture of neighbouring countries like Austria and Switzerland. Germany is all about reason and logic and the residents are expected to respect this order and structure.

Germany is well known for Good beer (Oktoberfest), delicious sausages, hiking, the ‘Oom-Pah’ folk music and holiday making. There are various festivals and activities which take place in Germany throughout the year where international students can have a lot of fun! Living in Germany as a student can definitely be a thrilling experience. You will surely love German culture!

2.  The German Lifestyle  & City Life

The German lifestyle is all about work life balance. The average working week in Germany is around 35-40 hours, which is the lowest in Europe. However, the productivity is quite high. Germans work dedicatedly while at work and while they are not working, they enjoy various leisure activities.

For students living in German cities, the night-life is very happening and lively. You will get to savour the German food and drinks. Meat in Germany is very popular and is typically eaten with bread and potatoes. Dining out is also an activity that most Germans indulge in. So you will find various wonderful restaurants, cafes, street food, fast foods etc.

When it comes to drinks, the most popular drink in Germany is Beer followed by Wine, Schnapps and Brandy. Alcohol consumption in Germany is fairly high and is enjoyed in both bars and at home.

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3.  The Weather in Germany

Germany enjoys all the 4 seasons throughout the year. The summers are warm, and winters are cold where temperatures can drop below freezing. Fall and spring are the perfect balance between the two.

When the temperature in Germany goes above 30 degrees celsius, you can go to various cooling off places like lakes, beaches etc. The weather in Germany can be varied or unpredictable. However, you will get to enjoy all the 4 seasons in Germany for sure. Thus it is recommended that you carry clothes fit for all the seasons if you plan on staying in Germany for a year or more.

4.  Socialising in Germany

Since German people place a lot of importance on punctuality, structure and order, they might seem rude at first but they are really not. Germans are just direct, open and honest who will tell you things just the way they are without sugarcoating anything. But don't worry because you will soon be able to adapt to that nature of Germans.

The people in Germany value privacy and can be a bit conservative when it comes to socialising. So, it is recommended that you steer clear of taboo topics that may offend the Germans.

Overall, Germans may seem a bit intimidating at first but once you get to know them, you will realize that they are quite friendly and love getting to know new people and love spending time doing some fun activities!

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5.  Campus Life & Making Friends

Social life in Germany for students at the campus is definitely fun and memorable. You can meet a lot of people through festivals, carnivals, parties etc.

Your university might also arrange a lot of fun events wherein you can join various clubs, participate in sports or other events etc. There are students from various different countries in German universities so you will also get a chance to be friends with people from different nationalities.

As an international student, you will find that your professors or people you meet at your university are quite friendly and helpful who will gladly help you out if you get stuck somewhere. You can make a lot of friends in your university or if you decide to share an apartment with someone.

6.  Language Barrier in Germany

German is the official language of the country with more than 95% of the population speaking the language. Therefore, it is recommended that you understand some amount of German or learn some German to communicate effectively with the locals in Germany. This will make your life in Germany much easier.

Having said that, it does not mean that you will face a language barrier. As far as your professors and other staff in universities are concerned, they will understand English and have advanced proficiency in English so no worries there.

When it comes to speaking with locals, you may find that people in bigger cities of Germany like Berlin, Munich, Cologne etc speak English quite well so you wouldn’t face much problem there. However, if you go to a small town, it is recommended that you speak in German because not everyone will understand English over there. Moreover, learning German will anyway make life in Germany for students much easier.

7.  Exploration Opportunities

One of the best experiences of life in Germany for students is that you will have in Germany is that of travelling and expiration. The central location of the country will allow you to travel extensively around Europe. You can literally be in another country within a few hours.

Germany is well connected with other European countries. Infact, Germany shares land borders with 9 other countries. So you can easily travel to neighbouring countries or just enjoy beautiful places from Germany using the excellent public transportation system.

8.  Expenses in Germany

Expenses form an important part of international student life in Germany. It is estimated that students need 853 Euros per month to cover all the necessary expenses in Germany.

Students do not have to pay tuition fees for studying in most public universities in Germany. They only have to pay a semester of around EUR 200-350. Apart from education, students do have to pay for other necessary things like rent, food, transportation etc.

Take a look at the table below to get an overview of average cost of living in Germany -


Expenses per month


€200 - € 1100

Food and Drinks

€ 50 - € 150


€ 30 - € 90


€ 50 and upwards

Medical Expenses

€ 70 and upwards

Note: The costs mentioned here are just rough estimates and may vary depending on a lot of factors like location, university, lifestyle etc.

Students can always use various money saving hacks and look for part time jobs to get some extra income.

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