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Student Accommodation In Germany: How To Find Student Accommodation In Germany

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Germany has long been a preferred destination for international students who are looking to pursue their desired courses in this country since German institutions offer top-notch education, a diverse selection of courses, and an affordable cost of studying and living.

Students from other countries prioritize private housing. Moreover, Deutsches Studentenwerk estimates that just 9.45% of students in Germany live in dorms, whereas 50% prefer to live in shared apartments, double apartments, or family apartments, and about 18% live in single rooms along common corridors. Here in this blog, you will get to know student accommodation in Germany, student apartment berlin, etc.

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Types Of Student Accommodation In Germany

Rent is a significant expense for studying in Germany if you do not have a place to live there or if your family does not reside there. However, before learning about the different kinds of student accommodation in Germany, you should be aware that there are two different monthly rent options: Kaltmiete and Warmmiete.

  • The Kaltmiete also referred to as "basic rent," is the amount you will pay for rent alone.
  • Warmmiete, on the other hand, takes into account the cost of other expenses including gas, electricity, water, property taxes, and waste removal services in addition to the basic rent.

There are three types of student accommodation in Germany which are as follows:

1.  Student Residences (Hall of Residence):

Residence halls which are also known as student residences are one of the affordable student housing in Germany available for overseas students. Moreover, more than 40% of international students live in student apartments in Germany. The average cost of these kinds of residences may be around €250 per month, but it also depends on the area, size of the room, and other things.

There are many kinds of student residences available in Germany which may include:

  • single rooms,
  • couple apartments,
  • shared apartments,
  • single-parent households,
  • single apartments and
  • single room for disabled people in the housing community.

NOTE: The duration of the time for students to stay in a student accommodation Germany depends on the duration of the study program.

Steps To Get A Student Residence In Germany For International Students

  1. Students have to submit an online form on the webpage of the particular city's student union
  2. They will then receive an email showing the data of the applicant along with the deadline for submitting the matriculation certificate.
  3. They then have to submit their matriculation certificate within the deadline and after that, they will receive an email with an early notice. 
  4. They will receive an email with the offer of accommodations 'Festanschreiben'. The deadline will also be mentioned in the mail along with a debit authorization, the content of the lease agreement, and information about the in-charge administrative office for lease processes.
  5. Students then have to accept the offer and respond to the mail with the direct debit authorization if they like the offer.

2.  Private Accommodations:

International students can also choose to stay in private accommodations in Germany.

  • Private accommodations are quite expensive compared to student accommodation Germany (or student halls).
  • Students can have more privacy and lesser rules to follow.
  • These accommodations might have higher rent in the cities like Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Frankfurt, Main, and Hamburg.
  • Students have to look on their own for a house for rent or they can also ask for some support from the international office of the city's student union.

3.  Other accommodations in Germany

1. Flatshares:

  • These are having more space, and around 3-4 students can live in a single flat.
  • Each student can have their own room but they may be supposed to share the living room, bathroom, and kitchen.
  • Students may also need to share the housing cost and other essentials.
  • These are more affordable and provide more privacy.
  • Students also get the chance to choose their flatmates.

2. Short-Stay Accommodations:

  • Short-stay accommodation in Germany for international students is preferable when anyone is planning to live there for a short time.
  • These accommodations are like a room in a hotel.

How To Find Accommodation In Germany For Indian Students?

Depending on the kind of accommodations a student is interested in, there are numerous ways to help Indian students in finding student accommodation Germany. Here are some tips for students who are visiting Germany for the first time.

  • Local Student Unions (Deutsches Studentenwerk):

German cities each have their own local student unions (known as Studentenwerk). These are typically in charge of handling the application procedure for house rent in Germany for students. Any student can get in touch with their local Studentenwerk office directly if they wish to reserve a seat in a German student residence.

  • University International Office & Notice Boards:

Contacting their university's international office or looking for ads on the notice boards are two other options for room rent in Germany for students. Furthermore, students are allowed to place their own advertisements on the notice board of their higher education institution.

  • Online platforms for housing:

Online housing platforms are a popular way for international students to find student accommodation Germany. Typically, these websites have a list of all the apartments, allowing any student to search for suitable accommodation that meets their needs. Some platforms might also help students with whatever documents they need, such as lease or rent agreements.

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Best Cities In Germany For Student Accommodation In Germany

Here is the list of cities in Germany that are best for overseas students who travel there to pursue their higher education or for other professionals. Let's have a look.


Cost Of Rent (Per Month)





















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Estimated Cost Of Accommodation In Germany For Indian Students

For any international student, the anticipated cost of housing in Germany is an important consideration. In light of the high cost of rent in this nation, it is necessary to establish a budget. The expected costs are listed below to assist you in creating your budget.

Type Of Housing


On-Campus Housing

€270- €934/month

Off-Campus Housing

€250- €750/month

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Points To Consider Before Renting Student Housing in Germany

There are several things to consider for international students before moving to Germany. Whether any student is visiting Germany for the first time or has visited before, here are a few tips when students start their journey.

  • To Avoid Wasting Time, Start Early: It is strongly advised that starting the housing procedure as soon as possible is preferable (at least, as soon as a student receives their university approval letter). They will have ample time to consider their options and will be able to make decisions without feeling rushed. Students can weigh all of their options, make sure the location is convenient for them, and carefully read all contracts before signing them. They can also look at what is and is not included in the housing rent.
  • Ask For Assistance If Necessary: Students who believe that their friends and acquaintances have greater experience and can provide guidance should ask for assistance. Furthermore, if any student knows someone who is already residing in Germany, they are encouraged to ask them all questions regarding accommodation.
  • Never Pay For Housing Without A Contract In Place: While looking for housing in Germany, students may require to stay alert. It is urged that they keep an eye out for scammers and avoid paying any money upfront.
  • Get a health insurance certificate: To stay in Germany, international students may need an acceptable health insurance certificate. This is due to the local foreigners' registration office needing a health insurance certificate signed by a German doctor in order to provide the residence permit. One‟s permit can be denied if they don't have this certificate.
  • Register yourself: International students must register their addresses with the local authorities if they want to stay in Germany for longer than three months. Here In-person registration is required. It is recommended that students bring identification, a tenancy or sublet document, and a letter from their landlord granting permission for them to stay in the residence. Additionally, students must complete the "Anmeldung bei einer Meldebehörde" form, which is available online or at the "citizen's office" entryway.

On-Campus Student Housing Vs Off-Campus Student Housing

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of on-campus and off-campus accommodation in Germany for Indian students is a good idea when choosing the appropriate housing there.

On-campus housing


  • Affordable cost of rent
  • The opportunity of socializing with other students
  • Near the university
  • safety and security provided to the students


  • Little privacy is available
  • High demand (competitive) for on-campus housing
  • Limited duration to stay
  • Get a shared kitchen and bathroom

Off campus housing


  • Get plenty of privacy
  • No chance of conflict with a flatmate
  • Students to get a chance to choose their own place
  • Get the opportunity to make your own rules


  • High cost of rent as compared to on-campus rent
  • Students need to pay bills like wifi, and other utilities on their own
  • Less opportunity for interaction with other students of the same university
  • Renting in the center of the cities is quite expensive.

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Germany has been an exceptional destination for study and settling in. Now that you have the complete details related to finding a home in Germany, it’s time to focus on the academic path. Choosing the right university that matches your academic interest is important. Speaking to our Yocket counsellors can help you better.

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