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SOP for Nursing: How to Write sample SOP for MSc nursing?


If you have a background in BSc Nursing, you are eligible to apply for Master’s in Nursing in countries like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and so forth. Like the other programs of study, SOP for nursing plays an indispensable role in your applications for nursing programs in renowned institutions like University of California, San Francisco, etc. 

Besides, you’re required to have your undergraduate degree transcripts evaluated by the respective University with the international transcript evaluation services facility called the World Education Services (WES). Few Universities also require candidates to have a minimum number of clinical hours. Let’s understand how to represent this information through nursing SOP samples.

Decoding your SOP for Nursing

What is the accepted word count for nursing SOP samples?

Ans. Statement of purpose nursing should have a word count of about 800-1000 words. However, universities abroad have word counts defined as part of the online applications.

For instance, the University of Southampton requires a personal statement of 4000 characters with spaces, to be submitted through UCAS.

What can lead an SOP for nursing to be rejected right away?

Ans. Plagiarism and poor syntax can get your statement of purpose nursing rejected.

What is the best writing style for your nursing statement of purpose example?

Ans. A conversational writing style is the best. So, write your SOP effectively maintaining a positive tone.

How many SOPs to write for MS in Nursing?

Ans. Each university requires a separate and original SOP. Hence, you need to write a different SOP for every university you’re applying to. 

How to save and submit your SOP?

Ans. SOPs have to be uploaded in PDF as part of the applications. This makes your SOP look professional and eliminates the possibility of any formatting inconsistencies. Universities may also provide forms to paste contents of SOP as part of applications with or without the option to upload it.

How to Draft Nursing Statement of Purpose Example?

To start writing your SOP nursing, brainstorm, free-write, and collect your thoughts. Your SOP should be a dive into relevant life experiences, academic and professional background (if applicable), goals, volunteering/community involvement, and more. 

So, refer to the effective guidelines given below to draft a stellar SOP for nursing students:

How to Draft Nursing Statement of Purpose Example

  • Introduction

How did you develop interest toward Nursing? What inspired you to choose this field? Devise your introduction with an attention-grabbing experience that is evocative of your journey into the field.

For example, how the chapter on Florence Nightingale from your fourth standard history textbook stuck with you forever and a few other instances that led you to discover the latent empath in you and how this developed your passion towards caregiving.

Include a thesis sentence at the end of this paragraph that encapsulates your intent to apply for the program in the respective nursing school.

  • Second Paragraph

In this paragraph, you can elaborate on your background (relevant high school experiences, such as concepts related to life sciences/medicine and how they have had formative influence on you. Further, you can elaborate on your undergraduate experiences; the courses you have taken, which of those particularly appealed to you and why. How will the undergraduate experiences support your prospective master’s?

For example, what specific nursing skills have you acquired in your undergraduate? How have these skills shaped your professional goals?

If you have obtained other relevant certifications, for instance, a diploma in nursing, discuss those particulars in this paragraph.

  • Third Paragraph

Discuss your social work, volunteering, and professional nursing practice in this paragraph. Discuss how these experiences complement your passion for nursing. How have these experiences transformed your perspective and meaning towards the profession? What did you learn from these experiences? 

  • For example, how you learned to prioritize the needs of your patients before yours and what you learned from your association with other medical professionals in the field. 
  • For example, how you imbibed qualities, such as self-motivation, empathy, magnanimity, and compassion in your nursing practice or volunteering. 

Discuss unique patient instances from your experience as a practitioner that are relevant to the nursing major in your masters; example, elderly care or adult nursing.

  • Fourth Paragraph

Discuss the program particulars in this paragraph. The ad-com wants to know how much time and effort you have taken to do your research on the program and the University. So, it’s better to substantiate your conviction in choosing the program and underlining why it is tailor-made for your professional aspirations. Discuss the curriculum, coursework, and other requirements that you need to fulfill as a prospective student. You should showcase your motivation in this paragraph to pursue the program.

  • Conclusion

Conclude the essay/ nursing statement of purpose example with your professional goals. 

What are your short-term and long-term professional goals? These goals will demonstrate your skills, such as your potential to contribute to the nursing profession in general and to the prospective specialization within the program in particular. You should also touch upon how you wish to volunteer and contribute to specific activities/services in the respective school of nursing.

Sign off with your expectations from the program and how you look forward to receiving, assimilating, and contributing to new knowledge at the University.

Now you know the steps to write an impeccable SOP nursing. Still, a feww aspirants can get confused while writing one, so let’s check the do’s and dont’s of your SOP for nursing students. 

Do’s and Don'ts of an SOP for Nursing Students

Your sample SOP for nursing students should be truthful, concise, engaging, and well-written. Remember that every experience that you present should be coherent and well connected.

Follow these Dos and Don’ts in your sample SOP for MSc nursing.

Maintain a positive tone throughout the SOP?

Should you include your name in your sample SOP for MSc nursing?

Can you write your SOP at the last minute?

Is it imperative to stick to the word limit?

Can you opt for a friendly tone while writing SOP for nursing?

Should you strictly adhere to the given SOP format?

Should you include your work experience in your SOP?

Should you be honest about your strengths and weaknesses?

Can you be extremely direct or casual?

Common mistakes in Writing SOPs and Application Essay

Skills to Include in Your SOP for Nursing

Your SOP for nursing should substantiate the personal and professional experiences that intrigued you to change into a practitioner that you are today or the practitioner you anticipate to become. 

So your statement of purpose nursing must underline and demonstrate the following skills to make your application better than other students. 

  • Empathy
  • Healthcare Administration
  • Confidence and Attitude
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Caregiving
  • Professionalism
  • Networking
  • Critical Thinking
  • Customer Service
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Creative Problem-solving

5 SOP Questions that Must be Answered

SOP Requirements of Top Universities for Nursing 

Here, we’ve shortlisted a few top universities for Nursing and their SOP requirements. Let’s check them one by one! 

  • University of California, San Francisco

University of California requires a goal statement of two double-spaced pages (name as per passport and page number to be included on each page). The goal statement should be concise, clear, and should portray your writing skills. Incorporate the following pointers in your goal statement.

  • Your understanding of nursing.
  • Motivation to pursue advanced studies in nursing.
  • Your previous academic/professional experiences and how these will help you to contribute to the program.
  • The speciality area you have chosen in the program and reasons for the choice.
  • Professional goals and how these can be achieved through the program.
  • King’s College, London

The King’s College, London requires a personal statement to be submitted. You can draft your personal statement using the following pointers.

  • Your introduction and academic background.
  • Your work experience.
  • Co-curricular/Extracurricular activities.
  • Volunteering experience.
  • Commitment to the program.
  • Your career plans and how they can be achieved through the program.
  • Experiences related to or an understanding of the emotional and physical demands of a career in nursing.
  • University of Southampton

The University of Southampton requires you to submit a personal statement which must include the following pointers. 

  • Your motivation to pursue a career in nursing.
  • Academic and professional experiences related to nursing.
  • Knowledge of nursing and the speciality area.
  • Your personality and principles which are integral to the nursing profession.
  • Volunteering and other relevant activities or experiences.
  • Your career aspirations and how these can be achieved through the course.

How to Write a Good SOP? 

We understand writing an SOP can be daunting. Don’t worry, we are here to help you understand the nuances and draft a succinct SOP nursing in terms of the format and guidelines. The SOP writing style for most countries remains the same. However, in the case of program-specific requirements, you can re-engineer the original draft to suit the University requirements.

Our counsellors at Yocket Premium can guide you through the entire process, on how to write SOP just to make it perfect! 

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