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Complete Guide to Russell Group Universities in UK 2022

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Studying in the UK is an amalgamation of an experience which is academically rich and equally riveting. The United Kingdom, as a study destination, attracts over 5 lakh international students from across nations every year. This is because of its prestigious universities, which are research-oriented to a great extent, and provide various benefits to students in terms of job offerings, industrial experiences, and whatnot. The most famous among all is—Russell Group universities UK.

The Russell Group universities include 24 member universities that are highly ranked globally. These universities offer the best education and are a mix of history, culture, innovation, and modernity. We have curated a Russell Group universities list with all the relevant information that you, as a study abroad aspirant, will need to make a final choice. So, keep on reading right till the end!

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What is a Russell Group of Universities?

Let us begin by understanding Russell Group universities meaning. Starting in the year 1994, the Russell Group of universities includes 24 highly reputed universities offering both international and domestic students with research-oriented outputs and world-class teaching.

They are sometimes referred to as the “British Ivy League”, which is a reference to the prestigious Ivy League Colleges in the USA that includes reputable institutions like Harvard, Yale, etc.

Some of the distinguishing features of the Russell Group are:

  • The Russell Group universities list is a blend of the most intensive public research universities in the UK. These 24 universities are believed to receive over two-thirds of all research grants in the UK. Therefore, the level of research conducted here is unparalleled.
  • Five out of the 24 universities in the Russell Group universities UK have been ranked in the top 10 lists of prestigious rankings like QS World Rankings 2023 and The World Rankings.
  • All of the Russell Group universities in UK are very rich in diversity. An estimated average of 34% of their student population consists of international students from around the globe.
  • The Russell Group universities are known to have better employability and student satisfaction rates. Besides, the students enrolled in the Russell Group universities have the lowest dropout rates.

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Now that we have a basic understanding of the Russell Group of universities, let’s take a look at them below.

List of Russell Group Universities in UK

The Russell Universities UK are famous for providing the world economy with 87 billion EUR. They are also known for having huge impacts on the world in terms of social, economic, and cultural reforms.

Let us explore the complete list of Russell Group Universities in UK, with their distinct features below.


QS World University Rankings 2023

Average Tuition Fee/ year

Popular Programs

University of Cambridge, Cambridge



BSc Mathematics, MSc Law, MPhil in Engineering

University of Oxford, Oxford



MA Clinical Psychology, BSc Clinical Studies, MMath Mathematics

Imperial College London, London



BSc Biochemistry, MEng Computing, MSc Mathematics

University College London, London



MSc Biochemistry, BSc Mathematics and Statistical Science, MSc Data Science

University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh



MA (Hons) Accounting and Finance, MSc Artificial Intelligence, BEng (Hons) Chemical Engineering

University of Manchester, Manchester



BAEcon Economics and Data analytics, BSc Management, MSc Advanced Computer Science

King’s College London, London



MSc Computer Science, MSc Engineering with Management, BDS Clinical dentistry

London School of Economics and Political Science, London



MA Economics, MSc Health economics, Executive Masters of Law

University of Bristol, Bristol



BSc Business and Management, MSci Virology and Immunology, MSc International Relations

University of Warwick, Coventry



BEng Biomedical Systems Engineering, MA International Business, MSc Business Analytics

University of Southampton, Southampton



BSc Marine Biology and Biology, MEng Computer science, MSc Finance

University of Glasgow, Glasgow



BAcc Accountancy, MEng Civil Engineering, Medicine (MBChB)

University of Leeds, Leeds



MBiol Microbiology, BA Fashion Design Innovation , MSc Data Science and Analytics

University of Birmingham, Birmingham



BSc Finance, MSc Data Science, MSc Chemistry

Durham University, Durham



BChem Chemistry, MA Archeology, BSc Mathematics and Statistics

University of Sheffield, Sheffield



MEng Architectural Engineering, BA English and Philosophy, MSc Robotics

University of Nottingham, Nottingham



BArch, BSc Management, MMath Mathematics

Queen Mary University of London, London



BSc Biochemistry, MA Political Science, MEng Biomedical engineering

Newcastle University, Newcastle



BA (Hons) architecture, MA Economics, MEng Marine Technology

University of York, York



BSc (Hons) Accounting, Business Finance and Management, MEnv Environment, Economics and Ecology, MA in Economics

University of Exeter, Exeter



MSci Psychology, BSc Computer Science, MSc Applied Data Science and Statistics

Cardiff University, Cardiff



BSc Biomedical Sciences, MSc Geology, MSc Production Engineering Management

University of Liverpool, Liverpool



BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance, BEng Aerospace Engineering, MEng Computer Science Engineering, MSc Business Analytics and Big Data

Queen’s University Belfast, Belfast



MSc Applied Cyber Security, MSc Construction and Project Management, BSc Actuarial Science and Risk Management

Each of these universities offers a wide range of programs at all levels including bachelors, masters, and doctorate degrees. Each university has its own set of requirements; therefore, getting admission is highly competitive.

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Still confused about whether to apply at Russell Group Universities UK? Don’t worry, we have got you covered in the section below.

Why Study at a Russell Group University?

Here are the top reasons to choose a Russell Group University for higher studies in UK:

  • International Students: The Russell Group universities have 32% international students, who are attracted because of the quality education, and fine research outputs.
  • Research Orientation: More than two-thirds of the research outputs produced in the world are contributed through the Russell Group universities.
  • Career Scope: Studying at Russell Group university will definitely take you places in terms of career because of the high value associated with the degrees.
  • Financial Aid: Most of the Russell Group universities offer international students numerous financial aid options in the form of scholarships, bursaries, student loans, and others.
  • Collaborations and Partnerships: The Russell Group is also famous for having excellent collaborations with partner universities and organisations throughout the world, hence giving your degree a global perspective.

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Now you know why Russell Group UK is a good study option. Next, let’s explore its entry requirements.

Eligibility Criteria of Russell Group Universities UK 2022

Here are the eligibility requirements for all Russell Group universities:

  • English Language Test requirements, including exams, such as IELTS or TOEFL.
  • Criminal records declaration (DBS/Disclosure Scotland for Scottish Universities.)
  • Health checks like tuberculosis tests and others.
  • Entrance interviews.
  • Personal statement is a supporting document and a crucial part of your application to a UK university. Usually, you have to write about what you hope to achieve studying at the course, what you plan to do after graduating, and why you are applying for this specific university.

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Further, let’s check the application process at the Russell Group universities.

Application Process of Russell Group UK

You can follow these steps while applying to the Russell Group universities:

  • Choose a university considering the location, employability, fees, entry requirements, Russell Group universities ranking, etc.
  • Prepare necessary documents and forms like school leaving certificates, exam results, UCAS applications, personal statement, etc.
  • Submit your UCAS application at multiple universities.
  • Wait for revert from your dream Russell Group university.

The Russell Group universities in UK represent premier institutions with an excellent reputation. These universities are recognized for being top-notch in every parameter, be it teaching or research. You can get selected to a Russell Group university, provided you have an outstanding and unmatchable academic background. The Russell Group universities provided list also offers scholarships and funding options to study in UK, which is an added advantage for international candidates.

Now you know all about the Russell Group of universities. So pick the best one as per your requirements and begin the application process. However, the study abroad journey in the UK also includes various other steps like the selection of a course, procurement of loans, visa application, etc. Therefore, if you need help anywhere or end-to-end expert guidance, connect with our counsellors by subscribing to Yocket premium.

Frequently Asked Questions about Russell Group Universities in the UK

Ques. What is Russell Group?

Ans. The Russell Group is a cumulative group of 24 top research-oriented universities in the UK, which are very prestigious and highly ranked globally.

Ques. What is the average tuition fee for most Russell Group universities in the UK?

Ans. The average cost of studying/tuition fees for international students at most of the Russell Group universities in the UK range from £20,000 to £30,000 per year. The cost may vary depending on the nature of the course, with management and science being relatively more expensive to study.

Ques. What are Russell Group universities known for?

Ans. The Russell Group universities are known for high quality and excellent research outputs.

Ques. What are the top three Russell Group universities?

Ans. The top three Russell Group Universities are:

  • University of Oxford
  • University of Cambridge
  • Imperial College London

Ques. Is it easy to get admitted to Russell Group universities in the UK?

Ans. Getting into a Russell Group university is highly competitive but definitely achievable.

Ques. How well are group universities ranked?

Ans. Russell Group universities ranking is quite high. All the 24 universities occupy top positions in rankings by rating platforms, such as QS World University Ranking and Times Higher Education.