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Guide to Post Graduate Diploma Courses in Biotechnology in Canada


PG Diploma in biotechnology in Canada is a short-term academic course that can be followed after graduation. Among the rising number of international students in Canada every year, approximately 70% enrol for a postgraduate diploma. Apart from it, PG diploma programs come with co-op options, which means you can get an opportunity to intern with various industries and institutes. If you are one of those students who have a practical set of mind, then a PG diploma might interest you more compared with a standard postgraduate degree. So, to know in detail, we have curated a guide in the biotechnology postgraduate diploma in Canada. 

Table of Contents:

  1. Why Study Diploma in Biotechnology in Canada
  2. Top Universities/ Colleges for Biotechnology PG Diploma in Canada
  3. Eligibility Criteria and Admission Requirements for PG Diploma in Biotechnology in Canada
  4. Documents Required for PG Diploma Courses in Canada
  5. Admission Process for PG Diploma Courses in Canada
  6. Cost of Studying PG Diploma Program in Canada
  7. Scholarships for PG Diploma Courses in Canada
  8. Career Opportunities in Canada after PG Diploma in Biotechnology

Why Study Diploma in Biotechnology in Canada

A postgraduate diploma is a shorter qualification offering 120 credits, and one more concise version of this is available, i.e., postgraduate certificate, which comprises 60 credits. The following benefits of studying for a diploma in biotechnology in Canada are:

  1.       Gain a Recognized Canadian Credential: Colleges offering PG diploma in biotechnology in Canada may be well-known, but Canadian employers may have never heard of it. By gaining an advanced diploma in biotechnology in Canada, you’ll get a credential that employers recognize. Credential evaluations help employers understand your education and help you find work in Canada.
  2.       Job Opportunity: International students are permitted to work both on and off-campus for 20 hours a week during their studies. And students who have received a degree from a designated learning institute can apply for a post-graduation work permit.
  3.     Student-Friendly and Cultural Diversity: Canada has a diverse environment and is welcoming to international students. The country is one of the safest worlds for international students having the same rights as other Canadian residents. 
  4.     Advance in Your Current Field: Post-graduate diploma courses in biotechnology in Canada teach students specific knowledge. Students shape the understanding they received in their earlier college or university studies in these programs. International students can advance in their present field by learning new theoretical and hands-on skills.


Top Universities/ Colleges for Biotechnology PG Diploma in Canada

While a Master’s Programme is of 3 years’ duration, on the other hand, A PG Diploma’s duration is of one or two years. Depending on the university, it can be further divided into two or four semesters. The following universities/colleges for diploma in biotechnology in Canada are:

  1.       Algonquin College
  2.       Concordia University
  3.       Durham College
  4.       Centennial College
  5.       Georgian College
  6.       Fleming College

Let’s discuss about these universities/colleges in detail.


1. Algonquin College

The advanced diploma in biotechnology (Co-op option) program is planned for international students. It offers laboratory and theory courses in cell biology, biochemistry, chemistry, biostatistics, microbiology, and genetic engineering. It also provides a strong background in the science that drives this growing industry.

Institution Type


Popular Course

Advanced Diploma in Biotechnology (Co-op Option)

Annual Tuition Fee

15,873 CAD/Per Year


2. Concordia University

The Graduate Diploma in Biotechnology and Genomics is a 9-month graduate program that includes the study of genomics, molecular genetics, proteomics, etc. The program highlights hands-on experience and training with state-of-the-art genomic and biotechnology research equipment.

University Type


Popular Course

Graduate Diploma in Biotechnology and Genomics

Annual Tuition Fee

22,456 CAD/Per Year


3. Durham College

It is a three-year advanced diploma in biotechnology covering a wide range of industries, including health, pharmaceuticals, food processing, food production, and agriculture. In the program, international students will learn how living organisms or parts of living organisms can deliver new methods of production and development of new products in a range of industries and the regulations that govern the usage of these techniques.

Institution Type


Popular Course

Advanced Diploma in Biotechnology

Annual Tuition Fee

15,890 CAD/Per Year


4. Centennial College

Centennial College's diploma in biotechnology is a 2-year program that prepares international students to work as laboratory technicians in the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic industries. A unique feature of this applied science program is its project-based approach, with autonomously-designed microbiology projects that will improve problem-solving and research skills.

Institution Type


Popular Course

Diploma in Biotechnology

Annual Tuition Fee

18,233.59 CAD/Per Year


5. Georgian College

A 2-year diploma in biotechnology helps the student prepare for a career as a lab technician in a biomedical field. In the program, both this discipline's theoretical and practical features are equally emphasized. Upon graduation, students will accomplish an extensive array of experiments and assess to answer clinically-related and scientific problems.

Institution Type


Popular Course

Diploma in Biotechnology- Health

Annual Tuition Fee

15,219 CAD/Per Year


6. Fleming College

Advanced Diploma in Biotechnology is a 3-years teaching program. With knowledge in forensics and biotechnology, this program is exclusive, and its graduates are in demand in this emerging field. Graduates will be serious thinkers with problem-solving abilities, strong interpersonal skills, teamwork, communication skills, and a solid foundation in forensic/DNA/medical applications.

Institution Type


Popular Course

Advanced Diploma in Biotechnology

Annual Tuition Fee

1044758.62 CAD/Per Year


Eligibility Criteria and Admission Requirements for PG Diploma in Biotechnology in Canada

PG diploma courses in Canada are obtainable across a wide range of fields and specializations. To know the eligibility criteria and admission requirements, below are the listed details.

  1.       Undergraduate Degree
  2.       Proof of English Language Proficiency
  3.       Canadian Study Permit
  4.       Additional Documents

Let’s talk about these requirements in detail:

  1.       Undergraduate Degree

For taking admission to Diploma in biotechnology in Canada, international students are not required to fulfil complex requirements. Students can easily apply for a PG diploma course after completing a three years bachelor's degree in an applicable subject with at least 65% or more aggregate marks.


  1.       English Language Proficiency

International students whose natural language is not English must submit English test scores. Student’s must have IELTS with a score of 6.5 and TOEFL score of (550 (pBT), and 213 (cBT), 88 (iBT)


  1.       Canadian Study Permit

International students interested in taking admission in PG diploma in biotechnology in Canada are required to apply for a Canada study permit. Application for a study visa will only be accepted once an offer letter is issued from a university/ college in Canada.


Documents Required for PG Diploma Courses in Canada

Let’s take a look over to the additional documents required for taking admission in Canada for international students:

  •       SOP for PG diploma courses in Canada
  •       LOR
  •       Proof of finances
  •       Transcripts of earlier institution


Admission Process for PG Diploma Courses in Canada

  1. If you have completed a three-year bachelor’s course, PG diploma programs in Canada are the stepping-stone to a fruitful career. Here is the step-by-step admission process in Canada are:
  2. A student will need to start the process by choosing the college or university for the diploma course and then completing the online application on the college/university website.
  3. The next phase is to submit the academic proofs. Your transcripts and Degree Certificate should be scanned and sent to the Canadian college or university you want to apply to, and another significant thing would be English Language Tests.
  4. Students might be asked to deliver additional documents as per the chosen program. The other documents require an SOP, which states the academic background, and the future goals regarding the college and career.
  5. After submitting all the documents needed for the application process, wait for the admission decision.
  6. If an application is accepted, you must reply to that mail as soon as possible within the allocated timeline and pay the tuition deposit.
  7. The most significant thing to do now would be to start applying for Study Permit Canada. Once you have your Canada Student visa to study in Canada, you are ready to fly.


Cost of Studying PG Diploma Program in Canada

The cost of studying for a PG diploma in biotechnology includes tuition fees and living in Canada.

Tuition Fee

After adding all the expenses, an international student pursuing an advanced diploma program in Canada may expect to spend approximately 16,000 to 25,000 CAD per year.

Cost of living

The cost of living in Canada depends on numerous factors. Some factors include the accommodation type, province of study, lifestyle, etc. A student may expect to spend approximately 27,000 to 64,000 CAD annually on living expenses.


Scholarships for PG Diploma Courses in Canada

Scholarship funding for international students who want to study in Canada is limited, highly viable, and primarily available at the postgraduate level. Below are the various scholarships for students for PG Diploma courses in Canada.

Scholarships Name

Eligibility Criteria and Amount Granted

Forktip Women Innovation Scholarships

It is designed to support women and offer them financial assistance. It applies to all those women concerned about pursuing their college education from an accredited university in Canada.

Amount Granted: 2000 CAD

Paul Foundation Scholarships

This scholarship is given to the students who wish to pursue post-graduation, diploma and short-term courses, and doctoral studies.

Amount Granted: 20,174 CAD

International in Canada Scholarships

It is a scholarship offered by Niagara College to international students holding a study permit admitted with one of their courses.

Amount Granted: 2000 CAD   

Broker Fish International Student Scholarship

This scholarship program is designed for international students to help them cover their health insurance expenses.

Amount Granted: 1300 CAD 


Career Opportunities in Canada after PG Diploma in Biotechnology

Depending on the course you opt for, you can get into the relative fields and earn striking salaries. Some of the job options after completing a PG diploma in biotechnology are:

Job Roles

Average Annual Salary Range

Research Officer, Devices for Cell & Gene Therapy and Synthetic Biology

57,220 - 161,754 CAD/ Yearly

Industrial Technology Advisor - Lifesciences

126,501 - 148,657 CAD/Yearly


Aquatic Science Technician

49,457 - 80,083 CAD/Yearly

 PG diplomas are regularly 1-year programs, but they can also be two years. If the course duration is one year, you will get another year to stay back and have an opportunity to earn one year of experience. So, if you’re also interested in doing a PG Diploma course in Canada, connect with our Yocket professionals and get a plan to study abroad.



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