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OET Exam Fees 2023: Reschedule & Cancellation Fees

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The OET (Occupational English Test) has become an essential stepping stone for healthcare professionals looking for foreign employment prospects. However, navigating the exam can be challenging, mainly when comprehending the costs. In this article, we examine the numerous facets of OET test fees, illuminating the financial commitment necessary for professional development and examining its worth in opening up a world of opportunities.

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What is the OET Exam?

The OET (Occupational English Test) is a widely accepted test of English language competency created especially for healthcare professionals. It evaluates the language proficiency of medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, dentists, chemists, and others who seek to work or study in an English-speaking country. The test gauges a candidate's proficiency in English communication in their healthcare field. It comprises four smaller assessments that each focus on tasks associated with the healthcare industry: speaking, writing, reading, and listening. 

OET employs circumstances and materials linked to healthcare to assess candidates' language skills. The OET test can help healthcare professionals with their professional registration or immigration needs, as well as with their career choices. Many nations recognise the OET as evidence of an individual's English speaking ability for healthcare professions. It is acknowledged and widely used in nations like Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, Dubai, and Singapore. These nations frequently accept OET for immigration or professional registration purposes, enabling healthcare professionals to work or study in English-speaking settings. 

OET Exam Registration Fees

The OET examination fees costs $587 which is equivalent to ₹33,632 in Indian Rupees. It's vital to remember that the exam fee includes services like the delivery of results, a digital certificate, and online verification in addition to the cost of taking the four sub-tests (listening, reading, writing, and speaking). Some testing facilities could also provide other services or choices that could be charged extra, including express results or extra Test Report Forms (TRF) copies. Different payment options may be available when registering for the OET exam, depending on the nation and test center. Online payment systems, bank transfers, and credit or debit cards are frequently accepted payment options. Review the payment alternatives offered during the registration process.

The table below shows the fee structure of the OET exam (for all the modes).

OET sub-sections

OET exam fees in AUD

OET exam fees in INR

(AUD 1 = 54.37 INR)

LRWS (adding AUD 7 for online booking charges)



For three OET sub-tests, (adding AUD 7 for online booking charges)



For two OET sub-tests, (adding AUD 7 for online booking charges)



For one OET sub-test, (adding AUD 7 for online booking charges)



OET Rescheduling Fees

Candidates could change their OET (Occupational English Test) test dates. It is crucial to remember that rescheduling fees can be necessary; the precise amount varies based on the nation and test center. Understanding the test center's rescheduling policy is critical before deciding because there may be particular guidelines for how far in advance you can reschedule if rescheduling is permitted for all sub-tests and associated costs. For the most accurate and recent update regarding rescheduling fees, it is always advised to study the terms and conditions published by the test center during the registration process or to contact the official OET channels.

The table below shows the structure of OET exam rescheduling fees (for all the modes).


Pre-test (before booking closing date)

(AUD 1 = 54.37 INR)

Pre-test (after booking closing date and before test date) (AUD 1 = 54.37 INR)

OET on Paper at a test venue – LRWS

AUD 120

AUD 200

OET on computer at a test venue – LRWS


AUD 120


AUD 200

OET on computer at a test venue – Speaking only

AUD 30

AUD 100

OET at Home – LRWS

AUD 120

AUD 200

OET at Home– Speaking only

AUD 30

AUD 100

OET Cancellation Fees

If a candidate has previously registered but will be unable to do so for a variety of reasons then, the candidate has the option to withdraw or even get refund under the conditions outlined below:-

  • The applicant must sketch one week before the test.
  • Only withdrawals made on or before Sunday at 23:59 CST, right before the test, are eligible for refunds.
  • Additionally, no reimbursements will be issued for withdrawals made on Monday after 0:00, only prior to the test.
  • The entire application must be withdrawn by the candidate.
  • The main disadvantage of withdrawal is that it cannot be reversed.
  • In addition, the candidate's online registration cost of AUD 7 will not be returned.

Timeline 1 - Until the application deadline for the test administration.

Charges: AUD 120

  • Log in to your OET profile, identify your booking, and then choose "Withdraw" to proceed.
  • The candidates' refund account will have the non-refundable booking charge and the administration cost subtracted.

Timeline 2 - After the test administration application deadline but before 23:59 on the Sunday before the test.

Charges : 200 AUD

  • Log onto your profile and choose "withdraw" to follow the same steps as in the example above. 
  • Additionally, the applicant can phone Support directly or go to the website directly.

Timeline 3: If it is submitted on or after 0:00 on Monday, the following fees apply:

  • If the request is made on Monday at or after 00.00 before the test, no reimbursements will be given to the candidate.

The table below shows the OET exam cancellation fees for the OET exam on paper.


Before the closing of booking dates (AUD 1 = 54.37 INR)

After the Before the closing of booking dates closing of booking dates (AUD 1 = 54.37 INR)

4 sub-tests

AUD 460

AUD 380

3 sub-tests

AUD 350.50

AUD 270.50

2 sub-tests

AUD 212

AUD 132

1 sub-test

AUD 73.50

No refund

The table below shows the OET exam cancellation fees for the OET exam on the computer or at home.


Refunded amount (AUD 1 = 54.37 INR)

Before the booking closing date

AUD 460

After the booking closing date

AUD 380


To summarize, healthcare workers who want to expand their horizons must comprehend the OET exam prices. A straightforward path to professional advancement is ensured by navigating the registration process and being informed of the accompanying fees. People who invest in the OET test can take advantage of rewarding prospects in a healthcare setting where English is spoken. Although costs may vary, gaining the required language skills has far-reaching benefits that open up opportunities and career progression.

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