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Cost of Studying MBA in Ireland: MBA in Ireland Fees

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In Europe, Ireland has been regarded as an influential center for learning and education for many centuries. Since 2008, the country has had a literacy rate of 99%. In terms of higher education, Ireland is considered one of the most popular destinations globally. Numerous government-funded universities in Ireland provide quality degree programs, including the MBA. Most importantly, Irish institutions are highly regarded globally for their management education. Several of Ireland's most prestigious universities may also offer standard MBA programs, which provide a well-rounded education in many business fields, including soft skills such as presentation and negotiation.

It is extremely essential to ensure full knowledge of the MBA in Ireland fees beforehand. If you are willing to study an MBA in Ireland, this is the right place for you! This blog will give you a detailed analysis of the MBA in Ireland cost with all relevant information! 

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Factors Influencing the Cost of Studying MBA in Ireland 

With its knowledge-based economy, Ireland places a lot of emphasis on educating its citizens. Moreover, Ireland has made continuous investments in education, which has led to the excellent reputation of MBA courses around the globe. The most common point to consider when it comes to cost of MBA in Ireland for Indian students:

  • Ireland college MBA fees  
  • Cost of living to study MBA in Ireland 
  • Pre-arrival cost of studying MBA in Ireland 
  • Post arrival cost of studying MBA in Ireland 

In addition, students may incur some expenses other than the MBA Ireland fees before they depart for Ireland to complete their MBA degree. Compared with other countries, the MBA in Ireland fees for Indian students is more affordable and reasonable. The average annual MBA Ireland cost approximately  lies at 32,435 USD (660,192 INR to 2,475,815 INR). The accreditation of universities also affects the course fees at various institutions.

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Cost of Studying MBA in Ireland 

According to research, the cost of MBA in Ireland for Indian students is relatively low in comparison to other countries in Europe. Thus, students can study at top-rated Irish universities without spending a fortune on their education. 

Below is a list of the top universities with their course durations, and approximate Ireland MBA colleges fees:


Course Duration

Tuition Fees (in USD)

University College Dublin

1 Year

37,494 (28.62 Lakhs INR) 

Trinity College Dublin

1 Year

34,769 (26.54 Lakhs INR)

Griffith College

2 Years

11,947 (9.12 Lakhs INR)

Dublin Business School

2 Years

11,410 (8.71 Lakhs INR)

Dundalk Institute of Technology

3 Years

7,153 (5.46 Lakhs INR)

Athlone Institute of Technology

1 Year

11,017 (8.41 Lakhs INR)

IBAT College Dublin

2 Years

9,864 ( 7.53 Lakhs INR)

University College Cork

2 Years

14,856 (11.34 Lakhs INR)

University of Limerick - Kemmy Business School

2 Years

14,961 (11.42 Lakhs INR)

Trinity Business School

1 Year

35,214 (26.88 Lakhs INR)

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Cost of Living while Studying in Ireland

In Ireland, the average cost of living approximately totals to 9,170 USD to 13,100 USD (7-10 lakhs INR) per year. Among these MBA Ireland cost is accommodation, meals, transportation, books and supplies, and other personal expenses. 

The table below illustrates some of the estimated monthly expenses associated with cost of living in Ireland, apart from the MBA in Ireland for Indian students fees : 

Type Of Expense

Cost Per Month (in USD)


262 (INR 20,000)

Transport cost

15.72 (INR 1,200)

Food expenditure

222.71 (INR 17,000)


262 (INR 20,000)

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Pre-Arrival Costs to Study MBA in Ireland 

Typically, the pre-arrival MBA Ireland cost for international students to study in Ireland include one-time expenses that must be paid. For example, there are fees associated with obtaining a student visa, fees for taking standardized tests, fees related to applying to the university, etc. 

Visa Application Fees 

The Ireland visa application fee is 65 USD for a single entry and 108 USD for multipe entries.

Standardized Test Fees

The table below summarises the pre-arrival MBA in Ireland cost for taking standardised tests: 


Costs (in USD)







Application Fees 

Here is a list of the application fees for leading universities in Ireland:


Application Fee (in USD)

Trinity College Dublin


University College Dublin


Dublin City University


University College Cork


Maynooth University


National University of Ireland


Technological University Dublin


University of Limerick


Institute of Technology


Cork Institute of Technology


Flight Tickets 

From India to Ireland, travel tickets vary based on the website you select, the timings, the point at which you leave India and land in Ireland, etc. Here is an average cost of flight tickets: 

Delhi to Ireland 

521 USD (39,884 INR) one-way

801 USD (61,286 INR) round-trip

Mumbai to Ireland 

530 USD (40,600 INR) one-way

867 USD (66,334 INR) round-trip

Post-Arrival Costs to Study MBA in Ireland 

Upon your arrival in Ireland, you will have to consider these two MBA in Ireland fees:

Tuition Fees

An MBA program at an Irish university is relatively affordable compared to those at other international universities, with an average Ireland MBA fees of 8,419 USD - 31,573 USD. 

Cost of Living 

An average cost of living in Ireland is approximately 9,150 USD to 13,073 USD per year. The costs of these expenses can be divided into accommodation, food, transport, books and supplies, and other personal expenses.

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Other Essential Costs to Study MBA in Ireland

Besides the above-mentioned expenses, here are some additional expenses associated with MBA in Ireland fees: 

Ireland Student Visa Fee

In addition to the cost of studying in Ireland, students will have to apply for a visa. Student visas are valid for a period of 12 months, up until the end of the course. Following graduation, students are eligible to extend their stay in Ireland for a further 24 months. Moreover, the cost of a student visa in Ireland is 65.49 USD (4,999 INR). 

Student Medical Insurance Cost

A medical insurance policy is an absolute necessity if students are traveling to Ireland for a Masters degree. There are several health insurance providers, but students mostly opt for Odeon. Their insurance package costs approximately 129.74 USD (9,903 INR). Furthermore, students should purchase one-year contracts of insurance.

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As an international student, you can estimate your MBA in Ireland fees to be in between 10,000 USD to 30,000 USD annually. The living costs pertaining to MBA in Ireland cost can be approximately around 10,000 USD to 15,000 USD per year. Ireland is, therefore, a highly attractive destination to pursue an MBA degree. The study abroad destination also presents international students with an excellent ROI and job opportunities. You can even connect with our Yocket Counselors to know more about MBA fees in Ireland in Rupees, and other related information! 


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