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MBA in HR in Canada: Best Universities, Eligibility, Fees, Scholarship and Scope of MBA in HR in Canada

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Randstad revealed that HR was one of the top job profiles trending in the COVID-19 pandemic. In Canada, HR is a profession that can capture the right talent, contributing to the country’s growth. For this reason, HR jobs have remained in demand. International students looking to pursue HR courses, especially MBA in HR in Canada, will have diverse career opportunities to choose from.

Canada is home to multiply globally recognized business schools that offer a well-designed MBA in HRM in Canada. Graduating from these educational institutes will land you in a senior job position globally. So, if you’re looking to study in the top MBA HR Colleges in Canada, this blog covers all the essential information. 

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Why Study MBA In HR In Canada?

There are significant reasons why multiple international students wish to pursue MBA in human resource management in Canada. We have covered the top four:

  1. Accredited Universities: Canada has 5+ business schools that offer the MBA in HR program. These schools are well-recognized, cover the core principle of the program, and provide excellent work opportunities to prepare students for the real world. A few are Rotman School (University of Toronto), Goodman School of Business (Brock University), etc.

  2. High Job Vacancies: Canada has multiple provinces with a job vacancy of up to 4%. The top three provinces are Quebec, British Columbia, and Ontario. Coincidently, Quebec and British Columbia have a higher job rate for HR-related employment.

  3. Liberal Immigration Laws: Most international students pursue MBA in HR from Canada since this multicultural country has liberal immigration laws. Canada is considered a multicultural country because it offers immigrants a warm welcome. Students who wish to pursue their higher education abroad will opt for a country with an easy immigration process that Canada provides.

  4. Detailed Coursework: Pursuing MBA In human resource management in Canada is ideal due to the well-designed course structure. The program covers multiple essential business courses such as accounting and finance and emphasizes skill development and people management. 

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An Overview Of MBA In HR From Canada

Before you can start applying to the top MBA in HR colleges in Canada, here is an overview of this preferred program.

Course Duration

1-3.5 years

Course Curriculum

HR Planning and administration, Employment law, People Management, Recruitment, Managing Gender, and Diversity, etc

Programs Offered

MBA with human resources concentration
MBA in Organisational behaviour and human resource management

MBA with HR leadership
MBA with strategic human resources management

Top MBA in HR institutes

Rotman School (University of Toronto)
University of Saskatchewan, University of Fredericton (Sandermoen School of business) Ottawa University
Goodman School of Business ( Brock University)

Average Tuition Fees

23,364 CAD - 135,730 CAD/year

Eligibility Criteria For MBA In HRM In Canada

When applying to the top MBA in HR in Canada colleges, there are eligibility criteria to meet. These criteria differ from one university to another. However, there is a standard process followed by all.

  • Bachelor Degree
  • GMAT Score
  • English Language Proficiency Test
  • Work Experience

1. Bachelors Degree

International students should complete 3-4 years of an undergraduate degree with either 70% or a GPA score of 3.0/4.0. 

2. GMAT Score

Most Canadian business schools accept GMAT scores as part of their application process. The minimum score should be 500. Aim to score higher than 500 to increase your acceptance rate. 

3. English Language Proficiency Test

International students are bound to write and pass an English proficiency test. You can choose the exams from the list provided on the universities website. Here are the popular tests chosen and their scores:

  • IELTS - minimum 6.5 with no score less than 6.0
  • TOELF iBt- overall 88
  • PTE - overall 60

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4. Work Experience

Most Canadian universities don’t require mandatory work experience proof. However, students who have work experience for one or 1+ years can submit the same. 

>Admission Requirements To Pursue MBA In HR In Canada

To apply to the top MBA in HR colleges in Canada, there is a standard admission process that you should follow. 

  1. Identify which MBA in HR colleges you wish to apply to. View the program website to understand the course structure, duration, tuition fees, curriculum, and career opportunities. 
  1. Visit the chosen university’s admission requirements to study what exam you need to take and which documents need to be submitted. Read their entry requirements to see if you’re eligible for the course. 
  1. Pay an application fee and attach all the relevant documents before the application deadline. Attend any interview if scheduled by the university.
  1. Once confirmed, start applying for funding and a study visa.

Documents Required For MBA HR Colleges In Canada

Before sending in your application, a set of supporting documents need to be attached. Ensure the below is checked:

  • All Official transcripts
  • GMAT score proof
  • English language proficiency test scores
  • Resume
  • Letters of reference
  • Letter of intent
  • Work experience proof

Cost Of MBA In HR Canada Fees

The cost of studying MBA in HR in Canada is determined by two factors, MBA in HR Canada fees and Cost of living.

Let’s learn them one by one:

  • Tuition Fees

The MBA in HR Canada fees ranges between 23,364 CAD- 135,730 CAD/year. 

  • Cost of Living

The cost of living in Canada ranges between 15,000 CAD- 20,000 CAD a month. Your expenses are accommodation ( student housing or private housing), transportation, healthcare, food, groceries, and miscellaneous expenses. 

5 Best Colleges For MBA In HR In Canada

There are five best colleges for MBA in HR in Canada. These colleges offer a range of MBA in HR programs. These business schools are recognized globally, and their course is designed to cater to your interest in the MBA program. 

  • Rotman School (University of Toronto)
  • Goodman School of Business (Brock University)
  • University of Fredericton
  • University of Saskatchewan
  • Ottawa University

1. Rotman School (University of Toronto)

Rotman School lets international students study full-time MBA programs and a specialization course to cater to their interests. Their MBA in HR electives focuses on leading teams, effective leadership, etc. 

Course Duration

2 years

Programs Offered

MBA in Organisational behaviour and HRM

Average Tuition Fees

135,730 CAD/year

QS World University Rankings 2022- MBA


QS World University Rankings 2022


2. Goodman School of Business (Brock University)

Goodman School of Business covers topics such as Global business, human resource management, business law, HR planning & strategy, etc. The MBA in HR program here is designed to help students build the foundation of theory and practice in HR. 

Course Duration

2 years

Programs Offered

MBA(ISP) Human resource management

Average Tuition Fees

68,355 CAD/year

QS World University Rankings 2022- MBA


QS World University Rankings 2022


3. University of Fredericton (Sandermoen School of Business)

University of Fredericton offers multiple MBA specialization courses out of which HR is a part. The course focuses on the central management principles, compensation management, training, development, selection, and performance management.

Course Duration

2-3.5 years

Programs Offered

MBA in Human resource leadership

Average Tuition Fees

25,235 CAD/year

4. University of Saskatchewan

University of Saskatchewan offers an MBA program in multiple specialized courses, out of which HR is one. International students can complete the program in one year in full-time and 36 months, part-time. MBA internship opportunities are available too. 

Course Duration

12 months

Programs Offered

MBA in Specialized programs ( strategic human resources management, etc.)

Average Tuition Fees

54,854 CAD/year

QS World University Rankings 2022- MBA


QS World University Rankings 2022


5. Ottawa University

Ottawa University offers a 36 credit hours MBA in HR program. They cover four core principles under HR studies: employment law, human resource planning and administration, wage, salary and benefit administration, recruitment, selection, and placement.

Course Duration

1.5 years

Programs Offered

MBA with Human resource concentration

Average Tuition Fees

23,364 CAD/year

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Scholarship Opportunities For MBA In HRM In Canada

International students can use scholarship opportunities to fund their MBA in HR studies. Most of the scholarships are either government-funded or university-funded. We have covered the top ones below:

Scholarship Name


Claude Winspear MBA Award

  • Pursue full-time MBA from University of Alberta
  • 10,000 CAD

Servus Credit Union MBA leadership Award

  • Pursue full-time MBA program
  • 1000 CAD

In-Progam Awards 

  • Pursue Morning or Evening MBA and completed 1st year at Rotman School
  • 250,000 CAD/year

Entrance Awards

  • For Academic merit morning MBA students
  • 10,000 CAD

Strategic Leadership forum Graduate Scholarship

  • Enrolled in MBA program in School of business
  • 1000 CAD

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>Comparison Between MBA In HR In Canada & Masters In HR In Canada

There is always confusion amongst international students in choosing the better choice, MBA in HR or Masters in HR. 

Here is a comparison table of the two that would help:


Masters In HR

International students will cover all business-related courses along with HR in the program

International students will only study topics covering the HR field

Fee structure is expensive(23,364 CAD- 135,730 CAD/year)

Fee structure is affordable (15,359 CAD- 43,046 CAD/year)

Business schools offer this program

This program is offered as a regular degree in any Canadian universities

Focuses on exploring all business and HR-related fields so students can apply to any position

Limited to educating students on HR centric topics

Ideal for students looking to study the entire business industry

Ideal for students looking to make a career only in HR

This decision can be made based on your choice, so if you’re looking for a complete business learning experience, MBA in HR is the right choice. On the other hand, if you wish to focus only on HR, Masters in HR is better. 

Career Opportunities After MBA In Human Resource Management In Canada

After graduating with MBA in HR, Canada offers multiple job profiles to choose from. Since you have better expertise now, you can expect an excellent MBA HR salary in Canada. 

Here is an overview of the popular job profiles and MBA HR salary in Canada:

Job Profile

Annual Average Salary

Human Resources Manager

74,327 CAD

Human Resources Coordinator

59,197 CAD

Senior Human resources generalist

60,418 CAD

Senior human resources business partner

107, 954 CAD

Vice President Human resource

153,114 CAD

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Canada has been a preferred student destination due to the quality education system they hold. For decades now, international students have applied to Canada to study reputed courses such as MBA in HR. While this information is sufficient, you can consult our Yocket counsellors to make a clearer decision. 


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