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Masters in Psychology in UK: Complete Guide for Pursuing MSc Psychology in UK for International Students

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With the increased focus on mental well-being, Psychology has emerged as a prominent field of study in all parts of the world. UK is considered to be one of the best study abroad destinations for psychology as UK universities have some of the most reputed Psychology departments in the world. Along with acquiring theoretical knowledge, students pursuing Masters in Psychology UK are encouraged to work independently to support unique ideas.

International students in UK also benefit from access to multiple high-paying job opportunities in the field of psychology after graduating. To help you get started on your journey, this blog covers all the essential information, including the list of the best universities in UK for Masters in Psychology, admission requirements, cost, and more.

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 Why Study Masters in Psychology in UK 

Why Study Masters in Psychology in UK?

Before we can head towards the top universities in UK for Masters in Psychology, let’s first analyze why UK is the preferred choice:

  • Top Universities: UK is home to some of the best universities offering Psychology programs. As per the QS Ranking 2021 for Psychology, 16 among top 100 universities for studying psychology in the world are from UK.
  • Diverse Choices: UK has over 1000+ psychology-related courses, thus providing better educational opportunities and choices for students. Students can also choose between different types of Masters in Psychology degrees in UK, including - MA, MSc, MRes, etc.
  • Career Opportunities: UK offers wide career opportunities for international students after pursuing Masters in Psychology. The rate of employability is high as trained psychologists are in demand across different sectors.
  • Higher Salaries: Psychology is one of the highest paying jobs in UK. An assistant Psychologist earns up to £24,707/ year basic pay and an experienced psychologist earns up to £50,000+ depending on the job position.

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Now that you know the reasons for choosing UK for masters in Psychology, let’s take a look at the top universities for MSc Psychology UK:

9 Top Universities for MSc in Psychology in UK

9 Top Universities for MSc in Psychology in UK

There are many best universities in UK for Psychology Masters. We have listed the top ones for you to consider as an international student:

Let’s understand the above-listed universities one by one:

1.  University of Oxford

Oxford university is one of the best places to pursue MSc Psychology UK. The university offers the best facilities that are in line with international standards. The MSc programs at the University aim at providing a high level of expertise and research-based learning for graduating students.

QS World Ranking 2023


QS World Ranking 2022 in Psychology


Average Tuition Fees

£28,000/ year

Program Offered

MSc Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

MSc Experimental Psychology

MSc Psychological Research

2.  University College London ( UCL)

The Psychology degree provided by UCL is aimed to help students who wish to study psychology for the first time or want to continue deeper studies in this field. Accredited by the British Psychological Society, this course is ideal for international students looking to make a career in various psychological fields such as educational, clinical, and more.

QS World Ranking 2023


QS World Ranking 2022 in Psychology


Average Tuition Fees

£29,400/ year

Program Offered

MSc Psychological Sciences

MSc Health Psychology

MSc Psychology of Education

MA Education (Psychology)

3.  University of Edinburgh

University of Edinburgh offers multiple psychology Masters degrees for international students to choose from. The Psychology research department at the university ranks 1st in Scotland. International students have the option to customize their psychology programs based on their interests.

QS World Ranking 2023


QS World Ranking 2022 in Psychology


Average Tuition Fees

£12,000- £26,000/year

Program Offered

MSc Psychological Research

MSc Social Psychology

MSc Psychology Language

4.  King’s College London

King’s College is the leading institution in global mental health research. The college offers several programs related to mental health. The MSc program equips students with relevant knowledge in the field through both theoretical and empirical research. Students studying here also benefit immensely from a range of clinical placements.

QS World Ranking 2023


QS World Ranking 2022 in Psychology


Average Tuition Fees

 £32,940 /year

Program Offered

MSc in Health Psychology

MSc Mental Heal

5.  London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

The LSE is well known for its Psychology courses as well. The university has a range of Psychology courses to choose from for international students. These courses can be availed either full-time or part-time based on the student’s interest. The teaching staff all come from well-experienced experts to provide the valuable insights needed for such a course.

QS World Ranking 2023


QS World Ranking 2022 in Psychology


Average Tuition Fees


Program Offered

MSc Psychology for Economic Life

MSc Social and Cultural Psychology

MSc Organisational and Social Psychology

6.  University of Kent

University of Kent provides a one-year full-time Psychology course. The university has become a prominent choice amongst international students as it offers a range of Psychology courses that cater to everyone’s interests. Apart from the theory study style, the university also offers a practical approach to enhancing learning.

QS World Ranking 2023


QS World Ranking 2022 in Psychology


Average Tuition Fees


Program Offered

MSc Cognitive Psychology

MSc Developmental Psychology

MSc Forensic Psychology

7.  University of Manchester

University of Manchester is another popular university that offers a diverse range of Psychology courses. It is one of the best places to study MSc Clinical Psychology UK. International students receive assistance from experts associated with the mental well-being of the outside community. This gives you better exposure that can enhance your learnings.

QS World Ranking 2023


QS World Ranking 2022 in Psychology


Average Tuition Fees


Program Offered

MSc Clinical and Health Psychology

MSc Health Psychology

Business Psychology

8.  Cardiff University

Cardiff university is another great Masters in Psychology university to consider. The experts teaching this course are practicing researchers as well as leading experts in the field. The university offers multiple facilities to enhance the learning experience including sensory rooms.

QS World Ranking 2023


QS World Ranking 2021 in Psychology


Average Tuition Fees

£23,450/ year

Program Offered

MSc Psychology

MSc Children Psychological Disorders

MSc Social Science Research

9.  University of Warwick

Another good option for MSc Clinical Psychology UK is the University of Warwick. The laboratory facilities provided by the Psychology department of the university are considered to be the best in the United Kingdom. Warwick is also known to provide advanced technology to assist research better.

QS World Ranking 2022


QS World Ranking 2022 in Psychology


Average Tuition Fees

£21,000- £29,000/year

Program Offered

MSc Psychological Research

MSc Mental health and Wellbeing

MSc Behavioural and Data Science.

MSc Clinical Applications of Psychology

MSc Behavioural and Economic Science

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Let us now take a look at eligibility requirements for pursuing MSc Psychology in UK:

Eligibility Criteria and Admission Requirements for MSc Psychology in UK

There are certain Masters in Psychology requirements UK, which a student must fulfill before getting admission. While these requirements differ from one university to the next, these are the standard eligibility criterias to follow:

  • 1 Honours Degree in either Psychology or an equivalent subject
  • A Bachelor's Degree in either one of the subjects, Psychology, Social Science/ Science subjects
  • A Grade C or 4 scores in Maths at GCSE
  • An English Language Requirements with scores of 7.0 in IELTS and 100 in TOEFL
  • Work Experience may be required for some programs
  • Valid Passport & UK Student Visa

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Documents Required for Applying to MSc Psychology in UK

The students must furnish the following documents:

  • Completed Application Form
  • Academic Transcripts
  • English Proficiency scorecards
  • Statement of Purpose
  • LOR
  • Work Experience Certificates
  • CV/ Resume

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Next, let’s explore the master of psychology in UK scholarships.

Scholarships for Masters in Psychology UK

Following is the list of scholarships for masters degree psychology UK.

Scholarship Name


Bangor University, Graduate Loyalty Discount for 2022

Only Tuition Fees

QMUL Children of Alumni Award 2022

Partial Funding

Brunel University London—Brunel Stantendar International Scholarship in UK

Partial Funding

Fullbright US Student Program

Full Scholarship

UCL Undergraduate Bursary 2022

Partial Funding

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Next we move on to discuss the cost of studying Masters in Psychology in UK.

Cost of Studying Masters in Psychology in UK

The cost of studying Masters in Psychology in UK is based on the university and the program you choose. If you’re looking to apply to top universities in UK for pursuing Masters in Psychology then the tuition fees will range between £24,000 to £30,000 per year. Apart from the tuition fee, students may also have to pay other kinds of fee including administrative charges.

Cost of Living in UK:

The average cost of living in the UK ranges between £12,000- £18,000 per year. Accommodation especially when preferred to stay outside campus is costly as it ranges between £300- £900 a month.

Career Opportunities in UK after Masters in Psychology

Many international students wonder, “what can I do with a masters in psychology UK.” Psychology is considered a huge field in the UK which is why after you pursue your Masters in Psychology, you have access to a diverse range of job opportunities.

Psychology graduates in UK find jobs in several fields such as business organisations, schools, health institutions, etc.

For MSc Psychology students, there are multiple job profiles to choose from. Here are the top ones:

Job Title

Average Base Salary/ year

Assistant Psychologist


Research Psychologist


Clinical Psychologist




Further Education Teacher


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UK is the ideal student destination to pursue Masters in Psychology. This field has great growth, promising job opportunities, and a versatile educational style that prepares international students well for the real world. Thus, with the information above, make the right choice that caters to your needs. If you would like an expert opinion in any step of your study abroad process, connect with our well-trained counsellors by choosing Yocket premium.

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