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MS in Biotechnology in USA 2024: Top Universities, Fees & Admission Requirements

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What is one of the trendiest fields that most students are aspiring to pursue in the States?

A Master's in Biotechnology!

In the United States, an MS in Biotechnology is a two-year professional program that focuses on pharmaceutical research to help reduce side effects and safety issues. The greatest single industries in the US are those related to water purification and treatment, followed by the dairy, antibiotic, and organic acid industries, according to an analysis of the nation's biotechnology-based enterprises worldwide. It is among the most sought-after in a wide category, employing hybridization and artificial selection.

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Read this blog if you intend to pursue postgraduate studies in biotechnology in the United States. You will learn about the top colleges offering biotech programs, the costs involved, the application process, career prospects after attaining the degree, and more!

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Table of Contents

Why to Study Masters in Biotechnology in USA?

Repeatedly, we hear students wanting to pursue higher education in the United States, and we know the reasons for that. In this section, we will explore the reasons why students must consider the US for pursuing an MS in Biotechnology.

  • Excellent Education

Studying in the United States, one of the most sought-after locations, provides the greatest academic and hands-on training with state-of-the-art technologies. Additionally, via their substantial laboratory research, professional coaching, networking, and workshops, the coursework includes bioprocess engineering, biology, and business, which can help you build the learning, problem-solving, and soft skills that employers are looking for.

  • University Rankings

Numerous surveys, including THE and QS, often place US universities at the top. Universities like MIT, Harvard, and CalTech are listed in the Top 10 by the QS World University Rankings 2023. The top two US colleges providing biotechnology studies are even included in the QS rankings for biological sciences.

  • Scope

After earning an MS in Biotechnology in the US, companies provide various employment options with high salaries. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that job growth for biotechnology graduates will increase by 7% between 2020 and 2030. Additionally, there will be an average of 11,800 positions available for biological technologists annually.

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Course Curriculum for Masters in Biotechnology in USA

Students pursuing an MS in Biotechnology at US colleges may encounter a broad range of course curricula. The curriculum for the master's program in biotechnology combines science, engineering, and biotechnology business innovatively. Among the subjects covered are:

  • Enzymes and mechanisms
  • Cellular energetics and thermodynamics
  • Microbial kinetics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Biotechnology Enterprise
  • Molecular Targets and Drug Discovery
  • Regenerative and Stem Cell Technologies

Know About Top MS Universities in USA

Top Universities for Masters in Biotechnology in USA

Just knowing the advantages of pursuing higher education in the United States is not enough. What else do you need to know? The finest colleges offer your desired courses. In this bit, we have curated a list of some of the top universities in the USA for MS in Biotechnology courses:

  • Harvard University
  • Columbia University
  • Johns Hopkins University
  • Northwestern University
  • University of Wisconsin

Let's discuss each one briefly below:

1. Harvard University

Harvard University offers two distinct liberal arts degrees in biotechnology as well as a dual degree with a business school. Your knowledge of theory and research, such as human genetics and physiology, proteomics, genomics, and epigenetics, will advance with a Harvard Masters in Biotechnology. It increases your understanding of cutting-edge and molecular biology techniques alongside current industrial practices. The dual degree program focuses on the integration of business and management with biotechnology.

Harvard World University Rankings 2024


Type of University 


Average Annual Fees 

USD 37,200 (INR 31,01,720)

Program Offered 

ALM in Biotechnology

MS/MBA in Biotechnology: Life Science 

2. Columbia University

A Master's in Biotechnology at Columbia University teaches students about contemporary molecular biology techniques, with a focus on those applied in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors. The program is centered on the fundamentals of biotechnology, along with some particular applications across varied fields. Three foundational courses, a rigorous laboratory experience, and elective courses are included in the coursework.

Columbia World University Rankings 2024


Type of University 


Average Annual Fees 

USD 35,936 (INR 29,96,330), per semester 

Program Offered 

MA in Biotechnology 

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3. Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University's biotechnology department offers a thorough exploration of lab science, applied science, and basic science with a concentration on biotechnology. It provides a strong foundation for students to pursue various subjects, including genomics, proteomics, cell biology, molecular biology, and biochemistry. Students can customize the elective curriculum in the course to fit their unique professional aspirations.

John Hopkins World University Rankings 2024


Type of University 


Average Annual Fees 

USD 60,480 (INR 50,42,800)

Program Offered 

MS in Biotechnology

MS/MBA in Biotechnology 

4. Northwestern University

The biotechnology course curriculum at Northwestern University combines science, engineering, and technology in a novel way. With its MS in Biotechnology program, which requires over a thousand hours of research and seven units of mandatory coursework in bioprocess engineering, introductory engineering, and non-technical courses, the institution provides the most extensive research options. Additionally, the training provides access to 70+ technical and non-technical electives.

Northwestern World University Rankings 2024


Type of University 


Average Annual Fees 

USD 62,160 (INR 51,82,870)

Program Offered 

MS in Biotechnology 

5. University of Wisconsin

The MS in Biotechnology program at the University of Wisconsin is geared toward working professionals and offers students a broad perspective on contemporary biotechnology operations. It covers cutting-edge technologies, complex business concerns, and basic scientific and legal issues. This curriculum is practical and results-oriented, providing you with the foundation you need to excel in one of the most intricate and rapidly increasing businesses worldwide.

UW-Madison World University Rankings 2024


Type of University 


Average Annual Fees 

25,504 (INR 21,26,510)

Program Offered 

MS in Biotechnology 

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Universities Without GRE for MS in Biotech

Yeah, we know how you have repeatedly heard the word 'GRE' being necessary for applying to US universities! However, don't sweat too much about GRE scores when applying for an MS in Biotechnology in the States. Enlisted below are some of the finest institutions which accept applications without the GRE results, and don't mention them as a mandatory document.

Comparison Between MS and MBA in Biotechnology in USA

Confused about whether to select an MBA or MS in Biotechnology when applying in the States? There are several degree options available for the US master's program in Biotechnology. An MS and an MBA in biotechnology are popular among them. To determine which is superior, we have contrasted the two programs in the table below:

Basis of Comparison 

MS in Biotechnology 

MBA in Biotechnology 

Type of Degree

Postgraduate degree

Postgraduate degree

Focus Areas

Focused on the technical and hands-on training in biotechnology, biomedical technologies, molecular biology, and biopharmaceutical.

Focus on theoretical, practical based training, and exposure to the integration of biotechnology with business and management.

Program Duration

2 years 

1-2 years

Top Universities 

  • Johns Hopkins University
  • The University of Pennsylvania
  • Columbia University
  • University of California, Berkeley
  • University of Southern California
  • Harvard Business School
  • Columbia Business School
  • Boston University 

Average Annual Fees

USD 17,299 - 49,000 (INR 14,42,380 - 40,85,600)

USD 23,000 - 63,000 (INR 19,17,730 - 52,52,910)

Work Experience

No prior work experience is required

At least 3 to 5 years of experience is required 

Average Salary 

USD 72,000 (INR 60,03,330)

USD 85,000 (INR 70,87,260)  

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Eligibility Criteria and Admission Requirements For Masters in Biotechnology

Ah, the eligibility criteria! The trickiest part. By now, we are certain that you know the necessity of meeting certain requirements to be eligible to pursue any course in abroad universities. These requirements might change university-wise and program-wise. Listed and discussed below are the basic prerequisites that must be fulfilled for pursuing an MS in Biotechnology in the United States:

  • Bachelor's Degree
  • English Language Proficiency Scores
  • GRE or GMAT Scores
  • Passport & Student Visa

In detail

  • A Bachelor's Degree

A bachelor's degree certificate is the most prevalent eligibility requirement for MS programs in biotechnology in the United States. You must get a solid academic record while completing your bachelor's degree in biotechnology or any other engineering specialization. Gaining admission to the top universities is facilitated by a strong GPA of at least 3.5.

  • English Language Proficiency Scores

To be considered for admission to the course, international students need to submit their language test results. It is among the most significant requirements for enrollment in biotechnology and other programs in the United States. The following are the minimal requirements for an MS in Biotechnology:

IELTS: 6.0 - 7.0

TOEFL: 90 - 100

  • GMAT or GRE Scores

To be admitted to master's programs in the United States, applicants must have graduate entrance scores such as the GRE or GMAT. Your profile is evaluated using these scores. On the other hand, competitive test results based on a few elite colleges are:

GRE: 260 - 330

GMAT: 650 - 725

  • Employment History

Universities in the USA may require work experience for students wishing to pursue an MS in biotechnology. Therefore, having two to three years of work experience is beneficial.

  • Student Visa and Passport

International students wishing to pursue an MS in embedded systems at the top US colleges must have a valid student visa. Applying for a student visa also necessitates providing a copy of your passport. Ensure that you can apply for a student visa at least three months before the traveling date.

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Documents Required For Masters in Biotechnology in USA

Apart from eligibility for MS in biotechnology in the States, there are some essential documents that you must keep handy when applying. Here is a list:

  • Official high school transcripts
  • Language test scores
  • GRE or GMAT scorecards
  • Personal essay
  • Statement of purpose
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Resume or CV
  • Work experience certificate
  • Proof of your financial resources
  • Copy of your passport

Remember that these documents are mostly mandatory, but might vary university-wise. Curate a strong SOP, ask your academic professors and counselors to write your LORs in advance, include ALL your personal and academic achievements in the resume, and score outstandingly on the standardized tests!

Admission Process For MS Biotechnology Universities in USA

The application form of some of the best universities for MS biotechnology in the USA opens three times a year, summer, fall, and winter. A few of them also accept applications on a rolling basis which means you can apply anytime within a year. But, how to apply to these universities? Go through the step-by-step guide below to simplify the application process:

  • Shortlist the top universities offering the best MS in Biotechnology courses. You can also refer to the universities aforementioned, as they are THE best.
  • Visit each university's website to see which piques your interest, overall.
  • Assemble and attach all the mandatory and additional documents asked.
  • Complete their application and send it in by paying the application fee.
  • Patiently wait for the admissions decision. You can also track your application by clicking on the 'current status' tab.
  • They could ask you to sit for an interview before admitting you. Brush up on the university and the course, and talk about your passion for the field.
  • If accepted, you will receive an official acceptance letter. Pay the depositor fees and confirm your seat.

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In the next bit, we break down the most important aspects of studying abroad. Any guesses?

Cost of Studying Masters in Biotechnology in USA

If you are an international student applying to abroad universities, the tuition for your program and your living expenses will determine how much MS biotechnology will cost you in total. Let's go over each of these in detail:

  • Tuition Fees

In the United States, the cost of an MS in biotechnology primarily depends on the type of university - public or private. The monthly tuition rates for the course vary from USD 17,299 - 48,000 (INR 14,42,380 - 40,01,990). However, some colleges also consider the credit costs, which are USD 40 (INR 3330) or more per credit.

  • Living Expenses

Any university tuition is an ongoing expense that is required, however, the cost of living in the United States will vary depending on your lifestyle. For international students, the average monthly living expenses vary from USD 1,300 - 2,500 (INR 1,08,390 - 2,08,440). These expenses might also include your other costs, like grocery, traveling, and roaming.

Scholarships For Masters in Biotechnology in USA

When pursuing an MSc in Biotechnology or any other course, the United States offers various scholarships to international students. They might assist you in managing your national expenses and tuition fees. A portion of the scholarships are also provided to the students by external organizations. A few scholarships you can opt for are listed below:

Scholarship Name 



International Merit Scholarship, Columbia University 

Starting any master's degree programs at the university.

Up to USD 3,000 (INR 2,50,140)

International Graduate Student Scholarships and Fellowships, Harvard 

Masters degree students are eligible with good academic records 

Tuition Fees and Housing 

Foreign Fulbright Program, University of Wisconsin 

International students seeking graduate programs in master or Ph.D. are eligible with a good academics in bachelor. 

Grants cover tuition fees and other expenses.

Biotechnology Academic Scholarship, University of Texas

Students seeking a degree at the university and have maintained a GPA of 3.0 (“B”) or better in the program. 

Amount Varies

Scholarships for MS in USA for International Students

Job Opportunities After Masters in Biotechnology in USA

With an MS in biotechnology, you have access to a plethora of fascinating employment opportunities in the United States that will allow you to live a fulfilling life and make a positive impact on society. You may be exposed to various industries, including food, textiles, medicine, etc. In the USA, a few career profiles following biotechnology include:

Job Profile 

Average Salary Per Year

Biological Technicians 

USD 45,160 (INR 37,65,420) 

Biochemists and Biophysicists

USD 75,739 (INR 63,15,080)


USD 75,492 (INR 62,94,490) 

Molecular Biology Research Associate 

USD 55,100 (INR 45,94,210) 

Bioinformatics Scientist

USD 82,530 (INR 68,81,310) 


USD 73,568 (INR 61,34,070) 

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From the Desk of Yocket

So, that was everything about pursuing an MS in Biotech in the US. From the greatest universities to the eligibility criteria and costs involved in pursuing that degree, we covered everything. Hopefully, now you know that you will have endless options for professional and academic advancement if you choose to attend the top biotechnology master's programs in the USA. With interesting employment prospects, you may choose to enter your desired place depending on your personal and professional lives.

Get in touch with our Yocket professionals right away if you want to streamline the application process to some of the best US universities offering an MS in Biotechnology. You can also resolve all your doubts regarding studying abroad in the session. Book Your Slot Today!

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