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Know 8 Japan Student Visa Rejection Reasons

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Japan is a prominent G7 country for education. In 2020, over 2,79,000 international students were enrolled in Japanese universities. The state-of-the-art educational infrastructure, world-class universities, excellent economic and career opportunities accompanied by a high-quality lifestyle attracts international students across the globe to Japan.

If you are planning to apply to a Japanese university or have already applied, you should continue reading this blog to prevent being rejected a Japan student visa. Here is a list of the most common Japan student visa rejection reasons that you can avoid successfully obtaining a visa. 

Table of Contents:

  1. What Are the Common Reasons for Student Visa Rejections for Japan?
  2. How to Reapply For Student Visa in Japan?

What Are the Common Reasons For Student Visa Rejections for Japan?

The Japan Embassy, unlike the Schengen or Korea visas, does not provide a particular reason for refusal. However, we have compiled a list of common Japan student visa rejection reasons that can help you in the visa application process.

  1. Errors/ Omission in Submitted Documents

Japan student visa is rejected prominently due to spelling or numerical errors in the submitted documents. Any omission from the Japanese embassy's list of required papers will result in the visa being cancelled. Before submitting, cross-check that all educational documents have authorized stamps.

  1. Existing Visa

A new visa cannot be issued if the applicant already possesses a valid visa or re-entry permit that has not expired. Moreover, if the visa application is being processed at a different Japanese embassy, the visa process is stopped at the other embassy. 

  1. Pending Certificate of Eligibility

The Japan student visa requires a certificate of eligibility. Even if all of your documentation and financial requirements are in order, the visa will be denied if the certificate of eligibility has not yet been provided.

  1. Errors in Application Form 

One of the Japan student visa rejection reasons is the mistakes in the application form. The discrepancy between the information in the university application and the student visa application can lead to the cancellation of the student visa. Remember to fill in all the details in the application form before the submission. 

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  1. Unclear Purpose of travel

Any inconsistency in the student's stated place of residence or itinerary in the application form raises suspicions about the student. In order to obtain a visa in Japan, you must have a well-planned itinerary as well as a clear understanding of why you want to study at that particular university.

  1. Previous Visa Violations

If the applicant has previously visited Japan and violated the rules and regulations of the country, there are high chances that the following visa application will be refused. 

  1. Insufficient Sponsor 

Insufficient sponsorship requirements can result in the Japan student visa rejection rate. The sponsor should meet the financial requirements. If there is no sponsor, the student needs to prove that s(he) can meet the financial needs during the course of study. 

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  1. Intention to Return to home country

If the Embassy believes the applicant has no compelling reasons to return, the application for a Japan visa will very certainly be denied. The candidate must demonstrate strong ties to their home country.

How to Reapply For Student Visa in Japan?

An applicant is allowed to reapply for a Japan student visa after the rejection. After six months from the date of refusal, the application shall be submitted. The Japanese immigration service will not accept a resubmission if it is made immediately after the refusal. Since the reasons for rejection are unlikely to have altered in a short period of time, it is recommended that you apply again after 6 months.

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All in all, a student visa success rate is a big deal. It is not something to be easily overlooked. So remember to put in all of your efforts in order to secure a Japan student visa. If you require assistance with your student visa application, you can contact Yocket consultants for the best services.


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