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Direct PhD After BTech: Is it Possible?

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Have you completed your BTech and figured out that research is what you want to opt for? Do you wish to skip 2 years of masters course and directly start with your Phd? Well, the good news is, there are universities abroad offering direct PhD after BTech to international students in different fields. 

But then what is the process and eligibility criteria for the same? To help you gather all insights about PhD after Btech and related aspects, we have curated all information in this blog. Read till the end and discover the possible avenues to full your dream of pursuing a PhD after Btech at top universities abroad. 

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Is it Possible to Apply for a PhD After BTech? 

Yes, it is possible. You can find many universities abroad offering PhD after a bachelor's degree in a STEM field or other. But getting into it isn't a cup of tea for everyone. You must go through a long process for a direct PhD after BTech. 

So what are the routes to get PhD admission after BTech? Is discussed in the next section.

PhD vs Masters

Routes of Applying for PhD After BTech

If you are looking to get PhD courses after BTech, you will have two options: to apply directly for admission or via a recommendation by academic faculties. Although the former process is being discussed in this section, the latter involves reaching out to your faculty members of the university department directly. Your university faculty may recommend you for PhD admission to the admission officials. 

You can find many universities offering PhD after BTech courses. Let's have a look at some popular study-abroad destinations:

PhD in USA

Recognised for its academic curriculum, top-notch faculties, and fantastic career opportunities in research organisations and enterprises, several US universities have also listed their name in top QS universities worldwide. You will have to find innumerable job prospects with degrees such as engineering, mathematics, etc. A PhD in USA typically takes upto 4 to 6 years to complete. Its academic semester is offered in two semesters, i.e. January to May and August to December.

Scholarships for PhD in USA

PhD in Canada

Along with its world-renowned academic institutions and several top avenues for research, Canada is among the most sought-after places to study PhD courses. You will find many research opportunities, from a lively city culture to flourishing businesses and diversity. PhD in Canada courses are usually offered in three different semesters allowing international students to seek admission throughout the seasons in various universities.

How to apply for PhD in Canada?

PhD in Germany

With innovative academic curriculum and research development, Germany provides various opportunities for students to explore STEM fields, social sciences, humanities and language subjects. Also, the universities of Germany are quite popular for their affordability and career prospects. PhD in Germany admission is offered during three different seasons: winter, summer and fall.

PhD Scholarships in Germany

How to Apply for PhD After BTech

The application process of PhD admission after BTech is quite selective. A relevant degree in Physics with a natural science or Mathematics subject is most important. Also, a previous academic background in subjects like physical sciences, mathematics, natural sciences or engineering is recommended. 

Most universities follow the eligibility for PhD after BTech, but there are many other universities that don't have any specific requirements for admission. Here are simple steps you can follow to apply for a PhD directly after the BTech:

  • The first step is to research available PhD programs and decide the areas or fields you want to pursue.
  • Select a topic for your PhD dissertation and research for a specific potential supervisor.
  • Send a well-drafted application to the supervisor.
  • Ask all relevant questions and doubts you have regarding the course.
  • Fill up your application form and submit all relevant documents.
  • Wait for the decision and strengthen your research and mathematical knowledge for your PhD After BTech.

Top 10 Scholarships in the World

Background & GPA Requirements for PhD 

To get admission into a PhD course after BTech, you need to have a strong academic background in your specified field of study. Some basic requirements for admission are a great score in advanced mathematics such as calculus, algebra, software engineering, economics and statistical tools and more. Having an outstanding score in your post-secondary is also recommended. 

However, if you don't have a good academic score in the given field, you can compensate for your profile with assistantship, projects and many more. A few of the eligibility for PhD after BTech are given below:

  • Entrance Scores

A good entrance score in tests like IELTS, GRE, TOEFL, and GMAT etc., may help you to get an edge in the admission process. Also, good academic scores in last attended institutions are a deciding factor in admission.

  • Letter of Recommendation & SOP

A well-drafted LOR and SOP is a crucial part of your application showcasing your interest towards the PhD courses. Having a letter of recommendation from academic professors will show what the students want to achieve through the research program.

  • Research Project

You can also carry out some research projects in a specified area during your bachelor's degree. Having a paper publication or technical presentations and some extra projects in your BTech can show your aptitude and interest towards research. While in some universities, your application may have a research project to submit, which outlines the research areas and the intention towards the academic program.

  • Majors & Minors

A major and minor degree is your main subject in the specialisation. You can specialise either in 3 (Triple Majors) or 2 (Double Majors) in a relevant field of research. For instance, if you have majored in mathematics and finance, your chances for a PhD in Quantitative Finance or finance will be high. 

All About BTech Abroad

How to Do PhD Course After BTech?

When pursuing a PhD after BTech, the most suitable move for you is to have a good job or workplace during and after completing the course. You may also align your last year's project with the PhD thesis subjects. Also, note that the work must align with your letter of recommendation from your academic professors. As you don't have a proper master's degree, having possessive peripheral knowledge in the subjects or strong command of research and master's subjects will springboard your application. 

How to Write LOR Format for PhD Programs?

Universities Offering PhD After BTech Courses

There are many reputed institutions and research universities in the world that offer PhD admission after BTech completion. Most of them are ranked in the top rankings around the world for their quality education, infrastructure, research opportunities and much more. Here we have listed universities offering PhD after BTech programs for international students:

QS World University Rankings 2023

University Name 

Average Annual Fees 


Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

28,795 USD 


Stanford University 

56,487 USD 


Columbia University 

65,948 USD 


University of Manchester 

38,500 GBP 


University of Melbourne 

44,632 AUD 


University of British Columbia 

19,000 CAD 


Freie Universität Berlin

7,600 Euro 


University of Sussex 

22,975 GBP 


University of Illinois at Chicago 

29,268 USD 

Getting into PhD after BTech requires you to have adequate research experience along with an exceptional academic background in relevant fields. Having a research project in your application profile and a letter of recommendation from academic professors can help you to get into your interested university. Apart from them, good scores also go a long way in determining your eligibility for PhD courses after BTech. Hence, an overall decent academic record is an important prerequisite to pursuing a PhD at the university of your choice. For further guidance and assistance, get in touch with our Yocket Professionals

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