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How to Select the Right B School for You?

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When choosing a college, we usually tally our scores with the target/required scores, analyse the college’s reputation, check with the tuition fees and voila! Applications sent in a hurry (at least that’s what I did) as if we’ll get a reply right away. It sure is important to apply early in order to be in a safe place, get the acceptance early, apply early for the visa interview, and get time for all the other harrowing troubles that follow, but, as I have noticed, doing away with the applications based on just a few factors is not enough. So, here are a few more of these factors that might help you aim for a B school fit for you-

1. The B School must help you achieve your goals:

The school should be a reputed one. Prestige of the business school is the top most preference among students as it determines the quality of education there. Make sure that it is well suited for your career goals- if it is inclined towards producing entrepreneurs or family- business owners or corporate workers. Furthermore, take a look at the notable alumni of the college and their achievements and the acceptance rate of the school to gauge your chances of getting into your desired programme.

2. The orientation of the B School faculty:

Research and teaching. What is the teaching style that the college follows? Does it align with your preference? You should consider the colleges that promote case study based learning and focus more on hands-on practice.

3. Affordibility of the B School:

You should be able to afford it. Scrutinize the scholarships and financial aids scenario. You are putting in your and your family’s hard earned money into this. Make sure it is worth it.

4. Location and Employment rate of the B School:

Location is important in getting you jobs and internships. Peruse the starting salary for graduates, the campus recruitments and placements, and the employment rate of the university. You should be able to get a good return on your investments (ROI) through a good jobs after the completion of the degree.

5. Eligibility Criteria for applying to a B School:

Ensure that your application is up to the mark. See if your GMAT/GRE and TOEFL/IELTS scores and overall application is substantial for the B school. According to your profile quality, choose you safe, moderate, and ambitious schools. Here are the 13 Things to Consider for your MBA Application.

6. Residing options, Crowd and Campus of the B School:

Visit the university to get knowledge about the atmosphere and campus crowd. See if the college community is suitable for you. While on the tour, ask questions to the current students about their experiences and anecdotes. Try contacting the university authorities for more information regarding your course and major, class size, faculty members who will be teaching you, accommodation options appropriate for you, etc.

7. Flexibility of the course offered by the B School:

MBA courses are flexible in nature. You can choose between a full time or part time course, an online or offline course, and a one-year or two/three- year course. You also get the freedom to choose the schedule of your course- morning or evening, weekdays or weekends, etc. Usually, career changers choose the full-time programmes while working professionals choose the part-time programmes. Choose the course attributes befitting your requirements.

MBA accreditation is also something you might want to look into. There should be a harmony between all the aspects you look for in your dream Business School. With that, your MBA application should have a fine balance among all the factors in your profile. Your grades, your overall achievements, your work experience, your employers’ and previous schools’ prestige, etc. are vitals driving you towards your acceptance letter. Be prepared for the rigorous curriculum involving practical training to hone your managerial skills.

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